Celtic Diary Tuesday May 30: Ch-Ch-Changes..

Having secured the treble without losing a game, the club didn’t waste any time in getting ready for the next phase of what history will recall as “Rodgers -The Early Years ”

After  a season where Rodgers claimed to have hit six of the targets he set for the players, the club has began to raise the bar.

And probably the prices in it as well.

On twitter yesterday, this site revealed what those targets were…


The 7 Rodgers 2016/17 targets revealed

Reach CL ✅

League Cup ✅

League ✅

100+ pts ✅

100+ goals ✅

Scottish Cup ✅

Petrofac Cup ❌

The pitch at Celtic Park has been causing a few problems, and work began yesterday on replacing it with the new hybrid system, favoured by the likes of Liverpool , which should ensure a better surface which suits the sides passing and possession game.

It never really recovered from being used at the commonwealth Games, especially for the swimming, and the turf will now be put on Ebay and sold off perhaps to a club who can’t afford a top class pitch of their own.

One optimistic bidder also asked if there was any work due to be done on the roofs, and if so could he have first dibs on any bits we don’t need.

However, we hear he won’t be getting the pitch as his offer to pay in instalments was turned down.

The Ebay post also prompted someone from Hampden to ask if there were any light fittings going, as the ones in the toilet over there look a little, well, fecked…


In one sense, it could be said that the new playing surface reflects the new found ambition of the club ever since Brendan Rodgers walked in the door. Having given him a new deal, its perhaps not so surprising to see the manager get his way over a new pitch, although one does imagine a few voices in the boardroom raised in protest.

All of them, in fact.

With Lawwell now resuming control after Desmond threw a collywobble after Hampden debacle last year, there was never any chance of him risking losing the trust of his gaffer again, and the simple fact of the matter is that if Rodgers wants his breakfast delivered by forty sultry maidens at six in the morning, then thats what will happen.

Lawwell only ever wanted whats best for Celtic, and now that he has a little leeway financially, then maybe , for the first time in the clubs history, we will see the manager allowed to build from a position of strength.

Incidentally, there may actually be evidence that Lawwell was acting in the best interests of the club when he decided not to pursue the claims in Resolution 12.

Recent information has come to light that suggests that the collusion may have been a gamble undertaken by Rangers and the SFA simply because they thought that a heavy UEFA caseload meant they could slip the licence approval in under the radar, and have the crystallised bill paid before anyone asked questions…

Of course, under Ally McCoist the team made an arse of their European campaign, and were shortly after consigned to the dustbin of history.

Did Celtic feel that as they were dead it didn’t matter anymore-the Traverso letter to the Res 12 guys seems to confirm that the club escaped punishment as they were dead….and keeping things local would mean that UEFA wouldn’t penalise the whole of Scottish football ?

Perhaps the hope was that a contrite and apologetic new club would surface, and those guilty of misdemeanours at the SFA and SPFL would be quietly replaced.

It hasn’t turned out like that, and thats why this summer will be a little more interesting than most…

If, as is suspected, Lawwell has been played, then I, for one, would expect him to come out swinging.

Image result for lawwell regan doncaster celtic

No no, swinging.


Anyway, back at the ranch, and Kris Commons got his chance to say cheery bye to Celtic supporters during sundays game, where he played for both teams in the end of season fundraiser.

Wherever he ends up we wish him luck, and its imprtant to remeber that when he arrived he gave the team a lift, as it hadn’t been that long since Tony Mowbray had been adopting the prone position with his not inconsiderable chin.


Commons remembers that time fondly…

“There were always rumours about that and Rangers certainly made a call. I knew Neil Lennon as we’d both played together at Nottingham Forest. I also knew Kelvin Wilson was coming to Celtic from there after me. 

Yet he still came.

“Everything was geared up for me joining Celtic.

“If Man United had phoned me, I’d still have signed for Celtic.

“There was always this ‘It was one or the other between Celtic and Rangers’ but I knew that I was coming to Parkhead.” 

We wish him, and his family, all the best.

Image result for kris commons celtic

Another who is leaving is Aiden McAdams, a young goalkeeper who is joining “rangers ” for a fee -to be paid upfront, no doubt – of £80,000..

If he develops at Auchenhowie under the tutelage of the world class coaching , and goes on to carve out a succesful and rewarding career at the club/company/basket of assets then there will be add ons.

For those who don’t quite understand how that would work, it will mean a total fee of £80,000.

However, we wish him well.

Another change is taking place in Celtic’s digital and mediaoffice

Looking forward to my new role as Head of TV & Digital Media at Delighted to be joining such a dedicated & talented media team. 👍

After working with the likes of Gordon Dalziel and Derek Johnstone any media team would seem talented, I suppose.

The appointment has attracted criticism, one supporter even threatening to take back his new top, which seems daft to me…although he’ll beat the annual rush when the sponsors name starts to fall off, and its only fair to give the guy a chance.

Who knows, we might even get Derek Johnstone to join him, perhaps as stadium announcer or the guy who starts a sing along after every goal.


Celtics achievement of an unbeaten treble was poo pooed by one Ibrox fan on twitter yesterday, as he pointed to their unbeaten season on 1992-93..


They lost four games that season, but seem to have decided to ignore that.

Then again, they were never that good with reality.

Following on from their suggestion of a song to replace family favourite Billy Boys is this one, found on follow follow website, where all the lemmings go..

Following on from the other thread, I thought I’d suggest this one. Live forever – The Highwaymen . Band members are Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson and Waylon Jennings.

I’ve changed the words. Let me know what you think.

We’re gonna live forever.
We’re gonna cross that river.
And we’re gonna get no 55.
You’re gonna want to kill us.
Just like you ****ing tried to ,
But the Bears, we all stood strong.

Nobody here will ever catch us,
Cause we will always be around.
Just like the songs we sing at Ibrox,
We’re gonna live forever now.

You fathers and you mothers,
Be good to one another.
Please try to raise your children right.
Don’t let the darkness take ’em,
Don’t make ’em feel forsaken,
Just lead ’em safely to the light.

When this old world was blown assunder,
And all the stars fell from the sky,
The Bears they followed down to Ibrox,
And Mr Jardine gave the cry :

We’re gonna live forever.
We’re gonna cross that river.
And we’re gonna get no55.

We’re gonna live forever.
We’re gonna cross that river.
And we’re gonna get no55.

We’re gonna live forever.
We’re gonna cross that river.
And we’re gonna get no55.  


That bit about living forever probably needs a bit of work.


News just in….

Told you….ch- ch-changes…


Yesterday…this was for your perusal..

jimmybee May 29, 2017 at 9:55 am · Edit · Reply

Caption: World class breakfast on its way to Murray Park. 

Today… what happened here ?


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That Man Thing… Please enjoy…and If you are offended …TOUGH I’ve pissed in every alleyway behind every fucking tree I’ve pissed in neighbours gardens Fuck I’m bustin for a pee. I’ve pissed in people’s wardrobes in a fireplace and in shoes I’ve, pissed in big shop doorways I had nothing else to lose. I pissed on Old King Billy the orangeman supreme I smiled that it all was so true Then sighed, it was a dream I pissed in a conservatory All filled with lovely flowers It looked so very beautiful I pissed like April showers I pissed on Ralphy’s… Read more »


this is all charlies fault…


fuck a need a piss efter that …………which wan ae ma ten brides ya rascal ….if it wis ma fifth wan a wish tae fuck yeed a ran away wae her he he ………only kidden mabel


Charlie I assume that you enjoyed it


very good weered mabel said you tried yon poetry oan her which resulted in her pissin herself laughin he he


Must be an overdose of Ramipril!!!


No drugs were involved not even vets preparations

Livingston going? Nice one!

Big Dunno


“Rangers” call Hiroshima FC to see if they have any spare parts for their Stadium that they are not using.

Steven R

Caption: GCC have decided that it’s much cheaper to demolish Paisley Road West than it is for Sevco to bring their stadium up to current health and safety standards.

Steven R

Alternative caption: during WWII, the RAF mistakenly bombed the area surrounding Ibrox upon hearing news that huns were spotted marching towards Edmiston Drive.



gordon ross

If you don’t look after the roof’s then in the wise words of Paul Weller “THE WALLS CAME TUMBLING DOWN” well here’s hoping anyway!

Caption: On exiting Celtic park (amen) Efe asks the taxi driver if he can drive…..


Ian Livingston.
A fourth generation of Polish/Lithuanian Jews. His family is a case study for immigrants, who through hard work and grit established deep roots in there new home. His great uncle owned a factory that made police uniforms, his late father, the first in his family to go to university, was a G.P. who raised Livingston and his three siblings in Kelvinside.
The youngest ever FTSE 100 company finance director.
The only time that he shows emotion is at home games of his beloved Celtic FC. A Celtic director for over a decade.

He’s a fucking wank!


Met him have you? or is it true love?

Tainted love,
love with a glove,


Isn’t it marvellous how Monti just seems to love everyone

Go on…..


why would I want to go on…you do plenty enough for all of us 🙂 You vent our spleens also 🙂

I couldn’t give a fuck if you have met him, he is a cunt with a cunts ideology.
Anyway, i’ve met Susannah Reid….have you?



Monti… Yer like the Roy Keane alarm clock… Wind you up and you can go off at any moment 🙂


I have never met him, I would not want to meet him, I have no truck with his politics or his ideology, but I would not name call him, or judge him, because I know nothing about him, I merely put my post up because that information is all that I have read about him.
No I have not met Susanna Reid, because if I had she would be impregnated with Mikey juice.


Is Mikey your pet tup

Yeah, good old Lord Parkhead, strange how Dermot was paying 50k for “breakfast with Cameron” shortly after Dr John Reids Airport Security Scanner contacts were utilised and exhausted.


Must have been some breakfast, mines usually cost £0.50p.

That’s with free lamb. No the succulent variety tho.


Mike…ya gotta call mutton as it is

Caption: Pensionerbhoy & Mike cause wanton destruction as the January sales of Harris tweed trousers kick off.

Caption: In the heat of Dresden the bombs dropped in their thousands,
To see Bomber harris kill men, women and their children.

Rob O'Keeffe

Good,remember Clydebank and surrounding areas.Huns are still not forgiven or forgotten.


Considering that following WW1 the crippling reparations demanded from Germany by the Allies with Britain and France shouting loudest, serious German retaliation was to be expected.
Belfast and many other cities suffered greatly also. British interference in world politics has caused so much grief to the world and still does.

Caption: TicToc’s street.


Caption: the celebrations from the ahem invincible 92-93 season gather pace.

Tony Carlin

Caption- Manchester city centre following the Huns Cultural visit in 2008

Caption: Ian Livingston’s vision of prosperity, note the foodbank being built on the corner.


Caption: Same safety inspector that inspected Ibrox was a building inspector in this area……..


caption the daily record reports a minority of sevco fans caused vandalism on title stripping day

Caption: Stuart Regan’s graphic front cover of his ‘Armageddon Report’ on the refusal to let Sevco into the Premier League – awaits approval from the other clubs.

Robert McEwan



Caption: Larkhall after their 11th night bonfire goes wrong

Robert McEwan

AT IBROKES sorry pressed to soon


Robert… It happens to most men at least once 🙂

No me…..:)


Cough Cough Cough Cough Cough Cough…splutter


Did you like your verse ?



More like shit


Your verse was the most difficult one to get the context correct… All that effort for Pish… Its the lot of a bohemian hibernian I guess LOL


At least you’re consistent which is commendable

Southside Tarrier

The burning of Cork city by the black and tans.
December 1920.


The real world as envisioned by the Conservative and Unionist party ,
A few more directors could go, also a fan should be voted onto the board by the supporters to give their input on all things regarding the SFA and Res 12.
It’s great to be a Celtic fan today, but we should not forget the cheating by The Huns,

I’d do that, rebel on the PA system proposed….


Monti… I wouldn’t ask for a show of hands on that one…

Why not?


Be careful what you wish for…


It’s now Tuesday after a momentous week in our club’s history and I’ve been reflecting on what it all means. Whilst we would all no doubt preferred to have been three or four goals up in the first twenty minutes on Saturday – that at least would have been much less stressful – the manner of winning that game in the final minutes of extra time had Celtic written all over it and as such made the game far far more memorable and one moreover that will be etched in our collective history for generations to come and one that… Read more »

Rob O'Keeffe

Caption:NHS,circa 2030.

Rob O'Keeffe

Caption: Michael Caine says……….

Rob O'Keeffe

Caption:Shankhill Road(hopefully)circa 2030!


There’s no H in that road name. Great shopping road… not that I do much shopping

Rob O'Keeffe

I know,don’t tell anyone,I didn’t want to put obscenities on the site.Did you know you can book a tour of that “place”?
I asked Ivanka if she fancied it and she told her dad……


I toured it regularly !


Dom Solanke signs forLiverpool and will go into their Under 23 side


It’s his loss…


On re reading the match report from Saturday, I realised I’m not impressed with Tom Rogic.
Why couldn’t he have waited until the 93rd minute then he’d have been on the park for 67 which would have been very appropriate.

Eduardo the vagrant

Did u not gae Brendan pelters at the start of the season??


Eduardo… Kindly explain pelters for the uninitiated

Stick, grief, criticism.


Oh I see… Is his assertion correct?


I would imagine that the “Gibraltar incident” left a bad taste for a short while as it was spectacular news. BR WAS AND STILL IS A DAMN GOOD MANAGER. EDUARDO IS PLAYING DEVILS ADVOCATE 🙁

I have no idea, i was answering your question…


Monti…it was a strange “drive by” remark by him


Morning all


Scottish Cup Final review. Did McInnes tactics give his side no place to go?



I think you are spot on. The much praised Aberdeen game plan was to kick Celtic around the park and boot it forward to the thug Stockley. The drag us into a war of attrition game plan held us at bay for a while and they were simply not fit or skillful enough to carry out the plan. McInnes, despite praise from the ignorant Scottish football media, is a tactical disaster area. The referee also helped this by failing to properly control the aggressive approach and still they failed. We are just so much better in every department than Aberdeen.… Read more »

So looking forward to seeing the lions tonight in London,going to be a great night.
London will be green and white. HH.

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