Celtic Diary Saturday May 20: Bid In for Roberts

Celtic seem to have made their move to keep winger Patrick Roberts in Glasgow on a permanent basis. Reports-well, one report, from Phil MacGhiollabahn, says Celtic have put in a bid.

He’s considerably  more often right than wrong, so there may be something in it.

Come in number seven

Its certainly possible.

The player and manager Brendan Rodgers have been somewhat cagey on any possible deal , but with Roberts committing himself to the cup final over a trip to the under 20 world cup with England, he has shown that he has become Celtic minded, which in turn means he has the right mentality for the manager.

It may well be this that has prompted the early bid, as roberts has done well during his loan, and that will have alerted other EPL sides. Fortunately, Rodgers will not have to sell the club or himself to roberts, as the player already knows how good it can be at Celtic Park.

That means its all down to Manchester City, and with a few quid in the bank, the English based side are more likely to buy someone at the top of his game for tens of millions of pounds, rather than take a chance on a guy returning from loan in a “diddy ” league.

They paid £5m for Roberts, which is happily the same amount Celtic will receive when Virgil van Dijk retires to Chelsea this summer, so whatever profit they are looking for will come out of Celtic;s account, and when we sell him on a few years down the line, we’ll still be quids in.

With the wage structure having quietly been altered since Rodgers arrived, the wages won’t be EPL level, but they’ll still be enough to keep the lights on in Roberts’s house, so it shouldn’t be a major issue.

He’d be the latest in a line of players who been at Manchester city and ended up with Celtic, and with Moussa Dembele certain to move on at some point in the future, it may be that in return City get offered first dibs…

Leigh Griffiths knows that Dembele will be away as well, and after his wee tantrum the other night, the striker made his peace with his manager…

Rodgers explained;

“I received a message from Leigh this morning at seven o’clock. 

Presumably wrapped around a housebrick and lobbed through his living room window..

“He’s a really good young guy. I’ve a lot of time for him. He has been out a lot and just wants to show me and the supporters he can be fit and playing. 

“Unfortunately for him, it’s my job to protect the team and the whole group – not just one player – in order for us to succeed. 

“He understands that totally now. He was apologetic but I told him to let it go with the wind. It’s gone.

“The nature of the message will always be private. We also spoke in the office and it’s all done now. Our relationship is strong.

“Outside of football you’d have had a clip round the ear. You can’t do things like that today, of course. But my point is you still have to tell people right from wrong and hopefully you get the right behaviours then.Whether they accept it is up to them.”

People fall out. People make up and move on. Thats life.

After all, there’s a big game tomorrow. And another one next week.

An unbeaten league campaign and a domestic treble are well within the sides grasp, and it truly is a remarkable possibility.

BBC Radio Four even added an item at the end of the six o’clock news last night mentioning the unbeaten season, but also added it was down to the “decline ” of  Rangers, who weren’t even in the competition, having gone into liquidation some years ago, and the general standard of Scottish football, largely because our southern neighbours like to remind themselves they are superior to the smaller country up north.

Quite how any economic model can be compared to one with a customer base ten times the size is beyond me, but it makes the guys at Radio Four Fucks Sake feel better.

Earlier in the season, Celtic remained unbeaten despite an exhausting and distracting champions League campaign. It finished in failure, and there were a couple of devastating results that could have easily derailed the the domestic effort, even temporarily,  but the players just picked themselves up, dusted themselves down and got on with it.

As a squad, they’ve improved tremendously since that nightmare in Gibraltar, and when this season finishes we can safely say that its a different team from the one that night.

There are a couple more records up for grabs. Should Aberdeen drop points this weekend and Celtic win, the biggest ever points margin in Europe title will be taken from Paris St Germain and be handed to Celtic.

Whats worth noting is that far from destroying competition in Scotland, a much improved Celtic should encourage the others to keep up, and although it will take time, as long as the others stay away from EBTs, moonbeams and dodgy bank managers, they’ll get there safely.

However, Alex MacLeish, currently unemployed as most  clubs engage in legal remuneration when signing players, begs to differ…

Embarrassing!’ Celtic domination needs sorting for good of Scottish football claims Alex McLeish

Just like they didn’t say back in the nineties when the shoe was on the other foot..

Recently, the Evening times ran a celebratory series on the players who won nine in a row for Rangers, which granted eventually killed the club, but Celtic are on six and already its destroying the game.

Anyway, lets hear MacLeish out, before he gets laughed out..

“They’ll have to have what they do with the racing driving, put weights on their legs or something to handicap them for next season because it’s been pretty embarrassing the way the Scottish league has gone this year with Celtic’s total domination.

“The one team that can stop them from doing everything this year is Aberdeen next week.

There were times when Celtic dominated and times when Rangers dominated but it was always close fought. 

“It’s definitely the biggest gulf that I’ve seen in my lifetime, brought up as a Rangers fan and playing as a professional at Aberdeen for 18 years.

“It is incredibly poor statistics for the Scottish League and it’s difficult.

“We keep talking about trying to improve it and bring the kids through the system, I hope (Scottish FA performance director) Malky Mackay can make fundamental changes.”

Image result for fuck off

Of course, MacLeish merely wants to keep in the spotlight, and to regurgitate the anti Celtic feeling. thats becuase its fairly obvious that Pedro Caixinha isn’t going to be long in the Ibrox hot seat, and he’ll still be touting himself as a replacement.

How embarrassed will he be when Lee McCulloch is chosen ahead of him ?

Probably as embarrassed as anyone who believes that Dave King will invest all of the season book money in the team, in a bid to repair Scottish football from the damage done by Celtic…

All of our season ticket money will be invested in the squad as we work towards taking our club back to the top,”

Image result for uncontrollable laughter gif

Worried yet ?

“Pedro Caixinha and his backroom team have been assessing the squad since having arrived at Rangers, and will make the necessary changes in the summer so that we are as well prepared as possible for the qualifiers and the new season. 

Presumably its the accounting team he means, who will have to make some changes to the accounts.

“The fact that we have already reached almost 35,000 renewals – against what has been a backdrop of transition and managerial change – demonstrates the terrific fan base that we have. 

If Dave says there are 35,000 then the only thing we can be sure of is that there aren’t. This promise to spend all the season book money on players is simply a ruse to lift what presumably are poor sales.

Have you seen any pictures of the queues at the ticket office yet ?

They were pretty quick to show us in the past…

“They are appreciated all over the world for the way they have stood by the club in the past five years. 

Image result for rangers fans rioting

Image result for rangers fans rioting

Image result for rangers fans rioting

Image result for rangers fans rioting barcelona

Even their own players can;t do with them…

Image result for rangers fans rioting barcelona

And then there’s the good people of the city of Barcelona…


Sometimes we get lucky & see how people must have lived in the
DARK AGE“, so called because human knowledge stopped & the
masses were without education.
Yesterday in Barcelona, Scottish & Rangers fans gave us & the world
an reenactment of the then state of mentality & how barbarians acted
& lived back then, & all for free! 

As animals they grouped up together to express their joy in visiting
one of Europe´s centers of culture, & to celebrate in the name of their
team & city – Glasgow- tonights FC Barcelona vs Glasgow Rangers
Champions League group game. 

To show their respects to their warm & friendly hosts, Rangers barbarians
pissed on the statue of Francesc Macia, equivalente if a Spaniard went &
pissed on a statue of “St.Andrews” or “Robert The Bruce”. A fairly
understandable mistake if you take into account the zero culture of the
individuals & their lack of mental evolution since 800 years ago.

SFS knows beforehand that these 000s Scottish performers are NOT a
true representation of the city of Glasgow nor of lovely Scotland. However,
the question goes out to all the educated, European & humanitarian
21st Century Scottish folk :
How long will you permit that these one brain celled walking animals
be the worldwide
image of the country & of your long valiant history &


With such zero capacity for rationality the responsiblity falls on the former
& not on this army of walking shit roaming aimlessly drunk around
Barcelona. What are they doing in Barcelona if they have not any tickets
to see their team or the game? Irrational behaviour for irrrational
Lastly, too prove that their visit has nothing to do with Football, we
will surely witness “ACT II” of this tragic play tonight, independently if their
team wins or loses. 
Wonderful, aren’t they ?
Speaking of wonderful people…
Neil Doncaster and Stewart Regan are under pressure again, and frankly I don’t care which of their any misdemeanours is the one that drives the final nail into their coffins, and credit must go to the Daily Record for highlighting this particular example of misgovernance..

Scottish football bosses face FIFA probe over concerns about young players’ welfare

Children’s Commissioner Tam Baillie has also asked HMRC to investigate the SPFL and SFA over clubs not paying the going rate to younger pros. 

Scottish football bosses have been reported to FIFA over concerns they are not doing enough to protect our kids.

In a double whammy, Children’s Commissioner Tam Baillie has also asked HMRC to investigate the SPFL and SFA over failures of senior clubs to pay young pros the going rate.

Baillie has run out of patience with the authorities for dragging their heels on a youth football petition by grassroots campaigners that has now been running through Scottish parliament for a record seven years.

His dynamite letters to FIFA and HMRC have won widespread support from across the political spectrum and his letter to the governing body of the world’s game has been countersigned by senior politicians of all major parties at Holyrood.

Baillie’s stinging criticisms over the lack of leadership from Hampden’s sixth floor is his last act as Children’s Commissioner, a role that gives him responsibility for safeguarding the rights of Scottish kids.

Baillie has called on FIFA to investigate the SFA and SPFL over their failure to comply with labour laws and legislation, particularly around national minimum wage. 

For the last three years, Record Sport has revealed a string of abuses and breaches involving clubs including St Mirren, Dundee, Stirling Albion, Falkirk and Queen’s Park.

The SFA and SPFL have consistently maintained it’s the responsibility of clubs to police their own pay structures and Hampden powerbrokers have no responsibility.

But that cuts no ice with Baillie, who points out the authorities are part of the Autonomous Agreement through their membership of UEFA and the European Professional Football Leagues.

The Autonomous Agreement was drawn up between those organisations and FIFPro, the union for world footballers, and guarantees national leagues and associations adhere to labour laws across the continent. 

Baillie wrote: “Press reports indicate several Scottish professional clubs have not adhered to UK labour laws because they have not been paying the minimum wage.

“Whilst this is rightly within the locus of HMRC, there is also a role for FIFA as the world governing body which has the overarching responsibility for agreements such as the Autonomous Agreement.”

Baillie has also written to HMRC and asked them to investigate the failures originally reported in Record Sport, including a £10-a-week contract signed by a young player at Stirling Albion and £1-a-week deals signed at alleged amateurs, Queen’s Park. 

Baillie wrote: “The combined effect of the SFA and SPFL is that it is press reporting which brings these matters to a wider attention and not any action of the football authorities.

“This is complacency in the face of clear evidence that children are being treated outwith UK employment law. It is likely the practice of not applying minimum wage legislation is more widespread.

“I believe there is a case for further involvement of HMRC on the basis there is a systemic failure to adhere to UK employment legislation among Scottish professional football clubs and a failure of the football authorities to investigate the breaches.”

Baillie steps down this week after six years as Children’s Commissioner but his replacement, Bruce Adamson, has asked him to continue working on the issues causing concern for kids in the Scottish game. 

Al Capone got the jail because of his tax returns..the important thing was he got the jail.

If this is what starts the clear out of the SFA/SPFL, thats good enough for me.

However, whilst the FIFA and UEFA guys are over having a look, there are one or two other things they might be interested in…

Now, you’ve all enjoyed the coverage of the first motnh of the Craig whyte trial, safe in the knowledge that it is honest and balanced, so if i may be so bold, i’d ask you to consider this request from James Doleman…who has diligently kept us informed of the proceedings in a far more professional way than the media.

Funding the second month of trial reporting

The trial of Craig Whyte is moving into its second month with the Crown case nearing it’s end and the defence set to present their evidence.

While the tweets and articles will always be free to read I do need to fund the coverage. If you are enjoying it and you can spare some money a donation would be greatly appreciated 

Click here when you’ve found your debit card.

James Doleman

There probably won’t be a Diary tomorrow, as we’ve a five am start to get to the game, and if it goes to plan then it’ll be about Wednesday before I can see again.

This is a great time to be a Celtic supporter. Wherever you are, enjoy tomorrow, take it all in and commit it to the memory, so that you can reach for it again and smile.

Six in a row, unbeaten,  a possible treble…

It doesn’t happen every year, you know.

Well, not yet, anyway…

The picture yesterday prompted some cracking replies again, but there also seems to be an undercurrent of unpleasantness in some comments.

Written as they may be in jest, its important to understand that its far easier to be misunderstood when making a written comment than a spoken one.

Please bear that in mind when you are calling each other names, threatening to batter each other and calling each other huns.

Thank you.

So, back to the picture..


jimmybee May 19, 2017 at 7:08 pm · Edit · Reply

Caption : What’s your name, My name is Rosa Parkes,
Errmmm okay next stops ours I think,have a nice day maam 

With Donald Trump making the news this week, after claiming to be the most persecuted President in history, a statement that would have had John F Kennedy shaking his head had he any of it left, its time to remember the man who blazed a trail for the likes of Trump to attain the highest office, and perhaps one of you can explain this..

Me ? I’m off to finish my crossword, I’m stuck on the last clue..

2 Across- Where Jesus was nailed. 

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Mike Annis

Caption: Wow I’m getting letter from Ed and it’s in horse.


Neigh bours, with a little understanding!

Sir! I salute your indefatigability!


Jimmybee… Your Caption was just brilliant and a fully deserved winner. HH Jimmybee

Weered thanks m8, It was one of my better ones if I say so maself lol.
HH m8.


Caption… “… NANCY who is this guy Donald Trump, he says he’ll be president one day. Well I suppose if a second rate actor can do it any one can…”

How’s the weather in Belfast this morning?
Wull ye get the washing hung oot oan the line or is it on the radiator job?


Monti… Tumble dryer)

Only use that for bedding and towels….


Been decorating in my daughters “new” hoose

Monti,The Mrs has got ye Well Trained.Well Done Mrs Monti


“Yes…my ticket for the CupFinal”
” Check my SportsDirect joggies…£3.99 (plus £5.99 postage)
Great diary Ralph…enjoy the game


” It’s from a John Hinckley…who the fuck is that ?


belter hahaha


Caption …

Hay guys , this letters from the rangers ,are they from Texas ? They want to know if I’ll be their attacking right wing fool back…

” Monti the Pussy ” – Una

” Sexist pricks ” – Una

I think these two posts from ‘ Una ‘ are more offensive than anything that was said to her.


Anyway, i’m away to make breakfast then do the dishes. 🙂


The Sage says… Just let it go… I think she cannot see the male perspective as we can’t see female perspective… Thank God

Past experiences tell me,Just agree with anything yer Mrs says.If ye want a Peaceful Life.Weerd i remember many years ago,My Grandparents were arguing,My Grandfaither says to my Gran,Its my name oan the front door,Ye know.My Gran says And?Take yer Door with You.lolol.



Lol also

Steven R

Caption: “Dear Mr President, is there any chance your could, “ahem”, circumvent some of the billions of dollars that your promised to your “Star Wars” project in the direction of The Big Hoose, Edmiston Drive, Glasgow? If this is not possible, don’t worry… We have alternative methods of dominating Scottish football, such as EBT’s, Side Letters, tax avoidance.. Hell – we might even shaft the taxpayer, and a face painter or two!.. Yours sincerely, David Murray”.

The Budgie


Would Monica Lewdwinkski please identify herself……..

Why did you ask me to wear my joggies ?


Who supplies the cigars…

Rob O'Keeffe

Caption:Ronnie says “Ahh,Bih,Kih…

Ralph,classic again,you don’t believe GASL but you quote from GASLs from the Retard Sport?GF7(Although it further “ruins” Scottish football,but hey ho).

No need to use the word ” retard “….
Ralph, please take note 🙂

Rob O'Keeffe

Pesky sexististist,thought I might get away with it ha ha.Do you think I’ll be put on notice like that sexist prick Weered and his plan?GFT

Rob O'Keeffe

Pal,obvs,bloody Guinness!


You’ll wash your mouth out with domestos.
At least I am noticed for all reasons.
Any publicity is good publicity


Caption;Your season ticket money goes straight into the club to buy new players.dave.

D'Fhinnein Mick

My mate calls them things “mumblin’ troosirs”

“Dunno what she’s saying,but I can read her lips!”



Was she speaking camel

Now now, toe the line or else……

Reagan: ” Fake news, nothing important “


Dear Mr Reagan, we have an excellent opportunity for you to invest in a Scottish Institution ……..
Mr D King


Obviously king can talk to the fecking dead

Weered there must be an Afterlife,Oldco Died Noo its Sevco.Stoopid Zombies.HH


Tioc67 yes the Zombies living dead non human orcs

They are a Giggle a Minute.They,ve had me in tears of laughter at times.But They dont do walking away.LoL


They seem to hit the wall every time

Yoker Bhoy

Great diary as usual. There are more records up for grabs btw. First and foremost, if we don’t lose tomorrow and go on to win the cup, we become the first Scottish team EVER to be undefeated in domestic competition in one season. If we put seven past the jambos tomorrow, just like ‘Ronnie’s Dream Team’ did against the ‘well exactly a year ago, we would equal the Scottish record of 111 league goals scored in one season set by none other than the Lisbon Lions in 66-67. Admittedly they did it in only 34 matches. Finally, the highest score… Read more »

The Cha

I wonder what the highest goal difference is, as we’re currently on 79?

With the Lions scoring 111, I assume their’s would’ve been up there.


P Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Celtic 34 26 6 2 111 33 78 58
2 Rangers 34 24 7 3 92 31 61 55
3 Clyde 34 20 6 8 64 48 16 46
4 Aberdeen 34 17 8 9 72 38 34 42
5 Hibernian 34 19 4 11 72 49 23 42
6 Dundee 34 16 9 9 74 51 23 41
7 Kilmarnock 34 16 8 10 59 46 13 40
8 Dunfermline Athletic 34 14 10 10 72 52 20 38
9 Dundee United 34 14 9 11 68 62 6 37
10 Motherwell 34 10 11 13 59 60 −1 31
11 Heart of Midlothian 34 11 8 15 39 48 −9 30
12 Partick Thistle 34 9 12 13 49 68 −19 30
13 Airdrieonians 34 11 6 17 41 53 −12 28
14 Falkirk 34 11 4 19 33 70 −37 26
15 St Johnstone 34 10 5 19 53 73 −20 25
16 Stirling Albion 34 5 9 20 31 85 −54 19
17 St Mirren 34 4 7 23 25 81 −56 15
18 Ayr United 34 1 7 26 20 86 −66 9
Top scorer[edit]


“Dearest Ronald.
Just a short note of thanks for your attendance and appearance at the Cafe Royale Premiere Ball yesterday.
Your Movie Star poise and your wit and gay repartee were evident for all to see.
You are a shining beacon for all that is great in Conservative values.
Your Leading Lady…
Margaret xxx
P.S Have just declared war on Argentina :)”.



Brassneck McLeish letting the keek spew from his Sevconian Biled Coupon.Paddy Roberts please please please Get the Contract signed…….HH!!!!!TEN MILLION TIMS are Patiently Waiting……ffs is it Signed Yet????

Old Reagan Shirt Tie and Joggy Bottoms.Must be the Meds.

Or he’s from Dundee….

They always want Graaaavi wi that Pe.So thats were Simon Cowell got his dress sense from,Old Reagan.Pulls his strides upto his neck.You’d think they’d know there waist line fae there neck line.


We currently have Sinclair, Roberts and Forrest for two wide roles, you could argue you’d want four in your squad and GMS isn’t making the step up. But I would love that three to be in Hoops for years.
It’s a strange one, James didn’t give him a look in during the first half of the season; I also have loyalty to James as he is our player, but Paddy has to start the Final next week on current form. A shame for Forrest though.

The Cha

Jamie seems to have done his annual disappearance act but with Paddy in such great form, it’s not the cause of frustration that it usually is.

Perhaps what we’ve got is the ideal situation with a top notch replacement ready when one of their form dips.

Don’t feel sorry for Forrest if he misses the Final, as similar to Griffiths, this is because we’ve improved on their high standard.


Blinkers on and I’m not talking about Reggie.

The Cha,
You are out in front for KOTW!
At this moment in time i would have Roberts in the team before Forrest, i think Patrick is playing at a high level, however you should remember James delivers for Celtic on the big occasion and has done many times.

Just wanted to say thanks for dealing with those who threaten violence on the blog, maybe now we can focus on those who use profanity on here, no need for such industrial language, never heard anything like it.

P.S. any pics of Helen Flannagan?


profanity ………….fuck off



Ballicks to that… I’m effluent in profanity




mcleish knows celtic have been handicapped by hun referees since day wan hees blowin smoke up zombie arses


ralph a dont wantae cause an undercurrent of unpleasantness watever the fuck that means and a dont wantae fight ye cause ive seen yer picture and you look like a diddy so ur you a hun he he


caption ronald tries oot his new incontinence trooosers with tight elasticated bottoms ……jeest for backup


5-i tae the champions tomorrow griff hatrick ffs .and nane ae yees start saying ive got distemper cause a keep repeatin maself

Charlie,Boxings on later.Whats the Odds?.Gervanto Tank Davis v Liam Smith.Could be a Cracking Bout.HH!!!


davis beats walsh aweday imo but he struggled getting the weight good boxin at 2am on boxnation crawford v diaz …….ponomarev against paredes oan the undercard looks a great fight


tioc a replied but sumdae stole it

Starts at 7 am sure,Charlie


tioc the card starts at 7-30 walsh and davis are on at the backy ten

Oh Ok Charlie,Cheers Pal.Enjoy!!!


Charlie treat cure for dusted per in collies was force an old hapenny down their gullet…


Charlie great cure for distemper in collies was force an old hapenny down their gullet…

Fucking fone


weered ive no got an auld penny ……will a pinta whisky dae he he


Charlie if it for yer dug fukkim it’s medicinally fer you


ffs weered did a say distemper ….he he a meant dimentia ………..fuck me a think av gottit


weered ime no fuckin ma dug no matter wit ye say ……………..ur you a hun ..he he


You’ve been talking to Monti again, 🙂

Celtic 7 Hearts 0.Easy Peasy.


That would be nice HH


tioc heers a warm up for ye


lolol Quality.

Charlie the smallest one is like a wee Tazmanian Devil.Non Stop.


terence crawford is on boxnation at 2am heers a documentery about him


I`m a no for the Roberts.


Don`t blow what we have. Spine.

RIP. Paul McMonville.



RIP Paul McConville.




Who he?

The 3yr showing Mark Hill. Brilliant.


We`re the learned men.HH


hows it hingin port


Ken Oath,Charlie

The wee Tic does not want to come out to play.

I`ve ordered the single Malt for me and the Dad to be,

Monday/Tuesday we hope.

My nut has gone.


spark a doobie and relax port the wee yin jeest wants to make a grand entrance


or exit a mean he he


G`day Charlie. The paired night shift here.
The daughter says G`day as well.

He`s a wee hooped bassa so he is.

He`s to have a hoopy and the new Lisbon Lion strip.

The daughter still wont call the wee Bhoy Bobby.HH


murdoch lennox or sands for a middle name port


port tell yer lassie awe the best mate

Breath easy comrade, the bairn will be here soon enough, keep the faith my friend!


Thank you Monti.

The Daughter is calmer than me.

It`ll cost me and I don`t care.

Hail Hail


Caption: “Dearest Ron Ron. See you at bedtime – Bonzo xx “


Peter is the show here.

A wee Patrick Roberts outside the box that wont pass the ball when he should for millions?

I`m in Pedros` side here.

4m at the most. Otherwise…


brendan knows the score so if brendan sais dae it a say we dae it COYBIG


They`ve all a Docere from where Brendan comes from.

The Green and White is suited.

Caption: Alright guys I will read this urgent message from my security team,I think it’s a sort of code from our spies in Russia,see if you can crack the codes.
Ronald your suit trousers are hanging up,mind change out of those jogging bottoms,before you board the plane.
Love Nancy. Any ideas guys.


port heers a wee laugh for yees




The coronation cup won on this day 1953. HH

The coronation cup wonHH


heers wan wae the lyrics


Hear ye, hear ye!

They carry a lot of dunnage chattels.

Sediments divination,

sevco grimm FC.


Ha Ha

Pitch in.

So Inverness and Josh Meekings have been relegated eh?
Good Good!

Rob O'Keeffe

Totally agree,Karma.Are you and Weered buying the Sunday Male tomorrow? Ralph prefers the Daily Re.ard,see what I did there? Signed Yokerbhoy


Rob… You hit any back catalogue of Woman’s Own for myself and Monti to discuss over coffee

Stevie D

Ralph; love the diary but barred myself from any contribution to the comments section due to one particular helmet who seems to be a particularly nasty version of Hugh Keevins – any opinion which doesn’t marry with his is ‘pish’ and the holder of said opinion is usually subject to personal abuse and slander/innuendo of their wives or partners. The internet’s a godsend for bawbags like this as it lets them get back at all those bad boys that used to take their dinner money off them and lets them be the cardboard gangsters they always dreamt of being and… Read more »

Rob O'Keeffe

Stevie D,you forgot sexist pricks,don’t go easy on them.Give them the full TicToc!


Less of that Monti might throw a tantrum or a hissy fit

Rob O'Keeffe

Weered,he’s still got a blue(sorry)line,don’t think he’s noticed.Say Hello to the belfast,sorry,Belfast Volunteers.


Yes that’s more fuckin like it a wee bit of respect for yer elders… Dweeb


right ralph thats you telt like mrs smith used to tell me in primary 1 beeehave


stevie d i concur that weered is a wee bit mysoginistic but its jeest because burds keep chuckin um


Charlie l… I’m not misogynistic I’m Catholic


I’m a one woman man, that’s what she tell me


Charlie.. I’ve been doing more work on my urinary missive… gems galore 🙂


I hope to have it ready for next weekends gala 🙂

Stevie D,
I agree, it’s about time Ralph had a strong word with Mike 🙂

So here we are on the eve of a possible undedeated, Six in a row, Title winning, league cup winning & possible treble winning season, it has been a pleasure seeing Celtic perform as we have this season.
My only regret is not getting to the park as much as i would like, that’s just the way it is for me just now, hopefully next season i can get there more often.
Brendan and his staff, the players and the support have made this a memorable and hopefully historic season, Brendan your work is fully appreciated, keep the Celtic strong!

Hail Hail!


Caption: Hope you like the joggy bottoms. When I grow up I’m going to destroy Rangers. Mike x


I`ve noticed that the Northern Hemisphere populace don`t go out in the good weather.



port ile see yer dusty and raise ye a framky


port ime sittin watchin the boxin wae ma youngest bhoy he said da that raise ye a frankie patter sounds a wee bit homosexual ha ha aint the youngest the smartest


Charlie, tell your Lhad, preference or not,Dusty could sing.



port while weer talkin aboot preachers


Herts are to bring one to Celtic Park on a tablet I hear.


port wits that preachers number again he he


port theyl need wan


You and I Charlie.
Etims have talent…



Port… Good weather in Belfast normally means warm rain


weered warm rain in glesga it usually means some cunt is pissin oot the tenemant windae


Charlie… “Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain…”


A request has just this minute come in for the sevconian season ticket renewals.



Rob O'Keeffe

Caption: It just says PISH,wonder who it’s from?

Stevie D

I’ve no problem whatsoever with Weered. It’s that other prick and his bammy pal with the fixation fir crippled industrial livestock im concerned about. Pair of arseholes.

Oh dear, someone has had a drink too many tonight, tut tut tut.


Stevie D… You seem have the gift of knowing a lot about arseholes. Do you suffer from the same affliction or is it just the company that you keep


Disappointed in Stevie D’s offensive rearks about my good friend and sheep fiddler, Mike.
Mike is a lovely man who i’ve had the pleasure to meet on a couple of occasions.
A good Celtic man and good company.

I wonder what the D stands for in Stevie D
Dgenital maybe?


D= degenerate or misogynistic or disrespectful or just plain plain dickhead


ffs weered you just discribed you


Charlie… How observant you are, FFS am I so transparent ***sigh***


Yes Mike is a gentleman and gentle man who writes some decent poetry, mind you he’d be the first to admit that some of it is shite.

So… So what if he has a penchant for ovine company

“Some”? 🙂


stevie d dry your fuckin eyes

Good evening Charles, looking forward to tomorrow m8?


canny wait mate another record for the hoops

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