Celtic Diary Friday July 7: No Excuses. Time For Change

Celtic Diary Friday July 7: No Excuses. Time For Change

It’s worse than we thought !

Celtic defender Dedryck Boyata could miss entire Champions League qualifying campaign with knee ligament injury

Hang on, its Gordon Parks, in the Record, so its probably not that bad.

Belgian newspaper La Derniere Heure claims the severity of Boyata’s knee problem would see him struggle to be available for potential play-off round clashes in mid-August. 

Little less worrying, and then there’s the actual article in La Derniere Heure…

Shortly before the half-time of the friendly against Slavia Prague, his knee turned.
The verdict fell after a scan on Wednesday: rupture of the internal ligament, which will
result in an absence of six weeks. This injury is particularly bad because it comes at a crucial time for Celtic to start his
European campaign in the second round of the UEFA Champions League playoffs. If the Northern Irishmen of Linfield do not constitute an insurmountable obstacle
(to go on July 14, return on the 19th), the program will be more bodied in the third round
(25/26 July and 1st and 2nd August) then in dams with scheduled meetings August 15/16 and
22/23 even though Celtic will be protected by its seeded status.
The club hopes to be able to count on its defender to cross this last stage before the group

Right, so he could be back for the final qualifier, or he might not be. 

But that wouldn’t sell papers.

Though it does leave us one central defensive injury away from a problem. Kolo Toure , Erik Sviatchenko and Jozo Simunovic should be able to do the job between them, though , so perhaps its just the jitters that we usually get this time of year that has me nervous..

Might be an idea to get someone in this weekend…

It’s been a funny old week.

Two Scottish clubs have exited European competition already, a feat matched only by Moldova, ( I think its in or near Romania ) yet there is no crisis meeting.

No one is asking why year after year the clubs are doing badly. Then again, that would mean something would have to be done about it, and the powers that be in Scottish football hate it when they have to do something.

That leaves Aberdeen and Celtic to carry the banner for the nation, and whilst Aberdeen are good enough to make the group stages their lack of seeding means they will probably face at least one big club on their way there.

Celtic have the benefit of seeding, but it still won’t be easy.

Summer football ?

It has to be.

Start the season in May, have a break in December/January, and kick back in in February for the bit when the medals and cups are dished out.

That would mean finishing in March, when the players can go away during bad weather for a break in the sun to recharge ready for the qualifiers.

How long before the authorities realise that the system just isn’t working at the moment, and the nations stock in europe, which affects sponsorship revenue and television money, is falling faster than a Portuguese managers credibility ?

Something else that affects revenue is the image of the game. Its not just about quality, a good salesman can sell anything to anyone. Charles Green, for instance, sold season books for a new club by dressing it up as an old one.

If you have a good honest game with good honest clubs ran by good honest people with the games best interest at heart, people will stop by and have a look.

Right now, we don’t have that.

The Supreme Court has confirmed that one club cheated the tax man, and everyone in scottish football -supporters, shareholders, television companies, sponsors-with their imaginative outlook on income tax.

The game is now forever tainted.

At least until those in power who sanctioned it are removed.

Thats everyone at the SFA, and everyone at the SPFL.

There can be no exceptions to this.

Rip it up and start again.

We don’t have the money that is in English football, so we don’t have the millionaire players at every club. They live in a televised bubble, with more and more clubs losing their identity.

What we do have are players who want to play the game. We still have local lads making it at their local club.

We need to sell this aspect, and we need to stop competing with the bigger leagues for airtime and publicity.

Like football is supposed to be.

The media must concentrate on our game-all the clubs, not just the two Glasgow giants. Well, one giant and one basket of assets.

The shennanigans at Ibrox have given us the perfect opportunity to change the game for the better. So far, there has been no reaction from the authorities except to hide under their desks and hop it all goes away.

Its not going away, it was never going to go away.

But we are going to make them go away.

With a boot up their arse.

Fans of all clubs, including the one at Ibrox, as they have been fleeced possibly more than anyone, need to stand together and force the issue.

Some, notably Aberdeen, have already made their position clear.

Keep the pressure on.

The cracks are starting to show.

Lets break down those walls.

Friday wouldn;t be Friday without

Knob of the Week

This week its very difficult to single out one person from the many, many candidates who have put in a tremendos amount of effort over the last seven days.

But some of them are going to be disappointed.

But I’m sure they will step back and double their efforts in the coming week.

This week, we have to salute Michael Grant of the Times.

The times is usually a little more accurate than this article..

Use of EBTs was not illegal but it finally broke Rangers

Er, yes it was. did he not see the Supreme court verdict ?

The article itself wasn’t enough to win him the award, but the use of this picture was..

Whyte was cleared of a fraudulent takeover of the club

Exactly what did Craig Whyte have to do with the EBT scandal ?

Craig Whyte Retweeted Michael Grant

Typical dishonest media article. Picture of me and personal insult directed at me in an article about EBTs which occurred under Murray.

Could the Times not have found a picture of David Murray ?

Or is their something more sinister in this attempt, though subtle, to keep the words “Murray”, “EBT”, “cheating” and “bastard” out of the same article ?

Head and shoulders above a quality field, this weeks

Knob of the Week 

Michael Grant-The Murray correspondent at the Times.

Image result for michael Grant the Times

and now, something for you to interpret..

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