Celtic Diary Monday November 13: The Media and the Black Arts

Celtic Diary Monday November 13: The Media and the Black Arts

Liam Miller, the former Celtic midfielder, has been admitted to hospital where he os undergoing treatment for cancer. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family at this difficult time, and we wish him all the best. 


We’ve noticed one or two unofficial “campaigns” in the mainstream media of late, the first and most persistant being the attempts to convince Derek McInnes of Aberdeen to join “rangers ” as manager.

The second, perhaps a little more sinister, are the whispers about making Scottish football a little more competitive by making it a handicap event.

This would be done not by raising more funds through sponsorship or investment, but by politely asking Celtic to share their spoils with everyone else.

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It’s not as outlandish as it seems , and there is a genuine worry at Celtic Park among those in power that the 11-1 voting system, designed originally to protect the big two before it became a big one , will be used to re-introduce gate sharing, or even make sponsorship money go into a big pot and be shared equally.

After all, Celtic need a league to play in, and if it wasn’t for the other clubs, then they wouldn’t be making as much money as they are, right ?

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Obviously , that is , and should be, our answer, but that doesn’t mean that there isn;t already a cabal determined to make this happen.

Watch out for more articles giving this side of the argument, as opposed to the one which says that through prudent financial management, excellent business development and investing heavily in the footballing side that Celtic have earned every penny they have got.

Most of us tend to lean a little to the left when it comes to politics, and I’m sure we wouldn’t mind it if half the money we pay to watch Celtic goes to help those less fortunate, but again/ i refer the reader to the postcard above.

Why ?

Despite the work Celtic does in the community, it is primarily a business.

Despite what was inferred last week by Mark Daly and the BBC, all due taxes and all due bills are paid on time and correctly.

Anything left over is more or less ploughed back into the business, a simple strategy that allows a business to grow.

Football is a sport, and those who are more successful reap the rewards, and are not asked to share with those who aren’t. Well, not yet, anyway.


The powers that be, and their poodles in the media, are now fully aware that whichever entity plays out of Ibrox now needs snookers to catch up with celtic, and a lot of them.

So, as they usually do when this happens, the goalposts have to be shifted.

After Celtics first nine in a row, the league structure was altered and we got the Premier League.

This time around, they seem to want to change it before we get there, and it needs to be nipped in the bud.

Keep an eye out for little bits and bobs appearing, and when you see them, be very vocal in your opposition.

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Something else which has become more frequent these days is the targeting of police of supporters buses.

Jim McInally, an experienced coach driver of 30 years, has been fined and threatened with an ASBO after police found beer on a bus he was driving..

“Before, the police would come on the bus and just take any drink away and that would be then end of it. But now they are not taking any prisoners.

“The police are not even searching the buses. What they are doing is waiting for someone to come off the bus and if they have got a bottle of beer, they are grabbing them and then going to the driver.

“In my case, the police asked me if I knew it was against the law to allow drink on the bus. I said I did know that. But I asked how I am supposed to police this. 

“I am not allowed to search someone I suspect of having alcohol concealed. We as drivers are not allowed to look in anybody’s bags.

“If this goes on we are going to end up with lots of bus drivers with criminal records, which is going to be a serious impairment for future employment.” 

Actually, they are searching buses…sometimes when there’s no one on them..

Angus Police's Twitter account then posted a picture of the cans and bottles they had seized, with two officers posing proudly with their collection

They have been for some time.

As Christmas approaches, they will search even more, as they need to stock up for their works parties.

Be careful, and again, be vocal about these sometimes heavy handed and pointless uses of police resources.

If fans don’t drink on the bus, they’ll simply set off earlier and call in more pubs and more service stations, where the more rowdy will be more difficult to control. Especially if they encounter opposition fans.

But then again, thats probably what they want.


Mark Daly of the BBC has attempted to justify his doorstepping of Dermot Desmond in his recent tv report..

Ok…In the Paradise Papers data? ✅ Aggressive tax avoidance alleged? ✅ Relevance to Scottish audience? ✅ Is that clear enough? 

It certainly seems, by the audience reaction, to have some kind of relevance, and yet there is little sign of him investigating allegations that another Glasgow club, whose own biggest shareholder is also foreign, has been surviving on soft loans from a comapny registered an the British Virgin Islands, where helping companies with aggressive tax avoidance is the primary source of income.

As slimshady on twitter replied to Daly…

£33M Loss-making Scottish club propped up by loans from trust in notorious tax haven ✅ source of funds unknown✅ trust creator & beneficiary claiming skint ✅ ignored by ✅✅ that clear enough? 

Or even a step further, as the Impecunios T asked…

How about asking the source of the monies from Hong Kong or is washing Sevco laundry in public not allowed , which road does the soft loan cash travel on its way to ibrox ?

Daly has yet to reply, so I think we can safely assume that he and the BBC are putting together an investigation even as we speak which will finally blow the lid off the shennannigans at ibrox over the last ten years or so.

Such as this new club old club nonsense.

You know , where Rangers went under and “rangers ” were allowed to carry on as though nothing happened.

Etims contributor Doc has been looking into this, and at noon today, his article reveals that the Rangers situation is not unique, and this whole Same Club nonsense has appeared before, and was dealt with at the highest level.

In law, there is always a precedent to refer to…and this is no exception.

Dont miss this particular piece, and then ask yourself how the SFA and the media were unaware of it.

We just thought we’d put it out there before Daly or anyone else in the mainstream media did…

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Hey…we’re happy to help if it means we can get a strong Rangers, one that plays by the rules…

A “strong” Rangers league positions 1979-80 to 1985-86 (before the funny money, Bank of Scotland and EBTs)








As we said earlier, if its not going their way, they simply change the rules….

Meanwhile, it looks like I’m in a spot of bother.

The British consulate in Munic have been in touch, and they want to know exactly how much beer was left in the bottles I placed into this bin in the mareinplatz..

And if you think I’m in trouble, how about this guy.. ?

Why can’t people just behave, why can’t they just go about their business in a respectful and patriotic way ?

Ah…poppies…just when you think its safe to take them off…


Meanwhile, the next time some halfwit points out that men are better than women, show them this…

FULL TIME: Celtic 5:1 Rangers 

Saturdays picture…

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Peoples Palace new exhibition….
Guess what team the skeleton supported ? 

Today… a warning for all of those involved in domestic refurbishment..