Celtic Diary Wednesday September 20: McCann Takes Swipe At Celtic Fans

Celtic face Dundee tonight in the League Cup, and Neil McCann, formerly of Rangers and Sky TV , thinks he’s in for a torrid time.

Well, he will be, as long as Celtic supporters think he’s still worth it.

McCann is a sort of modern day Maurice Johnston, a man who went for the tax free blue pound when it was offered, and when his career moved off the ptich to the tv studio, he never hid his admiration for the club who showed him an entirely new way of doing his annual accounts.

Here he is when he heard Celtic had won a corner  against Rangers..

Image result for neil mccann sky sports

Here he is when that corner lead to a goal..

Image result for neil mccann sky sports

And here he is after the hoops won that particular game..

Image result for man jumping out of window gif

McCann struggled, to be generous to him, with impartiality, and would show this with the occasional tantrum , the one where he waved a rule book around sticking in the mind more than most.

Thats a football rule book, not a guide to tax law.

Anyway, he’s been whinging in the papers.. presumably not looking forward to tonights game..

“I expect a nice cheery, warm welcome.

“It’s never changed since I’ve been playing football. I get the same adulation from the Celtic fans. 

“There’s nothing they can say to me that I haven’t heard before. 

Ah, he’s writing us off before the game.

I’m sure someone will think of something to sing to the man who makes Piers Morgan seem  like the kind of guy you’d want to share a long train journey with while you’re already on a suspended sentence for hitting people.

“I’ve heard some disgusting, despicable things but nothing they say will bother me.” 

Oddly enough, so have we, but then all we did was turn the sound down when he came on the telly.

Whilst reaching a semi final is obviously the priority tonight, a post match interview with him waving his rule book around and bemoaning a couple of referee decisions would round off an  incredible evening.

See, there’s something else.

I know what incredible means. Not everyone does.

Cuddling my little nephew Luke… the best part of an otherwise incredible day!


And she’s the smart one in that family.


Speaking of smart people, though i think this was a little tongue in cheek.. Faissal El Bhaktaoiu, the Dundee forward, has been watching Celtic, and thinks he knows how to win the game tonight..

I was at the PSG game after Scott Allan got me tickets and I went along with my friend.

 “PSG are a great team and produced one of the best performances I have ever seen. To be fair to them, PSG have some really good players.
 “It just didn’t happen for Celtic on the night. It is not often you go to Celtic Park and see a team exploit Celtic’s weaknesses like PSG did.

“Watching the match gives teams like Dundee some hope. We know Celtic are beatable.Now Dundee just have to play like PSG!” 

Well, they might…

Not only has McCann declared his team will not park the bus, he’s going to call it over if they do.

It looks like Celtic will have the strongest pool of players available for selection this season, with Dedryck Boyata back in contention, though he will be nursed rather than rushed back to full fitness.

Will the manager go with Griffiths and Dembele up front again ?

The luck we’ve had with injuries this season already suggests he won;t chance it. It wouldn’t entirely be a surprise if they bumped into each other, knocked themselves out and then broke their legs falling off the stretcher.

But Gordon Smith, the Sunday Posts Man in the Know, had a word of two of warning for hoops fans, with his expert and impartial opinion..

“The likes of Olivier Ntcham, who has impressed since his £4.5-million move from Manchester City, will have had his confidence bruised by an experience which saw him struggle to keep up,” 

Don’t forget either that Moussa Dembele, who hit the hat-trick in that 5-1 win at Ibrox, has been out for a long time.

“Even if he plays, he is unlikely to pose the same threat he did then.”


With three away games in a row in the next seven days, no doubt the full squad will be utilised, but the important thing right now is to join Hiberian and “rangers ” in the semi finals.

Hibernian eventually overcame a spirited Livingston, whilst “rangers ” needed extra time to defeat Partick.

The Ibrox side made four substitutions during the game, new rules allow an extra one in extra time, which baffled a few onlookers at first, but lets be honest, its not the first time they’ve had rule changes that seem to be for their benefit alone.

After their favourites pulled ahead conclusively in the tie, the old party tunes were back in evidence.

Singing their usual anti catholic ditties about where their knees are, how much they hate the pope and so on.

And the Fuck the IRA ? What will their Portuguese heroes know about the IRA ?


A number of their players -notably Bruno Alves -were injured last night and may miss the third consecutive Glasgow derby for their club at the weekend, though we hear thats nothing compared to the amount of players who will be forced to sit it out after an outbreak of malaria or food poisoning or kit theft expected around Friday lunchtime.

They’d better hurry up this guys getting fed up of waiting..

But Gordon Smith, the Sunday Posts Man in the Know, had a word of two of warning for hoops fans, with his expert and impartial opinion..

“The likes of Olivier Ntcham, who has impressed since his £4.5-million move from Manchester City, will have had his confidence bruised by an experience which saw him struggle to keep up,” 

Don’t forget either that Moussa Dembele, who hit the hat-trick in that 5-1 win at Ibrox, has been out for a long time.

“Even if he plays, he is unlikely to pose the same threat he did then.” 

Image result for fucks sake

Elsewhere, and Manuel Nueuer, the badly spelt Bayern Munich keeper will miss the group stage matches of the UCL. He’s broken his foot, and as he’s sort of their main man, thats apparently a good thing for Celtic’s hopes in Europe.

Well, it would be if it was contagious. Which it isn’t, and anyway, they’re allowed to field a replacement, who is unlikely to have one hand and a couple of glass eyes.

I think we signed that guy.

Time for one of those stories about the one that got away, and there might even be something in this one…

Japan international reveals offer from Celtic, opportunity to join in previous summer window

Following his arrival from Hannover 96 to Marseille on a free transfer, Hiroki Sakai took some time to adapt to French football.

 The Japanese right-back struggled at first, yet he has gradually become one of the key elements of Rudi Garcia’s plans, and his absence tends to be noted when he doesn’t feature.

However, things could have been very different for him, as he could have signed for Celtic.

In need of a right-back for his squad during the summer of 2016, Brendan Rodgers ended up plumping on West Brom’s Cristian Gamboa in August, yet his first choice appears to have been Hiroki Sakai. 

Here..Rodgers…you can’t go around plumping on people. no wonder Gamboa hasn’t established himself yet. He;s still traumatised.

Giving an interview to France Football, the Japanese defender opened up about his choice to move from Germany to France, and revealed what made him choose Marseille over a transfer to Celtic Park.

In short, it was his national team manager, Vahid Halilhodzic: “I had three offers (Ajax, Celtic and Marseille). He told me OM was a good club, but it was hard to impose yourself there. Since that’s what I wanted, I chose to come here. I think he’s happy that I’m in France.”

Currently using James Forrest, Mikael Lustig, Callum McGregor or Anthony Ralston down the right depending on the opponent and the formation, and only sporadically picking Gamboa during their undefeated campaign, you can see why Rodgers might have wanted someone like Sakai 


Couple of new things on the horizon, one symbolising the future and the way ahead for the club..

And more importantly,  for some of us at least, one remembering the past…


From The Irish Voice..

THE Coiste Cuimhneachaín An Gorta Mór (Great Hunger Memorial Committee) has announced the final location for its proposed Great Hunger memorial, with the grounds of St Mary’s Church in the Calton being selected as the site on which it will be built.
After stalling for some months during the planning stage, the committee met recently to officially re-start the campaign and after deciding that no city centre site could feasibly be negotiated with Glasgow City Council it was agreed unanimously that the available site in St Mary’s (above)—placed at the disposal of the committee by parish priest Fr Tom White—should be selected as the site.
Having worked closely with the committee in the early stages, Fr White’s support for the project will no ensure that the Irish community in Scotland will see the victims of Great Hunger and the lasting impact it has had on the city of Glasgow commemorated in a fitting fashion.
With some fundraising work already undertaken by the committee, the challenge of meeting the cost of the ambitious memorial project as it moves closer towards becoming a reality now falls to the wider Irish community, but having received widespread support so far the committee remain confident that the necessary funds will be raised.
Already merchandise and donations have seen the work of the committee gain the necessary financial support—which also allowed a cash prize to be offered to potential designers—to carry out its early work, and now in partnership with the Glasgow School of Art the submissions are being sought from some of the finest artists in the country.
Once designs begin to be received the committee will start to work through them in order to select the one which best represents the story of how the Great Hunger threw the Irish people to the winds and changed the face of the city of Glasgow. 

Well done to all concerned, it’s always irked me that one of the biggest concentrations of the diaspora has never had a focal point to recognise and remember the struggles of their ancestors.


Yesterdays picture…

Una September 19, 2017 at 1:17 pm · Edit · Reply →


Daddy would u ask that boy over there, if he’d like to dance with me. 

Its the expression on Neymars face that fits this so well…

Today..oh what is he saying, and look at that convincing fist pump…


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Mike Annis

Caption: Ow that hurt. More than the hurtiest thing that ever hurt me before. (Cue floods of tears.)


Did anyone see that embarrasment Cardoso, celebrate HIMSELF winning a tackle v Partick Thistle, last night?

Same club tho…..


They are comedy gold


EBT simple as one two three, go daddy go.

Don’t forget tho Ralphy the likes of Olivier Ntcham will have his confidence bruised and Moussa has been out for a long time.

Meanwhile the plump continues tonight at Bonny Dundee where Celtic will plump the Dee’s. and score 5 goals.
Oh I am a merry plumper and I plump the fields by day
and when I’ve done, I grab my gun and join the IRA.



“Still no mastered the handshake yet boss hiv ye?”


“You take a rock. You take a paper. You take a scizzor….eh?

Level 5 plant

Ok boss bend over, this is from Kenny!


Do the McCann can, if you can,
he da man, McCann,
catch him if you can,
he like Calderwood play’s with his hand,
Neil McCann can.
watch oot for his white van, man.


Has Pedro decided playing Rock, Paper, Scissors is the best way to explain his tactics, formation shape, and substitutions. Genius. HH

Big Dunno

Caption: Look, I don’t know what your name is, but you’ve managed to grab a kit so you are going on. And I beat you at Rock Paper Scissors so you canny get out of this.


The site of St.Mary’s in the Calton, as the chosen location for the Great famine memorial, is a good choice, however i think Celtic park would also have been a good location. Excited about the Hotel & Museum complex going up, but i hope it’s going to be affordable to the wee boy with Hoops on & a ball stuck under his arm, who’s parents can’t or may never be able to afford a ticket for the wee guy to go into a game. We should always look after our poor, this was the reason i started to support our… Read more »

D'Fhinnein Mick


Yes,somewhere along The Glasgow Celtic Way would also work.


It would be vandalised to buggery and beyond,and because of its location,little or nothing done about it. Brought it on ourselves,you see.

Locating it inside the grounds of St Mary’s means that any attempt to damage it is a hate crime. And,yes,I’m aware of the damage done to Church property over the years.

Hope you enjoy Saturday,hope we all do. I’ve got a three hour trip after a nightshift to watch it with my mate and his lad in deepest Essex. I feel a good weekend coming on!!!


Agree with all of that m8!

D'Fhinnein Mick

Abuse aimed at McCann? Don’t remember any,tbh.

But try this…

Pay your tax,turncoat!

D'Fhinnein Mick


Oooooh,I think that scamp Kenny just goosed me!


Would be no ce to have a memorial for the. Irish on the way Monti, afte all the help created the club. It should be incorporated in the new plan for the stadium.
Watched them last night for the first time, they are a bad lot, should be interesting on Saturday.
I sink you kick ball, score goal, I sink so, use foot to kick ball, I sink we win, maybe.


It would sit well with a lot of people i feel!


Caption:… “…Whit the fuck’s this guy sayin…mmm he’s probably talkin shite in Portugese…”


” boss will i just punch him”

No grasshopper

” Give him a hi ya karate chop”


I think that Rob O’ Keeffe will get as far as Ivankas picture then be excused to go to the “toilet” for 5 minutes…

Rob O'Keeffe

You are spot on….I’m so jealous of Luke and she’s clever….money is in usual place Ralph.My mind has gone blank,game,McCann,rich people’s hotels,who cares? More Ivanka,less poetry,it makes sense….corrrrrr…


:)…It’s good to please someone in here 🙂


I never minded Slly McCoist, he was a good player, played for then but so what. Above all he was the manager I longed for Sevco and I was distraught when he got the bullet. I assumed they would go for someone much better, an honest mistake.
I listened to him commentating last night, even the guys I hated were professionals and I have to admit I couldn’t do their job but McCoist was embarrassing, if that’s how he managed he should have stopped when he hung up his boots an absolute fud.


The hotel and museum is good news for the club, diversification to bring extra income into the club is always to be welcomed especially in this minor income league. However be in no doubt some of the C.L. income will be diverted into the building of the hotel until its finished.
What a legacy Brendan could leave when he departs from Celtic, 10 in a row and a hotel that will only enhance the match experience of our far travelled support, majic!!

chris milligan

Rock Paper Scissors…i win !


In the fog of fitba. we often forget the great things that Celtic do of the pitch, donating to many, many different good causes.
The food bank donations donated by many kind hearted supporters as well as the many cash donations for charities and the injured or infirm. Reading about the cash donation by a kind hearted London supporter to Kazakhstan, the Meirim centre to help support the disadvantaged and the New Balance kit distributed to a homeless shelter, the Almaty House of veterns,
More than just a club, you betcha!!

So Neil McCann was alarmed and disgusted by the abuse given to him by Celtic supporters but didn’t mind his own side singing about wading knee deep in his blood. Strange that. Thousands at every match singing about his, his family’s and his ancestors death and he is not in the slightest bit bothered. i suppose you get rid of your family background when you sell your soul. And Gordon Smith’s straw clutching is completely wrong. Dembele did not play at Ibrox and therefore did not score. One straw broken Gordy!

Frank McGaaaarvey

John, those bowls of soup he was served were delicious although a side effect of the tasty broth was a bout of selective hearing. And it also turned you into an irritating wee turncoat fandan although this was not stated in the label.



‘And remember, when you drive your caravan through a built up area beware of the beautiful children and the excited dogs. Make sure you choose a lower gear and don’t drive too quickly, or you’ll miss the oppurtunity to score wonderful goals and receive the acclaim of the peepil….compreendo?’

‘Ehh, s s sure boss.’


opportunity ffs.


The bells of the Angelus,
call us to pray,
in sweet tones announcing,
the sacred Ave,

Ave, Ave, Ave Maria,
Ave, Ave, Ave Maria.

Immaculate Mary,
your praises we sing,
who reigns now with Christ,
our redeemer and King.

Ave, Ave, Ave Maria,
Ave, Ave, Ave Maria.

Just felt like singing my favourite hymn.


mike…yer singin out of key 🙂


Yes but the words are great, going of line soon as my number is being changed to my new care home. 😉
Oh marzipan, to me you are so wonderful,
oh marzipan, to me you are so good,
gone are the day’s when I held you in my arms,
gone are the day’s when I shat you on my knee.


mike… I assume you have completed the house moves…did you find much lost treasure 🙂

Gerald Allen


George Lazenbhoy

So you want me to get shafted and not them. Right got yah boss.

Danny Bhoy

I’ve no idea what I’m doing either, just run around in that green thing in the middle and if you see a plastic bag blowing about on the the pitch leave that’s Kenny’s!

Andy wilson

The man is a nob off the highest order and likes to take it


Caption : Declan you cant show them the fenian hand ok.


So Neil McCann thinks he has been hard done too.
Tell me when Neil did you get death threats and bullets through your door.
When did someone make monkey signs at you.
Fuck off and when you get there fuck off again.
Celtic to win tonight but i would keep our top guns for Saturday.


It’s always fun and useless to try guess Brendan’s lineups. Let’s see who does the best? Tonight.
Subs with Saturday in mind.
I would rest Broonie but Brendan won’t
McGregor/Edouard/Armstrong/Dembele/Lustig should figure.
Once we wrap this up we should get the subs on.
Bhoys to win 4-1.

Rob O'Keeffe

Who cares? Ivanka and No Sash….heaven….


Caption: “Watch my hand, watch my hand, you are feeling very sleepy…when you wake up you will be able to play football…watch my hand, watch my hand.”


Devoy i would rest most of them to be honest.but i know Brendan wont.
De Vries
Ralston Boyata McCart Miller.
Benyu ntcham kouassi hayes.
Dembele Edouard
What ever the team hoops to win by 3 goals.

Yoker Bhoy

0-2 Celts. Griffiths and Armstrong to score. Boyata to get a run out for 45 mins or so. Fuck Neil McCann.



Caption: ffs you been eating pickled onion crisps again. Fuckin breath is humming.

Lenny Bruce

Caption… ” is I said to then, it’s the inside area that matters most. To say the least. Bananas are yellow, but so too are cumquats and sometimes passion fruit. The seeds are different but that is important. Maybe not in this country but in portugal goats often eat seeds and their spore is seldom intact. Fish are different again. Play in the outside of the middle, the go middle of the outside when the ball is in the first quadrant. Inside of the outside when the ball is in the third quadrant with possession for us. Or against us.… Read more »


Outstanding results published Celtic PLC Announcement of Results for the year ended 30 June 2017 SUMMARY OF THE RESULTS Operational Highlights · Winner of the Scottish Domestic Treble and our sixth consecutive SPFL Premiership title · Qualified for the UEFA Champions League playing 6 home European matches (2016: 6 UEFA Europa League) · 31 home matches (including the ICC tournament) played at Celtic Park (2016: 28) · Became the first stadium in the UK to accommodate 3,000 “safe standing” section · Achieved “Invincible” status by remaining unbeaten domestically in all competitions · Hugely successful Celebrate 67 events to recognise the… Read more »

Rob O'Keeffe

What about Ivanka?….


Where’s Charlie Saiz???????


CHIEF EXECUTIVE’S REVIEW Following last season, when our performance on the pitch did not meet our expectations, this year the Club could not have asked for any more. Winning football matches is a difficult thing to do. To remain undefeated domestically while winning all three competitions, for only the fourth time in the Club’s history, and to do so whilst qualifying for and participating in the UEFA Champions League group stages, is a fantastic achievement, for which Brendan, the players and everyone at the Club should be congratulated. Our objectives for this year remain success in all three domestic competitions… Read more »

Rob O'Keeffe

Ivanka and her dad say you are small potatoes…….$$$$$$$$s


Who knows what the wee lad with the strip and the ball grew up to be so maybe he will be able to afford it. I see how this could help in the bigger scheme of things but would hope some CL monies (which is only a part of our income) will be spent on competing in said CL. I don’t particularly care about ten (to beat our own record ?) in a row. We win the league, we qualify and then are weak at the next stage but hey, we are a small club right? We get rattled in… Read more »


Steve Naive,
You miss the point i’m afraid.

Rob O'Keeffe

Caption: Ivanka and me(if only)…….oh,my eyesight seems to be faltering….can’t think why?…..

Frank McGaaaarvey

Long overdue news on the An Gorta Mor memorial. I am certain that Glasgow is the last so-called ‘civilized’ city with a high proportion of Irish or Irish descendent in their population that has yet to commemorate this humane disaster in any way, because some shower of loud mouthed bigots might not like it. The same shower of loud mouthed bigots who, in all probability, had relatives who perished in the disaster. Hunger certainly didn’t know religion. Outside of the city centre and failing to find a suitable site in the Gorbals (where probably about 100% of the Irish in… Read more »


The Champions league, Hotels, Desso pitches and so on and so on, it’s all great stuff and an indication of where the club is at just now, i just worry that the ‘Celtic’ in Celtic doesn’t get lost in it all. Celtic must always be accessible to the poorest and most vulnerable in our society. Big Jock once said ” Fans are the lifeblood of the game ” I’m sure Mr.Stein & Andrew Kerins wouldn’t want our gates locked to the poorest. For me when it comes to Celtic, i keep it very simple, it’s those men in Hoops emerging… Read more »


Strange team selection. Why drop Ralston and play Lustig. The latter will be needed against Sevco and Anderlecht. Strange one!



Another hopeless effort from Griffiths on a free kick! When will somebody else get a chance?



Big danger on our RH side of defence. On several occasions, Dee have floated a ball to unmarked players on their left wing. Lustig out of position and Forrest not sure what to do.

Needs to be fixed.





1-0 Sinclair from a penalty that he earned. The only chance made by the team to date.



FFS calm down, Brendan is obviously trying something….apologies we aren’t 0-5 up after ten mins??


While Neil McCanns hatred of Celtic is very public and clear the latest disrespectful comment comes form Craig Bellamy in an interview to drum up interest in the Glasgow Derby. He says no one in England is interested in what Brendan Rogers has done at Celtic. The implication being only the English leagues are worthy of interest. I have news for Craig – no one at Celtic cares what anyone thinks about Brendan Rogers in England and soon enough the EPL will collapse under its own weight while failing to produce CL winners. While I understand the need to say… Read more »

Michael Greenwell

Caption “Now, you haven’t won anything (and you won’t), but you’ll get your BFH…that’s your Bus Fare Home”.

That’ll only make sense to the Bullseye Generation.


Griff is limping! Get him off and get Edouard on.

Celtic exerting dominance now but not making clear chances.



Dundee sent out to kick the proverbial out of Celtic by that wee shite. Beaton stands back and admires the tackles then books Ntchamfor a coming together.
Let’s hope we get through this game without any serious injuries, love Sally commentating, knows nothing about footie, like his blue nose pal Hamilton.
Now we hear the whining should it have been an indirect free kick instead of a penalty, where do they find these morons?


Presb schools m8


HT 0-2 to Celtic. Not a classic. Dee very physical with the Dutch RB/Winger and O’Hara particularly brutal. This knocked Celtic off their game, that plus the chances to the team. Dee favour the long high ball to try to catch the defence flat footed. It has caused some sweats in our defence and the centre of defence does look weak. Boyata has been inconsistent…several poor passes out of defence but also some good tackles and headers. Towards the end of the half, Celtic started to dominate the game. Both Roberts and Forrest started to play but so far we… Read more »





As you would say..pish! What game did you watch?



Didn’t one of their players say that if they played like PSG they would beat us? I wonder if they watched that game? Clugging anybody that moves seems different to how PSG played to me

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