Celtic Diary Thursday May 25 1967/2017

Couldn’t sleep last night.

It was way too hot here in Lisbon

And its going to be even hotter this afternoon.

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We hear that the big man has dished out the factor thirty.

We heard as well that Hughes isn’t in the side.

Simpson, Craig , Gemmell, Murdoch, McNeill, Clark , Johnstone Wallace, Chalmers Auld. Lennox.

I don’t expect there’ll be any surprises in how we play, though he did have McNeill up front in a practice session yesterday.

Hope he knows what he’s doing.

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Inter are looking for their third win in four years, and on paper they look formidable.

We need to raise our game one more time, and I’m a bit worried about the fellows who played at Wembley, surely Jock could have pulled them out of the Scotland squad ?

Its bloody ridiculous they selected them in the first place.

Don’t they want us to win the European cup ?

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Its getting warmer already as the city comes alive.

I’ve the room window open, and I can hear some guy giving it the Hail Hail down below. He probably didn’t sleep either, but by the sound of him he’ll probably get a few hours in this morning.

Can’t stop thinking about the game.

Its been a tough season, and we’ve won everything already. Is it too much to ask for one more trophy?

And this tournament, remeber early on when we wanted Liverpool ? To set the record straight after last seasons Cup Winners cup ?

They needed a play off against some Romanian team in the first round, then Ajax took seven off them in the next round.

That worried me. Maybe we aren’t ready for this level after all.

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Then Dukla Prague took care of them, and we took care of Dukla.

We beat the team that thrashed the team that England sent.

Maybe we are ready for this level.

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Before that we beat the team that beat Atletico Madrid. don’t know why, but I was glad to see them go out. Bad feeling about that lot.

Vojvodina. They beat the Spaniards in a play off, and very nearly did the same to us.

Big Billy. always there when you need him, at either end of the pitch.

Inter needed a play off to get to the final. CSKA Sofia maybe surprised them a bit, or perhaps after beating Real Madrid home and away Inter thought they’d already won the cup.

Can’t see us ever making that sort of mistake.

They’re unbeaten in this tournament, and are a difficult side to beat.

A drunk fellow told me not to take any notice of this story about Sarti being the weak link. Their defence doesn’t concede many. Three goals in eight games so far, which tells me he’s not a diddy.

They’ve a few others worth mentioning as well, but i don;t want to worry myself any more, otherwise I’ll just hide under the bed until its over.

But what if…?

Theres the butterflies battering away again.

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I’m going to grab something to eat, and maybe just a couple of beers. As you know, its an afternoon kick off, well tea timeish, so I’ll stop around lunch and head over the bridge to the ground.

I had a look at it yesterday, just to get a feel for the place.

It’s in the middle of a park and one of the stands is missing.

But the other three makes the place look like it has christians fighting lions every second Sunday after mass.

And the players come up out of the ground. Out into the sun.

Yeah. I know. Next thing some daft sods will have their players climbing down the walls of the stand from the roof.




Image result for national stadium lisbon

Imagine that in Glasgow. They’d all be bitten to death before they got to the top stair.

Look at the place.

No empty cans, no empty chip pokes or juice bottles.

It’s stunning.

Right, I’m off out. I can hear the rest of the lads singing.

The air round here is lovely, clean , fresh-alright maybe not in this room, but I put that down to nerves.

The locals have been great. Seems Benfica had a spat with Inter some time ago and it left nasty taste in the mouth.

Which, incidentally, I’ve thought of a cure for, and I’m away to get one now…

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C’mon the hoops….


Of course we all know how it ended up. 

Celtic 2 Internazionale 1 

2-1 going on 10-1. 

That was fifty years ago, and of course I wasn’t there, but I took the liberty of allowing my mind to wander. 

What if….?

They say that those who die never truly leave us until their name is spoken for the last time by those who live. 

You’ve heard of the Invincibles, I’d like to introduce you to the Immortals.. 

But then, you knew them already.. 

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Lovely touch


Brought me to tears….as the lions and our story always does. God bless them all.




Majic, damn these auld hoose draughts.

His name is Cesar.
Celtic,s Alpha male,
his memories make an exceptional tale,
A Celtic Icon, we truly regale,
Celtic,s “Lion King”.
Love you Billy and your Lion (our) pride.


Auld Hoose Draughts… 🙂

Level 5 plant

Heroes and legends everyone of them!


Ralphs wandering mind brought us with him on a lovely trip to see the immortals finest moments.


Link to BBC Lisbon Lions story if anyone missed it last night..a .brilliant watch


Rob O'Keeffe

Congratulations to the under 17s in winning the league in style,playing the Celtic Way,with McInnes and squad watching the humping.Dream of being the best,especially in this special season.KTF

What is it about the Lisbon Lions that just turn me into a bubbling wreck” I haven’t stopped greeting all morning. I wasn’t even like this when ma auld da passed away. Maybe it’s because I know without him and my uncles I wouldn’t be what I am today,a proud Celtic family man. The whole picture of Lisbon is iconic. Two great strips on show,the sun shining really brings out the best in the hoops don’t you think. The fans with the banners,rosettes silk scarves and woollen tammies,aye 100 degrees but mind pack yer woollen tammie in case it gets… Read more »


great piece,r ye in malones for the cup final

For my Da and my Uncles for giving me Celtic.
For Big Jock and all the Lions you showed us to the world.


Ffs Jimmy,

So apt and more tears


Nice one,Jimmybee

Dziekanowski's nightclub child

Fantastic piece. Hail, Hail!

McNeill (cpt)

The lasting damage & ultimate demise to our now dead rivals, resulted from these men, bringing the European cup home to Glasgow, to Scotland…..to Celtic!

We pay homage for that alone!

Graffiti on the wall……..


Monti..agreed… the seemingly terminal damage done to our cheating opposites stems from the Lions achievement… Hail Hail


An extra to the Celtic Family.
He held his silver.

Mum and Bhoy`re healthy.HH

PS: Ralph, are you franchising the Ralphbrand? 🙂

Is it nae a time to be alive…HH

Come on the Grand khids in Green.



He`s a cracker Monti.



Port… Congratulations on you elevation to grandahood … It adds such a different dimension to your life. I have 2 grandsons… One here in Belfast and one in Scotland. I trust all are well 🙂


Just watched the whole 67 final again and am a blubbering wreck..so proud


Never the once are those that they`re to be Mr.Custard.
Roll on NewGers.


sevco plicks FC.


New gers … Will that be rankers zero. Same flavour same shit contents but no sugar.
We’ll despise them also 🙂


Another great read – Quality stuff guys!


Sean Fallon, Jock,s friend, confidant, advisor, his quiet demeanor,was big Jock’s foil.
Billy McNeil said, ” Jock for all his qualities, needed Sean”.

Sean Fallon, Celtic’s Iron man, who had a definite talent for spotting exceptional players.
Dalgleish, McGrain, Macari, Connolly, Hay, Burns, McStay, were all brought to Celtic by Sean’s eagle eye.
Celtic’s success was partly down to Sean, we also owe him an enormous debt of gratitude.

Defo –

Our podcast on Sean is here


Book review:


Cheers Desi, will get my hearing trumpet oot and get the laddie to tape it, mibbee read his book also.


mike, I recommend both. I was exceptionally fortunate to attend the book launch in Sligo and met some of his family. I was also taken on a fantastic tour of Sean’s youthful haunts by an incredibly knowledgeable and generous Sligo Tim and heard a myriad of tales about his early life in Gaelic football and in the Irish and Northern Ireland leagues. I have enormous love and admiration for this special Celt. His contribution to Celtic as player, assistant manager and manager should never be underestimated. In my opinion there is overwhelming evidence Stein would not have been Stein and… Read more »



Success was to all making it home to the front door.


You know, for this being such a joyous and happy occasion – I’ve spent the last 24 hours in near tears everytime I think about the Lions

I fucking love my football club!

I’m in Lisbon for the celebrations.I have my late big brothers Celtic scarf with me,the old cotton type with the white fringes.On leaving my digs this morning,a local working guy points to my hoops top and shouted out “the lions are here”
Made me feel great!!!


LEGENDS everyone of them the greatest Celtic team ever, their victory would lead to the Liquidation of Ranjerks 1872.


I`m there,raise a glass please.

Hail Hail.


Been told referee to ref on Saturday?

This`ll be interesting.


A day to die for the 25/05/67, when today’s bitterness, was it in your face then
Also remember the input from big Yogi, John Fallon, Charlie Gallacher and Jim Brogan, stalwarts to a man.
Agree about Sean, what a gentleman again underrated. Travelled to many Euro games with Celtic with Holiday Enterprises, the happiest days of my life.
Unfortunately as I had just started work missed Lisbon, but savoured the true faith at many away Euro games


A blatant error is simply the…

coase theorem described…We know.


Celtic,seen every game.


To all getting the Lisbon Lions tan,enjoy.


Watching replay of Europa final. Beating either of these teams is totally achievable especially Ajax. Man U are shite two or three class players added to our side we can win the Europa league. Champions league? No unless we sign some uber athletic talent. We’d be lucky to get to the quarters however, if we got the draw that Leicester city got then yeah


That is where we eff up,thinking everyone is better than us.

It`s a game of beautiful Football,no little no less.


Lisbon lions remember watching the game as a seven year old in a convalescent home in lenzie. Bit young to take it all in but hey was lucky enough to see later teams Fuck it’s good to be involved in the Celtic family. Remember Dixie deans ballooning the penalty kick over the bar. And the debacle against athletico Madrid. George Connelly my all trine hero loved the guy wish he could have stuck around. Total footballer


The Celts for the record`s book again.

What is the highest score in a Scottish Cup Final?

Rob O'Keeffe

Celtic 6 Hibs 1(1972).Dixie Deans Day.What a day,over 100,000 crowd.Was there with my grandpa and dad,very happy memories.

P.S.Renton did it as well,PensionerBhoy was there.


Homemade Pedro(only one ingredient required)pounder.

sevco tenderizer FC.


Ralph, Thoroughly enjoyed that imaginative picture of 25th May 1967. I am looking forward to watching the BBC documentary this evening. Unfortunately I have not had a chance to see it yet. Not that it matters because I can remember that day in ’67 and all the associated feelings like it was today. In fact I am getting the jitters just as I did around this time in ’67 – mainly because I was not sure if the priest would say a quick enough mass so that we would be out in time for the game. Fortunately, he was a… Read more »

wait till you see Father John and his Titbits in the documentary!


Could you imagine in today`s game if there were no subs or just the one?

Griff`ld have to take up 2 jobs. 🙂

Yet the Bhoy`ll no doubt put away 2 or 3 for his Khids on Saturday.


Lost for words Charlotte the harlotte?

sevco virtual sustainability FC.


Findlay says final bill was £2.8m “how did this happen”

Horne says he thinks “club didn’t have the money to pay it at the time”


if we hadn`t the money at the time for the HBOS the SFA would have thrown us the eff out to oblivion.

That was there Angus cause.


Edit: their Angus cause.


Findlay describes rangers(IL) as “imponderables”.

Predecessors in a bloo bonanza?


Port I’d rather call the rankers impaleable. I do hope they get the point


Thank you, God, for Jock Stein and the Lisbon Lions. I still get goose bumps and a lump in my throat watching the final.

C’mon Brendan and the boys, make it a season and anniversary to truly remember.

Hail Hail

What a Team,The Lions showed Europe how to play The Celtic Way.Legends Everyone of Them.Gemmell and Chalmers Got us the Goals but The Lions All Eleven won us the Big Cup.Untainted Unequaled Unbelievable The Lisbon Lions.HH


I`ve been reading the wee mahn the 67 stories and the pair of us are greeting.

Hail Hail to all in lisbon and all rejoicing world wide.



Portpower,HH M8,Its great being a Tim.We’re All Emotional when it comes to Our Club.We are Scottish Football.

Looks an incredible night at the hydro,I hope London will be just as good when I’m there next Wednesdat night.
Sad to see the news coming from Celtic that no fans should turn up to see hopefully the cup coming back on Saturday.
Or the bus parade from the greats on Sunday.
Come on ffs yes Manchester is terrible and I’m sure the thoughts and prayers of every Celtic fan are with the families.
But to stop this is ludicrous,and sounds a little Masonic if you ask me. Maybe I’ve been listening to tioc67 to much. 🙂 HH

Totally Agree,Jimmybee.I was guttied reading That.Our Lions 2nd to None.HH GGAW

Ignorance is a rare commodity,Jimmybee.You got it n Spads M8.



I’m not sure what happened there between yer self and Tioc67… Was there something I missed? 🙂

Just watched the SEAN FALLON documentary that was on Stv2 last night, ‘ Iron Man ‘. Very emotional during that and don’t mind admitting to shedding a few tears. What a remarkable man Sean was & what a commitment he gave to our club. This man, like big Jock must always be remembered and celebrated. When you look through the history of Celtic, it is full of remarkable men, Sean was one of those. Thank you for everything you gave to our club Mr.Fallon! R.I.P. Every single one of us knows how we feel about the Lisbon Lions, i hope… Read more »


Well said Monti

Cheers m8!

Rob O'Keeffe

What a night last night at the Hydro.The”Walk On” and the remaining Lions coming up on the stage,different Class.Dvd of this night will be a must buy.Thanks to all involved.Hail Hail.


Just seen a video of John Clark looking after Billy with the lads and the cup. What a fantastic man Clark is, an absolute gentleman, stalwart and wonderful human being.

He is that more and m8. A true hero of mine,and I was very fortunate to live across the street from him. His whole family and his wife’s family all Celtic mad. I used to knock on his door just to see his collection of medals,he would of course tell ma da, Jimmy boy was round again last night,then I would get a slap on the head,telling me to stop annoying him. But couldn’t help it. It was like opening up a treasure trove. That’s the thing about the lions,we know them,they are our own,not from France or Sweden or… Read more »

As we now gear up for the cup final after the emotions of yesterday, let’s look back at how the lions did it.







Make mine a treble!

Celtic By Numbers

Agree with that – is Lustig definitely fit? He is a big miss if not as they are a tall team!

I haven’t heard anything about Lustig not being fit.
I wouldn’t say it’s important for a full back to be tall, Boyata and Simunovic will provide the height.

Celtic By Numbers

If people are not 25th of May-ed out. A review of the game is here with I believe facts and figures about individual and team performances you will never have seen before – thanks.




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