Celtic Diary Wednesday July 5: Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Celtic Diary Wednesday July 5: Laughter Is The Best Medicine

He’s not having the greatest of pre seasons, is the Belgian defender.

During yesterdays 0-0 draw with Slavia Prague, he picked up a knock and didn’t appear for the second half. He’s doubtful for the Linfield qualifier next week, but should recover his fitness if not his confidence.

Celtic dominated the game with the Czechs, but thast what the oficial site says, and as I didn’t see the game I’ll take their word for it.

The squad now flies back ahead of Saturdays game in Dublin with Shamrock Rovers.

They’d look pretty silly flying back after it.

Not as silly as Bruno Alves flying into Glasgow to join “rangers ” though… it didn’t go well for the plucky, cash strapped new club in Luxembourg last night.

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Their first European adventure was cut short against the more experienced Progres Neidercorn, a side who had scored just one goal in Europe since 1981.

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Last night they breached the Ibrox defence twice to secure a 2-1 aggregate win and send Pedro Caixinhas new look new Rangers spinning out of the competition before Celtic had even finished laying the pitch so they could play in theirs.

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Of course the more loyal fans are still behind their manager

 but its not looking good for the man.

After the game, supporters attacked the team bus, prompting Liam Kelly to post a plea to let them out on instagram.

Hang on, Liam Kelly ?

You can see where this is going…


Logging off here for the night. Maybe the week. Potentially the rest of the year. We’re a joke. 

Well, yes, but its a very good joke.

For some of us…laughter was not much in evidence in the stands..

Fortunately, the stewards, seen wearing the new orange away top, prevented a pitch invasion and further trouble, none of them ever having been trained in Scotland..

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There was damage to the stadium, which isn’t surprising, but that was just the fans way of trying to convince european observers that they are still the same club.

Pedro has issued an official complaint about the colour of the seats.

Then he took full responsibilty for making an arse of it,

 “I’m just disappointed. I assume all the responsibility.

“We could not do what we were here to do – win the game.

“What happened to us today is a once-in-a-lifetime thing. That’s part of football of course.

“I’m always a positive guy and never give up. We believe in this process.

“It is a strong moment we are living in now and we need to face it with all our personality, character and strength.

“And that is what we are going to do because I believe in this process, I believe in these players and I believe in the work we are going to do.

“This is a strong lesson we need to learn from.” 

“The corner they scored from came from one silly loss of possession,” he said.

“After that, we knew we could not commit unnecessary fouls but that’s what we did.

“We need to apologise to our fans as they were showing this support, this loyalty to the club.

“They do not deserve this.

Oh yes, they do. They deserve all of this and more.


And yet it seems like only yesterday they were singing in praise of the Pedro revolution..

Now the music has lost its beat and there seems no way back for Caixinha , even though he’s only just getting started.

But its not entirely his fault. Well, it is , but the SFA/SPFL must take their share of the blame for allowing the new club to embarass Scottish football on the wider stage.

Was anyone really surprised by the outcome ? I wasn’t confident enough to bet on it, but with “rangers ” open to accusations of breaking the FFP rules, Progres would have asked UEFA to look into it had they been knocked out.

This way, the Ibrox club got their shot at Europe, avoided some nasty questions and now have another scapegoat in the name of Pedro.

That noise you hear is a collective sigh of relief from Hampden…

Their may be more trouble ahead later today when the Supreme court announces the final verdict on EBTs..

Bear in mind that no matter what it comes up with, the Ibrox club are still dead, the players and others still owe a fair bit in back taxes, and nothing can change that.

What could be up for change is the list of trophy winners if they were found to be guilty of not playing to the rules.

Or should that be what should be up for change… ?

In the meantime, it won’t be pleasant being a bluenose today, though they should be used to it by now..

Rangers have lost in the Europa League to Progres Niederkorn. If you haven’t heard of them, they’re from Glasgow

Rangers out of Europe in July by bunch of amatures from Luxembourg! As if Gers disgraceful history needed more football humiliation

Lustig ?

Related image

Yeah, Lustig.

Orange Order speaker at the weekend march “We need to get out of Europe it`s run by Catholics” Rangers:”Done!”

Oh no trip to Rome

No Sun loungers or beers with the guys

No Cyprus, No Greece, No even tae Leeds

Out of Europe on the 4th of July 

Anton Declan sent me another ditty on whats app but i’m still struggling with it, I would ask him to pop it in the replies though, if he will..

Anagram fun…. Progres Neidercorn >>>> I Censored Ger Porn 

I could go on for ever, unlike Pedro I guess.

Meanwhile, Bruno Alves has heard the score whilst flying to glasgow…

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As for Pedro, lets take a minute to remember the man..

 Yesterday, we had this..

This might be a nightmare of every medical student.

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Caption :Zombie reading: “It say’s here that even in death we aren’t dead, tell the deceased on the table,there is nothing to be concerned about “


Have to dash now, I’m away to the airport to pick up the lad, but I’m going to ask for something different today.

Either post an image or a quote that you feel sums up the last 24 hours and the next 24.

Depending on the big tax case result of course.

Or not..

I’ll go first..