Celtic Diary Friday May 19: New Sponsor ?

I’ll save that bit till last…we’ve a bit of gossip first…

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It’s been a tough couple of days for a couple of managers as the season draws to a close. Probably more for Pedro Caixinha than anyone else.

Cast your mind back to last summer when Mark Warburton went missing during the close season. No one has ever really explained what happened, or why he went away.

One story is that he wasn;t getting paid during the break, his contract being strictly seasonal.

Would that explain why Pedro was a little tetchy the other night ?

Will he have to go fruit picking in Perth to balance his books ?

In the tunnel after losing to Aberdeen, according to this drunk fellow I met in Wythenshawe yesterday, Pedro told Derek McInnes that

the problem with you is you want to be doing my job

to which McInnes replied..

I wouldn’t take the step down” 

which seemed to put everyone associated with Aberdeen in a splendid mood for the long trip back north.

Of course, this might all be a load of tosh, but before he collapsed in a heap and went to sleep, the drunk fellow was quite adamant it did happen.

Reading between the lines, one is tempted to conclude that Pedro, like many before him, inhabits a little world all of his own, and believes a lot of what is written about him.

But he shouldn’t really repeat it..

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Enjoy him while you can. sooner or later Lee Mcculloch will get the gig.


Back at the ranch, and Celtic moved to within one game of an unbeaten league campaign, and two of an unbeaten domestic campaign.

Partick put up a bit of a show, but were undone by some powerful forward play as Celtic rattled five past the Jags to continue an outstanding effort even after the league was won, which seems so long ago..

Rodgers had been expected to field a few fringe players, and did leave out a couple of regulars-Lustig, Tierney , Armstrong, Simunovic and Sinclair, but the effect wasn’t noticable.

Gamboa, Izaguirre-who would walk into most teams in Britain- Sviatchenko, MacGregor and Forrest may not be certain of a starting place every week, but we can be certain they will do a job when called upon.

Leigh Griffiths opened the scoring from the penalty spot after supporters had been forced to wait nearly half an hour for a goal, the striker then fed Tom Rogic in front of goal after the former Hibernian man had seen off four or five challenges, and then Patrick roberts reminded us of how good he can be with a shot from distance that sailed past the unfortunate Tomas Cerny.

Calum MacGregor and Roberts added a couple more in the second half, but again the feeling among Cetic fans was that it could have been many more.

But no one is complaining.

Ah wait.

Someone is…

Leigh Griffiths was pulled off by manager Brendan Rodgers-you’d have thought he’d be happy with that- and promptly went into one of his moods.

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He had been playing well, but as he’s our only fit striker, its not too difficult to understand why Rodgers wanted to save him for the Cup final.

Griffiths didn’t seem to get that, and threw a wobbly.

Rodgers calmly told him to sit down, but if looks could kill..


Griffiths looked around for support from his team mates, who offered a collective “you’re on your own , son. ”

After the game, Rodgers was seen talking into Scott Browns ear, and it wouldn’t take too much imagination to conclude he was telling his captain to have a word with the forward, but as we know, Griffiths hasn’t quite understood that with two ears and one mouth, the idea is to use them in proportion.

Is it the end of the road for the Griff?

Unlikely, but it could well be the start of it.

The word in the camp is that he’s not the easiest guy to get on with, and is a little selfish, which was confirmed by the manager post match summary

: “For a minute he forgot himself. For a minute he thought about himself instead of the team. This is a team that’s selfless. 

“He’s a brilliant boy but all strikers will always be the same. He just needed a wee reminder this is not about him or any other individual. This is about the culture of the team.

“But he was outstanding tonight and understood afterwards that I need also to protect him as the only fit striker at the moment.

It reminded me of when Griffiths belted James Forrest in the tunnel after a game which saw Forrest not pass to him. Of course, the dressing room is full of testosterone, and incidents such as this are common place, but if you are building a team spirit, then the fighting has to take place outwith the pack.

Moussa Dembele has said he wants to stay at Celtic.

Perhaps the imminent arrival of Salonke -Mitchell has upset Griffiths, and yet he has the opportunity to show he is the most loyal and trustworthy of the strike force.

That he has the talent is undeniable, that he has the passion is undeniable, but does he have the right attitude ?

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No matter what, the show will go on. With or without him.

Ask Kris Commons what happens when you get a reputation for throwing the toys around…

Transfer news ?

You want transfer news ?

A big name ?


Mind you, everyone wants to be associated with Celtic these days..

Thats Wembley stadium, acknowledging all the clubs who have competed there as part of its tenth anniversary celebration.

Which brings me neatly to an idea being brought in down south that the SFA would be wise to copy.


SFA and wise in the same sentence.

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From the Metro, the paper you find on trains…

The Football Association has confirmed that retrospective punishment for players who dive will be introduced next season.

If found guilty of simulation, the offending player will receive a two-match ban, while the FA will also have the power to rescind a yellow or red card given to the player who was deemed to have committed a foul during the game.

Each case will be independently reviewed by an ex-match official, one ex-manager and one ex-player. 

A statement from the FA read: ‘A new offence of ‘Successful Deception of a Match Official’ will be in force from the start of the 2017-18 season, after the regulation change was approved by The FA Council today [18 May] and following a period of consultation with stakeholders over the past few months.

‘Where there is clear and overwhelming evidence to suggest a match official has been deceived by an act of simulation, and as a direct result, the offending player’s team has been awarded a penalty and/or an opposing player has been dismissed, The FA will be able to act retrospectively under its Fast Track system. 

A panel consisting of one ex-match official, one ex-manager and one ex-player will be asked to review all available video footage of the incident independently of one another and then advise The FA as to whether they believe it was an offence of ‘Successful Deception of a Match Official’.

‘Only in circumstances where the panel are unanimous would The FA charge the individual concerned.

In England, cheats are dealt with swiftly.

In Scotland, they are allowed to carry on as though nothing has happened, as fuckwitted SPFL boss Neil doncaster confirmed..

“In terms of the question about old club, new club, that was settled very much by the Lord Nimmo Smith commission that was put together by the SPL to look at EBT payments at that time.

“The decision, very clearly from the commission, was that the club is the same, the club continues, albeit it is owned by a new company, but the club is the same.

“It’s the same club, absolutely.

“The member club is the entity that participates in our league and we have 42 member clubs.

“Those clubs may be owned by a company, sometimes it’s a Private Limited Company, sometimes it’s a PLC, but ultimately, the company is a legal entity in its own right, which owns a member club that participates in the league.

“It was put to bed by the Lord Nimmo Smith commission some while ago – it’s the same club.” 

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Meanwhile, in a galaxy not quite so far away..


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Dave King has saluted his cash cow…

“I can only marvel at the steadfast loyalty of our supporters. They are appreciated all over the world for the way they have stood by the Club in the past five years. On behalf of the Board and staff, I thank every one of them.

“The team didn’t perform to expectation this season but it is important to remember that some targets have been met. In particular, getting back into European competition was one of our non-negotiables for this season.

“We are now back on that stage and looking forward immensely to the Europa League qualifiers and our ongoing involvement in Europe in the years to come.

“Pedro Caixinha and his backroom team have been assessing the squad since having arrived at Rangers and will make the necessary changes in the summer so that we are as well prepared as possible for the qualifiers and the new season.

“All of our season ticket money will be invested in the football squad as we continue to work towards taking our club back to the very top of Scottish Football.

‘’The fact that we have already reached almost 35,000 renewals – against what has been a backdrop of transition and managerial change – demonstrates the terrific fan base that we have.” 

But the question remains…how does he really view the gullibillies ?

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Share..or shaft ?

With the new club in trouble financially then could it be that Kings appeal to the fans has a much more cynical undertone to it ?

The media have done their bit, highlighting moves to bring in a couple of fresh faces, Bruno Alves-granted not exactly a fresh face, he’s 35-Ryan Jack of aberdeen, who as yet has shown little interest in moving to Ibrox and Jack Blackford …

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The Scottish Sun tried desperately to sell him to the fans..


RANGERS could try to sign Hartlepool winger Jack Blackford – after naming him in their squad for the Hong Kong Soccer Sevens.

Blackford, 19, has been on the books at Victoria Park since he was nine and has played twice for the first team.

Last year he had a spell on trial with Manchester City’s youth team, while Aston Villa were also linked with a move.

In the past he has had loan spells at Whitby Town and Darlington. 

Ah, so get £6 million for Barrie Mackay, and replace him with the next big thing.

A bit like Celtic selling Dembele and bringing in Salonke Mitchell, but at a slightly lower level.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Yet all they have to do, it seems, is to follow the advice of “Disco Daz “..

Need more proddy players in thst Rangers squad. 

In a tangerine away top, presumably.

The Craig Whyte trial continues, and it looks like the SFA have a man on the scene in case anything happens which may destroy their image as an impartial governor of Scottish football…

Follow james doleman on twitter for all the latest.

It still seems to me that the prosecution are struggling, but its early days yet.

Its Friday, which means its time for

Knob of the Week 

Despite a late and admirable effort by Leigh Griffiths last night, this weeks winner fired off his own salvo with the outburst at Pittodrie-if true-detailed above.

He hasn’t been in Scotland long, and whether or not his stay is fruitful remains to be seen.

However, when he packs his bag to leave for a job at a big club, with history, credit lines and a stdium that isn;t falling down, Pedro Caixinha will be able to comfort himself with the title of

Knob of the Week 

He seems happy enough about it..

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and theres a feeling that sooner rather than later he’ll be awarded the title for life and we’ll have to come up with another accolade to fill a few lines on a Friday.

Caption competition now, and yesterday…

was eloquently explained as..

Snood May 18, 2017 at 8:56 am · Edit · Reply

It’s the sfa dark site between Larkhall and Stonehouse where our finest refs hone their honest mistakes and flute playing skills before spending the evening fucking goats 

Today… from New York, in 1972..



Finally..heres another request from the Green Brigade for thise going to the game on sunday…

Finally finally, there’s news of a new corporate sponsor coming to Glasgow. not reliable news, but news nonetheless..

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One particular product could be a winner..

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HH Well Done The Tic last night.

Caption: ” Tae me Tae you “

That was ” Tae me Tae you, not Tea me Tea you ”

But if you’re putting the kettle on…..


Caption… ” Those guys are goin to the YMCA…Those guys are goin to the YMCA…”




Caption …

Village people members have a wee falling out as they can’t decide who plays the copper..
Lady rolls eyes at the faux pass..

Tam the tim

King says they the Hun support are appreciated all over the world. Yeah, like a plague of locusts they are. Griffiths was doing what all strikers do. They’re hungry bastards, all that matters to them is hitting the back of the net. He’ll regret what he said to-day so best to forget about it, it’s no big deal.


Tam…Plague of locusts…very good…no wonder they are so many fat bastards among their number…they devour everything in front of them…DDT sorts them out nicely…


Caption “Is this the train to ipox”
What a performance last night, cant wait for Sunday, its going to be a green and white carnival HH. COYBIG, A season like no other. Great Diary as always, keep up the good work


Wish that bugger with camera would piss off so we can set aboot the black lady

Caption: ” Graffiti on the wall as the train sped along i see Graffiti on the wall “


Caption: graffiti on the wall that says ‘we’re magic, we’re magic’ graffiti on the wall, graffiti on the wall.

Ooh aah up the YMCA


Caption;I swear to fuck…..if these two cunts start singing YMCA……….

As someone mentioned on Twitter last night, Brendan kissing Griff was like Michael dooming Freddo in The Godfather2



“…you must remember this, a kiss is just a kiss….”

Off to Lisbon on Sunday, hopefully watch the game in Hennessy’s Irish pub.Any fellow Tims been there? Any going over to Lisbon for the craic?

Mark Dunn

Knob of the week Caption (just to Be different): who stole my cape and why is that bull running towards me???


VG 🙂

Mike Annis

Caption: We rural village peepul and you’re no welcome in Larkhall hen.




Heard the Huns just visited, strong smell of pish.

The Huns are legends all over the world, Inplaces like Barcelona, Newcastle, Birmingham, Lisbon, Manchester. The list is endless where they denigrate and piss on the locals, like an invading army of locusts.
A bit like their vote, what Will they think when their benefits are sanctioned, for the flag, queen and country. Stupid stupid huns
Leigh is unsure how to be selfless, but he is still class


That’s two plagues of locusts today…is there a biblical connotation to this I wonder…any Egyptians nearby?

Leigh Grffiths must be more professional, a lot more.
It’s nice to see a hungry player who is disappointed to be taken off, this happens all over world football.
However, it did place a shadow over the teams performance last night, i thought the entire team were excellent.
I hope today Leigh apologises to Brendan and Scott Sinclair.
Brendan will manage this situation well but i hooe he fucking destroys Griffiths today, privately.
Grow up Leigh or you can always head back to Hibs.



MontiI guess the lad was enjoying the freedom of Firhill and wanted to help add to his and the teams impressive scoring record…then he let his emotions run away with him… Not a problem for him or BR…

At least he is showing his willingness to play his part fully and not be a primadonna HH

Im sure Leigh was just asking Brendan,Who tok ma fecking Tunnocks.Leigh saved our bacon a few times last season.Always good for a Goal.HH


Have to say monti u and ur belfast pal weered are two sexist pricks. Ralph Malph take note these two are turning me off this site in a big way.


Una… I’m not sexist in any way… If you are offended then please feel free to have a go at me… Nothing of a put down or anything to denigrate you or other women was intended…just friendly banter…
Which I might add you involved your self in when you made the reference to your “Gucci Loyalty card”.

You can’t have it both ways

I’m only pulling your leg for heavens sake!!


Monti… It’s all your fault…

I ken….usually is.


Monti… “ya live and learn”



Maybe,Una just wants to post her views without the Jiving Guys!!!!Some woman do find it off putting.The Ghirl is just not into that kinda stuff,Maybe???


Tioc67… I understand that perfectly but when the offended party joins in the banter then it’s a different matter. I can only speak for myself but I would never put down women full stop… Certainly I have posted jokes etc but from experience some of the worst sexist remarks come from women towards men and some of the dirtiest jokes I ever heard came from women… They do not have a monopoly on sexist victim-hood. The greatest advocate of “feminism” in the 70’s and 80’s was Germaine Greer…who now, perhaps that she is older and wiser, freely admits that it… Read more »

Quite possibly 🙂

Susan Murphy

Caption…Gigi the tube pole dancing pickpocket, mysteriously escapes from custody assisted by her lover and well known Indian Disappearing rope trick specialist, Gontru deroof!



Hi Susan,
I take it all your household chores are done for the day?


Susan… a great caption…shows how the female mind works slightly differently to the male minds in here… I recall your winning Caption of the boy pegged onto the washing line…to to with tumble dryers non invention…

You have a good hotpoint there….


Monti mine is a hoover

I prefer the boxer….Mike Dyson


Monti dyson… Has a great sucker punch


Jackie Brown slides the money under the seat

Caption.Lady looks to the Two Six by Two,s and thinks to herself.My Son was thinking about joining that lot,But me and his father were Married!!!

” Monti the Pussy ” – Una

” Monti & ur Belfast pal Weered are sexist pricks ” – Una

I would suggest those two posts are far more offensive than anything Weered posted. 🙂

Please take note.


Monti… Unas reference towards me is actually a Racist comment. My birthplace BELFAST is NI… DID YA SEE ME WHINGEING ABOUT IT… WELL YOU DO NOW


Monti… What is most offensive is using lower-case for the first letter of my hometown…
At least the spelling was correct, which is a blessing I guess


Monti… What gave una the right to assume that I am a pal of yours… The jury’s still out on that one, prick

Hope its Genuine about a £6-8Million bid for Paddy Roberts

Hopefully m8


Monti… If it’s a ,£6-8m bid I’ll buy you drink, Ovaltine OK?

Prefer a marmite….


Marmite… The offer is rescinded

Monti,If we do get him?And another one or even two.We will be Dynamite next season.Sevco are in for a Shicking Season.HH

Rico our next objective is champions league and out of the champions league group stages.
Sevco and the rest are not capable of any kind of challenge. The blessing this season was no Europa league,it has let us concentrate on the treble,and the undefeated season. Next season a Centre back has to be top of the shopping list. Preferably a left sided one.
In Brendan we trust.

Rico where the fuck did that come from . Tioc it should be



His name was Rico
He wore a diamond
He was escorted to his chair, he saw Lola dancing there
And when she finished, he called her over
But Rico went a bit too far
Tony sailed across the bar
And then the punches flew and chairs were smashed in two
There was blood and a single gun shot
But just who shot who?

At the Copa Copacobana


Jimmybee I have a gem of a reply stuck somewhere in the ffriggin system

JimmyBee,Timmy Times M8. Happy Times.

Yep i would expect to clean up the silverware again.

The Futures Bright
Its Green n White

All peachy here,Weered.Its bloody pissin doon.I see your point regarding what Una says m8.I dont get why people take it so personally on here!!!

Caption : What’s your name, My name is Rosa Parkes,
Errmmm okay next stops ours I think,have a nice day maam


Jimmybee… Oh you clever bug*er… Well done 🙂


Caption: Subway LOL assures the Motherwell born Gazillionaire (and the two step teacher):
A sale you can warm up to

Rob O'Keeffe

Caption: Ralph’s All Encompassing Poledancing “Cell”

Monti,you have been put on notice and still continue to chirp away?Do you have a son called Leigh? GF7(Yes Dave,7 it’ll be!)


Although Thistle are not the best of the rest, our performance was first class…. a team firing on all cylinders. Who is going to touch us?

BR is an ambitious man. Our domination is a little concerning. In one season he has pushed us so far ahead of the rest that I worry that he will become bored with the lack of challenge. It is important that he is allowed to reform other areas of the organisation and not just the team…that is recruitment, training and youth development. That way we may keep him for a while.


The Budgie

Has Phil confirmed how many zombie season tickets have been sold ? Trust his figures more than the Dave the fantasist.



Where is everyone… Saturn?

I’m watching Auf Wiedersehen pet and doing a bit of housework…..

Monti,Its called Multi Tasking M8 😉


Monti the multi-tasking marsupial munches marshmallows merrily making money markets meltdown

Monti,Im not meaning to come across as Sexist,But i hope you have your Pinnie On.Weered,Monti must still be hoovering.And hanging out the washing.

BrassNeck McLeish states Celtic being the Dominant team in Scottish Football is Embarrassing,Seriously No one could make this excrimant up.What is Fact!!!And without Doubt is All the Cheating and All the People who lost a lot of Mney through RainJurZz(iL)And has been stated on Record They done it so they could compete with Celtic.My oh my,These HunZz are a constant embarrassment to everything thats Honest and True in our Game.Bitter Bitter HunZz…..Not Only am i Proud as proud can be at Our Amasing Club,Just showing how Ridiculous and Deluded those Cretins truly are,Is rewarding enough to Witness.Brassneck We Enjoy Your… Read more »


Tioc67… Mc Peish is a dick. The most embarrassing thing in Scottish football was seeing rainjjurzz at the very bottom of the football pile. That made me smile for weeks and still does with the ramifications being played out in the courts and more to come too

Too True Weered Too True.They must think everything that happened over there,Somehow nobody knows what they,ve been upto for All that time.The Court Case is revealing more though.And Any decent honest Football Association would Strip Them of Every Success Through The Cheating Years

i,ll see you on the darkside of the Moon,G,Day to You,Weered.Still giving it Big ZZzzzzzz.Can hear ye snoring fae here!!!


Monti. I have just seen your post from yesterday and suitably replied


Tioc67… All good with you?

Weered,i just replied to you M8 and its ended up,Up the posts a wee tad.All good here my Friend.Have a Good Weekend!!!


Enjoy tomorrow HH

Thats a Certainty.;).Hopefully the Suns Out.


Sadly I’ll be out of phone and radio range to get the game or updates

Weered,It should be a fore gone conclusion.

Weered,You’ll be out of Range for phone or Radio.Were the heck are You,Saturn!!;)


As good as.. A wee place far enough away from humanity to be peaceful

Sounds Perfect,Weered.Away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life.Peace and tranquility…..Lucky Man.HH

Charlie,Boxings on tonight Pal.Liam Walsh v Gervonta Tank Davis.One of Money Mayweathers little Bitches…..Watch on Youtube M8.Mayweather tells the three brothers he’d beat the three of them on same night.lol.HH GGAW!!!Terence Crawford is also fightingvduring the nite.Ye know him?He beat Ricky Burns.Great Boxer,Undefeated.Just letting ye know Pal.Ye may know alreadies.HH


tic tic hope walsh puts up a fight the crawford v diaz should be a good yin anaw its on boxnation startin at 2 am …..ponomarev and paredes should be a great fight on that bill

Recording Crawford fight See it in the morning.Watching Walsh.Gervanto Davis has power on both hands,Be interesting to see how Walsh sets his stall,If Davis gives him the Time.

Stevie D

I used to wonder when I was a wee boy: how can people hate somebody they’ve never met. But boy; oh boy, you’ve answered that question for me. This Monti wank is a thoroughly odious, unpleasant individual and I’d never get fed up standing on his throat. He’d make a good hun.

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