Celtic Diary Friday July 28: Every New Wrong Makes Us Stronger

Celtic Diary Friday July 28: Every New Wrong Makes Us Stronger

So, the SPFL have decided that no one really did anything really bad, or at least decided that was what they should tell us, and wheeled out another one of those lawyers who seem to be on twenty four hour call to back up what they wanted us to believe.

Doncaster has taken legal advice…

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What they told us was right up there with what our parents told us about tooth fairies, Santa Claus and where the dog had really gone after he started to wobble a bit and bump into things.

To be a good liar though, you really have to believe what you are trying to make others believe.

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Neil Doncaster, as he stumbled and stuttered his way through a recent interview, isn’t a good liar.

One decent round of direct questioning and that guy will fall apart, plunge to the floor and begin crying about how it wasn’t his fault, and how a big boy did it and ran away.

He’s offered to debate the issues he has spoken of with anyone who wants to debate them, amidst a refreshing new wave of transparency and honesty that only seemed to occur to him as a workable policy after he got caught not being transparent and honest.

I’m in Glasgow next Friday. Trains already booked.

I can squeeze him in in the morning.

I’ve got a few questions for him, and he needn’t worry about us not thinking of anything to talk about.

He could maybe ask his buddy Stewart to sit in.

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Realistically, though, where do we go from here ?

Doncaster is no more likely to answer my questions than any of our esteemed journalists are likely to ask him any.

Real questions that is. The ones that are demanding answers.


He also seems very reluctant to quit his job, presumably because there’s little chance of anyone being daft enough to hire him afterwards. He’s going to sit tight and wait for the Hampden mafia to sort him a job aboard the UEFA gravy train, which is where most of our incompetents end up.


With Doncaster clinging on to his job despite proving he’s not very good at it, the time has come to make a choice.

Either we force him-and his colleagues- out, or we go play someplace else.

Thats how simple it is.


The present situation, where the governing body has shown itself to be impotent where even enforcing its own rules are concerned, is unacceptable.

Change is needed, and the only group who can force that change are the supporters.

All supporters.

Of all clubs.

Including those who go to Ibrox every two weeks.

If only to protect them from the vultures who ripped their club apart and then asked them for the money to put it back together again.

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Club chairpersons are reluctant to address the issues that are now threatening to finally destroy the game north of the border.

Instead, they will close their doors and hope the storm has died down by the time they come out.

Its down to the supporters.

They must petition their own clubs for change.

As for Celtic fans, we must not allow the media to continue their narrative of this being a Celtic and Rangers issue.

Its not, it never was and we must make sure it never will be.

This is about the SPFL, its about the SFA, and its about them not being fit for purpose.

We’re paying for it.

We need to change that first of all.

Celtic have yet to publicly state their intentions.

Thats a good thing.

Knee jerk reactions are often the wrong reactions, taken in the heat of the moment.

All possible moves and all possible scenarios must be considered.

From boycotts to resigning from the league.

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But I do have a few suggestions.

Start with boycotts.

That may seem like a knee jerk reaction, but in fact its now the only possible way forward.

Petitions haven’t worked, criticism hasn’t worked. Time to step it up.

All cup games, all away games.

It won’t take long to get the message across.

Add to that a boycott of newspapers and other related media, a refusal to do business with league and SFA sponsors, and suddenly we are dealing from a position of strength, which is the only way to do any deal.

We need them to know we are serious, and the only way we can “move on ” is without any of those who want us to “move on “.

They had their chance to come clean and make a fresh start.

We might have even to find it within our hearts to forgive them had they admitted they got it wrong, ut tried to put it right.

It’s too late for that now.

They had their chance, and instead they have tried to cover up what they failed to do, and expect us to accept that and collectively shrug our shoulders and forget all about it.


Thats not going to happen.

Every time they hit us with a new wrong, we get stronger.

The resolve to seek justice becomes more powerful, more encompassing.


They need to go.

And they know why.

All of them.


Or we make plans to get out of Dodge.

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