The Etims Awards 2016-17

The Etims Awards 2016-17

With the wonderful League season over, we hail the Invincible’s and others with this years ETims Awards

Feel free to add your nominations and made up award categories in the Comments section below:


The Best Goal

Some contention over this one, and that’s putting it mildy.

Contenders included Moussa’s brilliant backheel double nutmeg finish against Rangers in the cup.


Others suggested Moussas bullet drive against Rangers in the New Years game.

Others argued that the most IMPORTANT goal was Moussa’s penalty against Astana which kicked off his Celtic career.

The winner though was clear.

The Best Goal was against St Johnstone away. A goal of beauty, sublime passing and sheer perfect teamwork. Hell, even our sweeper keeper got a touch.

Details below:


And in case you forget, It had our Rabona loving right back playing like Lionel Messi!


The Most Improved Player

We opened this up on Twitter and the answers flooded in.

It seems its just too hard to say, as lots of players were getting mentioned. Notably CalMac, Boyata, Armstrong and Broony but even players such as Craig Gordon were being heralded for improving from recent seasons and stepping up to meet the high standards demanded by Brendan. Everyone’s a winner it seems, especially the fans.


The Best Thing about Brendan

Well were to start with the nominees in this category.

Some suggested the Style of Football was the clear winner. The 106 goals have had us on our feet and no mistake.

Others suggested its the wonderful Man Management as the Number One man at the club stamps his authority all over the club and continues to lead by example ensuring standards rise and attitudes and focus never wane.

Others saluted his handling of the Media, not even the idiots in the Sky Pundit Panel can get under his skin and the Press media seem to have given up even trying a wind-up these days.

There is also that amazing whistle of his…it should come with a Govt Health Warning for everyone in the Main Stand.

However, the best thing about Brendan…its his Love for Celtic. It shines through in everything he does, every game his team plays and every word he speaks in relation to our football club. The man who is respected, appreciated and loved by all the Celtic Family exudes the very same love, respect and appreciation back to everyone of us. Praise be.


The Best Opponent

Despite promises from Kenny Miller that we would be competing with Aberdeen for 2nd place, poor old Rangers were never in the running. And no-one cared or even noticed. That’s how bad ( or good- Ed) it has got. Aberdeen under badger-hair face Derek McInnes continue to hold 2nd place and gave it a go but never threatened in all seriousness.  The less said about Europe the better to be honest as we suffered a record Barca humping served along with a heavy dash of Borussia realism at home. Still, the 3 points were welcome nonetheless and the learning curve is acknowledged by one an all as we move forward.

The best opponent award doesn’t go to Barca or Borussia though, no. That Award can get split with Red Imps of Gibraltar who kicked of this crazy season with a shock defeat and to St Mirren in the Cup who came to Parkhead and with their attitude and execution shamed the performances of many a top flight club. A notable doff of the cap too to Motherwell for taking a 2-0 lead at Fir Park..if ever there was a game that galvanised the side this year it was that second half comeback in December 2016.



The Best Celebration

Kudos to The Green Brigade for their excellent contributions, especially that brilliant celebration tifo the Lisbon Lions.

Salutes also go to Moussa and Leigh for that brilliant jump into the crowd after combing to get the winner against Rangers in the Cup semi-final game.

Smiles all round too for Kieran Tierney and his conducting of the Green Brigade down at the standing section when the League Trophy was handed out


The Bhoy who will be King


A special mention also for all the Huddles performed by various CSCs across the world from New York to Northern Ireland and beyond.

However, the winner of Celebration of the Year  was this very special moment, when a Celtic legend went to the League Cup final



Signing of the Season

Well where to start? (Apart from Dorus of course – Ed)

Brendan would be a leading contender, for its from him, we then have Scotty Sinclair and also Moussa Dembele. Along with Brendan we also have his background staff who have helped revitalise a squad that was creaking and slowing under Ronnie and Co. The improvement has been truly phenomenal.

However, it would be remiss of us, being the sarcastic and shallow crew that we are, if we dared forget the truly outstanding Signing of The Season.

Step on up, Mr Joseph Anthony Barton. If ever there was a signing that gave Celtic fans more joy in such a short space of time, its beyond us to remember it.

What a guy..I bet he put some money on him winning this one!


The Best Hairdo

Save the most controversial till near last.

We could have went for Scotty Sinclairs two tone Mohican that flies like an arrow down the wing towards goal.

We could have cited wee Jamesie Forrests attempts at bum-fluff as he has been trying to grow a beard recently.

We could have noted Paddy Roberts and his cheeky wee blonde highlights and wedge haircut giving  him a right retro Modern Romance look but no.

The winner was clear…, The Hairdo of The Hoops award goes to Nir Bitton in his Peroxide Paradise.

We can only guess when he was told “Learn from Messi!” that he got a little confused, that or he was inspired by past winners,  Craig Burley and Neil Lennon,



The Best Celebrity Celt

Well we have the old stalwarts here, Rod the Mod of course was present quite a lot throughout the year and will be at the Cup Final after playing the Hydro to salute the Lisbon Lions.

Sitting just along from Rod at the recent Semi Final was the bold Gerard “We Are CELTIC!” Butler.

Those guys though are used to awards and adulation so lets turn elsewhere.

A salute to Lisa Hague who showed everyone at Celtic and beyond that footballers wives can be wise, caring and wonderful and best of luck in future endeavours.

Special mentions to James Doleman who is becoming the King of the Courts with his brilliant coverage of major court cases that are of special interest to football fans. Long may his coverage continue to help educate and inform. If only others in the trade could pick up the honourable journalistic mantle.

Musical fans get a highlight now with a shout out to Justin Currie for his reply in a recent Facebook Live show.

When asked “Would you rather put on a Rangers jersey or vote for Theresa May?” Justin immediately replied “Oh the Rangers jersey. I couldn’t vote for May and I could just kick one of my own players and get sent off!”.

Our favourite music celeb though, goes to Lloyd Cole. While not exactly a Celtic fan  the Chelsea loving guy went out his way to salute our victory and our support, God bless you Rattlesnakes CSC:

Lloyd doesn’t win Best Celebrity though. That award goes to Martin Compston from In the Line of Duty. A non stop heralding of the Hoops throughout the season and even wound up Rangers and Donald Trump! Its always great to see folk who don’t lose the love from their youth as they go out in the world to fame and fortune. Martin is often seen with wee Jay and is also involved in raising money to help Alzheimers in honour of Big Billy as well as appearing at the Henrik-Lubo Charity game.



Heres a video (from a few years ago granted but hold up even more this year)

The Saddest Farewell

A few to note here.

Its adieu to Derek Rae at the BT Sport Team. The man was sheer class and his quality coverage and his online openness will be sorely missed when he heads back to the States. Lets hope Sky will be replaced by the impressive BT Sport in the very near future even with Derek moving on.

Kris Commons and family are away after a few tears were shed at the Title Party yesterday. We wish him and his family the very best.

Same to Efe Ambrose and possibly Izzy too and of course any other Celts departing in the close season.

Sadly looks like Neil McCann might not be away from Sky to be at Dundee full time but we keep our fingers crossed.

The saddest farewell though was for Big Tommy Gemmell who passed away in March.

Let no one forget his contribution to Celtic and the legend that is The Lisbon Lions.

This after all is the defender who would joke “Which one?” when told “That was some goal you scored in the European Cup Final”


RIP Tommy