Celtic Diary Friday July 14: Here We Go

The 2017-18 season starts tonight with the first UCL qualifier against Linfield taking place in Belfast. Champions League games don;t normally take place on a Friday night, but as its the marching season over there, it seems the authorities couldn’t guarantee everybodys safety.

Thats a palusible enough excuse, but one does wonder what would have happened if the game had been played the day after sevral items of Celtic memorabilia -including effigies of supporters and players-were burnt in great big bonfires.

Although we kind of expected that, after all, they claim it is their culture, take a step outside and have a look back in.

A club has been forced to move the date of a game because authorities couldn’t guarantee their safety in a town where effigies and emblems were publicly burned.

Little wonder Celtic are not taking their ticket allocation, despite their being a large support in the city.

Get in, get a result, and get out.

Brendan Rodgers was diplomatic;

“This is a game that the football club haven’t been able to have assurances for their safety….which is sad for me. That is a problem for me. Celtic as a football club have to protect their supporters.”

Interestingly, the PSNI said that this was not their decision, but entirely the decision of Celtic..Celtic replied with two statements, both of which ended in “…Off. ”

Whatever the politics,and  whatever happens off the field, the job must be done on the field.

Scottish clubs have so far racked up one win, one draw and three defeats in these early games, and still no one is pushing for an earlier start to the season.

Apparently, the counter argument is that clubs will suffer in the later stages of tournaments.

Yeah. Because thats been an issue.

The problem right now is that clubs are out of Europe before the domestic season has started, largely down to a lack of match fitness.

Latter stages, and international tournaments , are something that used to concern us, but now now.

The disastrous adventures of St. Johnstone and “rangers ” will have further weakened the national co eficient, which means the vicious circle is growing ever more vicious.

Yet another failing of the men who run the game.


Anyhoo, back at the ranch ahead of the game, all seems well, with new signing Olivier Ntcham finding a pal almost instantly.

We would pause here to remind you that we told you he had signed before the media did, again, but one doesn’t like to blow ones own trumpet.

Image result for blowing your own trumpet

Oh, just once then..

Ntcham played alongside Moussa Dembele for France under 20, and seemed happy to rekindle an old friendship.

Though at that age I suppose anything longer than a couple of beers together could be classed as a long friendship.

Those of you not going to the game, no doubt a few will sneak in, and we’ll show you how in a moment, can watch on Premier sports, exclusively, as the home club have all tv rights for the game, and chose to seel them to a company that very few are subscribed to.


The rights for this match belong solely to Linfield & they sold their UK & Ireland rights to Premier Sports.

Those tv rights, incidentally, fetched a lot more than had the second leg been on Belfast, which is another reason why Linfield wouldn’t switch venues.

If you are going to try to get in, heres a visual aid to help you dress up.

Image result for evolution of man

Start from the right and work your way back. You’ll be sorted.


With a hostile crowd behind the hosts, the manager may be excused for fearing a repeat of the result of his first European tie, the infamous 1-0 defeat to Lincoln Red Imps in gibraltar, the game which saw the end of Efe Ambrose in a hooped jersey;

“The game in Gibraltar was interesting. It was my first chance to see the team in a competitive fixture,” 

“The conditions were tough and difficult – but there was also a vulnerability there in the team. You sensed that.

“It was my job as a coach to make sure that game was never going to be a symbol of our future.

“It was an opportunity for me to look at it and go ‘OK – there’s an issue here’. The club hadn’t qualified for the Champions League for a couple of seasons. So it was a question of how I could help the players deal with this pressure, the mental side of the game.

“I knew that tactically and technically, we would get better as we went on. Now, 12 months on, I think we would all agree it is a different team with a different mentality.”

I think we can safely say that.

“We have gone into some tough places as a team and I think what we have developed is a mentality and a one-ness that pulls you together,”

“If you go to Ibrox, in front of 50-odd thousand, with 40-odd thousand opponents against you, you have to be ready.” 

Each one of those just as good as the eleven facing the team on the park, as well.

Meanwhile, there’s been an interesting development on the transfer front, although it may come to nothing.

Steven Caulker, currently with QPR is going to leave the club, and he needs to kickstart what was a promising career, that has stalled due to drink, gambling and whatever else he’s been up to.

Rodgers revealed…

 “I spoke to Steven as a former manager. The kid messaged me. He has been suffering for the last period of time and he looked to me as someone who looked after him when he was 19 and I was only too happy to reach out and help. 

“We spoke at length about his life and his situation and just where he is at. He is a boy that if he can get it together and find a peace then he is an awesome talent.

“He is 6ft3ins, quick, strong, he can play. You would take him to war with you. He is unbelievable, both boxes, he is an incredible young footballer but he is suffering.

“Having had experience in trying to help him then I was only too happy to do that. At this stage there is nothing more than that.

“He is obviously a QPR player and I was only too happy to speak to him and help him try to shape his life.” 

so Is Brendan considering moving for him ?

 “Not at this stage. He is a boy that I have spoken to. It was only recently, the last few days. He is a big, talented player and he is only 25 but bless him, we’ll see with that. Initially it is a cry for help.

“I don’t think it is worth going there yet.” 

We’ll have to wait and see.


The SPFL have a new chairman, 68 year old Murdoch MacLennan.

No, i don;t know how he could possibly be deemed qualified for the job either.

You may remember him from the Andy coulson phone hacking trail, the one that finally saw the end of the News of the World.. court reporter James Doleman does..

The jury weren’t convinced by his heartfelt plea, and Coulson was found guilty.

And if you know a man by the company he keeps, may I be the first to say to MacLennan..

Image result for fuck off


Its Friday, which means we get the chance to brighten up someones day by awarding them the title of Etims

Knob of the Week 

A late entry again this week, and its attention seeking conservative councillor Todd Ferguson, who is

But not, it seems, in that order.


Best of luck tomorrow lads 

He represents Dalry and West Kilbride and is one of a new generation of UKIP tories who have no UKIP to go to.

Common space’s Michael Gray reminded us of a what nice guy Ferguson is..

Ferguson was accused of having a “xenophobic outlook” for questioning a SNP opponent’s views for being Dutch-born. Ferguson “apologised” and deleted the attack. 

Image result for councillor todd ferguson

Well done, Todd.

This weeks Etims

Knob of the Week  

There was no diary yesterday due to circumatances beyond my control. actually, as a result of a refreshmant or two the night before, most things were out of my control, including, somewhat significantly, the ability to waken up.

We go back to Wednesday for this picture..

Beware of the dog

paranoid_numanoid July 12, 2017 at 12:24 pm · Edit · Reply →

Caption : Do not mistake my size for weakness, my feart wee face for terror, or my shivering for the cold…

Today, its a wee bit different.

Predict the score tonight for a chance to predict it again next week to win £100 for the charity of your choice.

I’ll go first.

Linfield 0, Celtic 7.


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Linfield 0 V Celtic 4


Linfield 1-6 Celtic


You are graciously welcome to the competition and that scoreline would be pretty fantastic.
P.S. Dundalk or Rosenburg up next


Linfield 0 Celtic 5

Jp mc guinness

0-6 for the good guys


Linfield 1 Celtic 4


Very astute of the PSNI to wait until Celtic publically announce
they are not taking tickets then state it had nothing to do with them. They can pretend they are on top of policing in N Ireland and any mention of Celtic fans is laid at the Ckub’s door.
Politically astute morally repugnant.
Will be watching the game in Cyprus Celtic Linfield 1.5


BJF.. Cyprus being a far safer place than Belfast or Glasgow 🙂




Celtic 3-2.


0-8 as the guys above have clearly forgot we have to go out for the 2nd half



The real Anton Rogan

Huns 1 – 4 Hoops


Linfield 1 – Celtic 5

Mike Annis


50 shades of green

4 nil to Celtic.

Hun scum 0- CELTIC 5…..COYBIG


Linfield will be a tougher game than Shamrock Rovers and given the situation I think Celtic will settle for a 4 goal scoreline, boss the game, and save the hammering for Paradise.

Linfield 0 Celtic 4


Filth 0 Celtic 5

Sinclair 5


Linfield 0 Celtic 2, is my thoughts.


hehe !! stop it, I canny cheat, yes you can, no, sorry I canny, its my Catholic sense of guilt!!!!!

Rob O'Keeffe

You are absolved,penance is no poetry for a few days Signed Father Ahcanny takeit anymare.

Charlie Saiz

Linfield 0 Celtic 4
Celtic 5 Linfield 0

Charlie Saiz

Chosen Charity Celtic Foundation

Charlie Saiz

Further pre dick shun

Rab will come on to troll my next post
It’s my former profession that he mentions most
Seems to have a stauner for all things Brit
Hence why he loves JJ the pedantic tit
Award winning blog! is the $peakeasy cry
He’s got Rabs backing apropos,sine dei
We can keep this going l have plenty more rhyme
Serving your Country was never a crime
I come here for fitba and a friendly chin wag
You cone here for boaby look am no interested baw bag


Ralph, take note, somebody serving his country by robust methods in the North,lowering the tone of the comp and slagging some poor guy called RAB Signed C.Selltick

Charlie Saiz

Try Vagisil.
If that fails seek help from a Whinecologist..


7 nil to the bhoys.


Welcome back Tex….


So with Stuart Armstrong. From how Brendan described Ntcham as a fast and powerful number 8 it looks as if he has been purchased to provide a challenge to Stuart Armstrong. Stuart must know this and is probably worried about a number of things, his Celtic spot, his Scotland spot and his big money move. He should really consider whether or not he likes to play football because there is considerably more pressure on a manager to make a big money move work, than there is on making a free work or a player who was purchased for a knocked… Read more »

Remember Celtic had to agree to play on the Friday night! No one would have been able to force Celtic to paly on the Friday, Linfield asked Celtic to switch the tie to the Friday in order that they could make a ton of Tv cash and Celtic said ‘yes!’ Celtic actually have a game on the Saturday and decided they would just take cash from the supporters and play reserves in tht game. No one at Celtic has explained this decision clearly. Celtic could have said No to the Friday, and insisted that the game be switched to Celtic… Read more »


Unless someone can present memos, recordings or some other evidence of what was said we are jumping to conclusions as to what was said. In that vein I will jump to the following conclusion. The PSNI and the Linfield board have probably colluded to create this scenario and I would not be surprised to find out in 10 – 15 years that Peter Lawell demanded some assurances which were never brought to the table.


hail hail

The Cha


Spot on. If fan safety couldn’t be guaranteed we should’ve referred it to UEFA and told them to sort out a safe venue for our team and fans.

The super, sooner, uber professional Peter Lawwell being outsmarted by the near bungling amateurs of Linfield. Seriously?


You are graciously welcome to the competition and that scoreline would be pretty fantastic.
P.S. Dundalk or Rosenburg up next


John, sensible as ever. Dont annoy people that were terrorising the Nationalist community, serving their country ffs….

Charlie Saiz

Oops another wee troll went under the radar.
Probably never been the North in yer puff ya clown.

Charlie Saiz

near ‘


John The Board got it wrong again. Uralius’ cry of we don’t know what was said is wearing thin as a defense of the most reprehensible Board in our history over the past five years. Another Tim on another Blog said it better than I ever could. BLUJULY 12, 2017 at 10:02 GoosyGoosy,If what you say is correct, fans/supporters should look at these people, who are the current directors of the SPFL, as recorded at Companies House.BLAIR, Iain Joseph BUDGE, Ann Cochrane Cook Wallace DEMPSTER, Leeann DONCASTER, Neil Antony DRYSDALE, Eric Wilson FERGUSON, Kenneth William LAWWELL, Peter Thomas MAXWELL, Ian… Read more »

Steven R

I won’t predict the scoreline, but here’s my alternative predictions:

Leigh Griffiths – 5 (Tunnocks Teacakes)
Scott Sinclair – 3 (episodes of Corrie, with his missus in each episode)
Stuart Armstrong – 1 (law degree)

Celtic will be playing with just 10 men – Craig Gordon will be given the night off, while his team-mates batter this lot senseless!

Rob O'Keeffe

If you’d included the Buckie half bottle,you would have won a special prize……

Wisnae me

“The problem right now is that clubs are out of Europe before the domestic season has started, largely down to a lack of match fitness.” St Johnstone’a manager said they lost because the other team were better, the rangers* lost because they are technically shite, and Aberdeen are only still in because they technically have Celtic’s youth team. Starting the season early may help some of the professionals avoid some banana skins, but until this technical deficiency is resolved we’re just gonna keep picking the biggest lumps at 14 and 15 and ignore all our wee Messi’s and Xavi’s and… Read more »

Wisnae me

In the words of Hill Street Blues: Hey, let’s be careful out there


Linfield 0-2 Celtic
Celtic 4-0 Linfield


i think the problem is the other way round….most of our players are not that tall or physically strong…..look at all the top teams, most players are 6ft while in Scotland we are around 5ft8″.
just look at the players Brendan is signing all big and powerful.
i agree the great players have been shorter but they are far and few between now and cost massive money.
unfortunately we are a race of short arse’s who are pish at football 🙂


Speak for yoursell ewanbhoy, I am over 6 foot and was no bad at fitba.


im 6ft3″ and played front left and had some left dig in me but was terrible with my head, i was always being put in defence because of my height but i was terrible there but eventually i got my chance to show what i could do up front

john young

Spot on ewanbhoy,we do not produce athletic types?and now we do not produce good wee players,home grown players not only lack physical prowess they in the most lack the very basics of the game,control/passing/movement.


2-0 to the good guys. With the game tomorrow, I expect a win this evening by marginal/young players. Just as a GIRFUY.


Match will be abandoned due to those filthy inbred scumfucks kkkultural shenanigans. 3-0 win awarded to Celtic.

Charlie Saiz

Ralph is there any reason why my Gravatar isn’t linking with the site?
Noticed Wisnaes seems to be fine?


With a pus like yours can you really blame him?

Charlie Saiz

Brendan saiz ” I’m a beautiful human being”.


It’s because when your Nick died and the basket of assets were sold to The Charlie Saiz International your membership to here was removed and the new Saiz reduced to the lowest rung. Now that you have changed your name to “charlie saiz” you are not fooling anyone. You may own the basket of assets and may be the same problem between the keyboard and chair, but you are not the same and therefore will be treated as such.


If CSI applies for ETims membership, Raloh said i have the deciding vote…

Charlie Saiz

Fair enough but who the fuck is Raloh?
You been to the Kabba again bowing to the god of fuckwittery?


MONTI,cmon it’s Tcsi and he’s slagging you. Are you happy with this “soldier ‘?….

Charlie Saiz

Cmon Monti he needs hauners …
Hunters and hunners a hauners 😉


Thank God, someone has realised who this joker is, at last, British Army Hun and infiltrator,CHEERS uralius,pass the word round…

Charlie Saiz

Uralius you are an enigma how you managed to break my carefully concealed identity l will never know.
Truly award winning stuff!

Charlie Saiz

The Charlie Saiz International went into receivership several weeks ago perhaps if you spend less time trolling and more time reading you would be aware ya rocket 😉


Doncaster’s appointment of Murdoch MacLennan as chairman of the SPFL, taking over from Ralph Topping on the first of august is another seemingly HUN appointment. They in my opinion are circling the wagons for the forthcoming shitstorm of title stripping, he MacLennan if I remember rightly was/is an ally of Minty.
Like the conflicted SFA, they need to be cleansed and a new era of fitba. governance ushered in, we need to join up with the other clubs to ensure that the conflicted Regan and Doncaster are told to GTF.
For the good of Scottish fitba. they need to go.

Charlie Saiz

According to another award winning site he’s a Celt?
You can take that info to the bank Mike and cash it for beer tokens at the $peakeasy 😉


Used to be a Hun and still is now, you’ve been called out,knutting squad is at the ready….


Oh dear me… Nutting squad indeed O kreeppe. If you had brains you might be dangerous


Sorry Nob it’s the knitting squad for you

Rob O'Keeffe

Oh dear,posting during the game WeeRedHand.You must be sad to not even be watching it.Backing up the British Army man,mind you,I do believe your family was involved in the same army,that’s why the Kleenex has reappeared.Your British scum pals did you proud tonight.Loyalists disgrace themselves.Wonder what Belfast City Council will do to Linfield?

Rob O'Keeffe

Knutting was cryptic,try to work it out…..

Charlie Saiz

Pure tanned a full tub of Nutella whilst reading Anphoblacht so he did aye…


3-0 for Celtic……it could end up being way more but i have a feeling it will be tighter than we think


The Bhoys to win 9 0.


7 – 1 makes it easier to rewrite an old favourite song for the return leg.
Delete Hampden, insert Belfast, job done.


The board have been “surprised” a lot lately, first by the “no sporting advantage” claims and now by the PSNI statement. On the latter I presume PSNI said we can’t guarantee safety, and the board said we won’t take tickets. So everybody’s right. But the board notes the timing is odd, seems like an attempt by PSNI to cover their posteriors if anything goes wrong with fans in the ground whom they have said they will remove. So don’t wear colours and just support the better team on the night as a “neutral”!!


Where is the Desimond?


Agree with Chris Sutton this morning – Armstrong should get his finger out and show some loyalty. Sometimes you need to appreciate what you’ve got – the grass isn’t always greener – even in West Bromwich!


Crimplene Chuggers 0 Invincibles 6


Did you see a couple of cooncillors (dup and uup) objecting to a set aside fan zone for Celtic supporters, cos it might cost £15k. Ffs. And they’ve just been handed £1bn by Theresa May. Their pusillanimity knows no bounds!


5-0 to Celtic


Welcome and I hope you are happy tonight…


Its all about the TIC.

Power full midfielder, fast, athletic, talented, brave. TIC.
Power full centre back, strong, talented, good of heed and body, coming to a team near yoo. TIC.
The stars are aligning for Brendan and his bhoys, TIC.


9-0 to the good ghuys in windy windsor
Hail, Hail


Doncasters appointment of Murdoch MacLennan as the new chairman of the SPFL, signifies to me a circling of the wagons, in preparation for the coming shit storm of title stripping, as an ex ally of Minty,
he will need to be watched.
Doncaster and Regan, (The heavily conflicted) time to pack your bags and GTF.


Spot on. If he thinks Coulson is a good guy, then there’s something wrong. Probably the only one in the country that thinks dave king isn’t a glib and shameless liar.


Corruption all around.Right, get in get out. 3-1 to the Bhoys.

subs: De Vries/Gamboa/McGregor/Griffiths/Hayes/Bitton/?
Lustg can shift to centre half if needed. All of a sudden, we’re a bit thin at the back. I’d like at least two back-up centre halves.
To your good health Bhoys.

D J Smyth

The day I call any of the people who run Celtic liars , is the day I shut up & stop supporting Celtic .. Imagine the choices of the truth are 1) Linfield 2) PSNI 3) Celtic


I completely agree. Celtic first the rest after these particular rest pretty bloody close to last.


well said dj

The Cha

My money’s on “4) None of the above”

Linfield 0 Celtic 3


lin 0-celtic 2


ya jammy fucker ye ha ha put the lot oan 10-0 at the holy ground


Cyprus is safer but lacks the charisma of the Ormeau Road. Still my Dad was from Clifton Park Ave many many moons ago.


I know Cliftonpark Avenue well


1-0 will do me tonight take the cunt oot them awe night then a sinclair last minute goal


Question for everyone? Do we really believe that Steven Caulker would be able to overcome his issues in Glasgow?




uralius aye as long as he disnae run aboot wae me cause ive got awe them character traits he he

Yoker Bhoy

Belfast Blues 0 Glesga Greens 3
A Scotty Sinclair hatrick to completely fuck off the racist assholes among the Linfield support, which would definitely account for most of them.

Charlie Saiz
S MacFarlane

Linfield 0 Celtic 9,

This wont be easy as part timers Linfield, in one of the weakest leagues in Europe will have a good go at us.


Head says 2-1 to the Celtic

Heart says 4-0 to the Celtic.

Let’s go with 4-0

Often been told my head needs examined!


0-2 Celtic. These qualifying games are always squeeky bum time and it’s gonna be a hate-filled atmosphere. I just want our Bhoys to get the job done and get home safely. We can pump the scum next week.

Charlie Saiz

Linfield (NIR) or Celtic (SCO) v Dundalk (IRL) or Rosenborg (NOR)

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