Celtic Diary Thursday May 11: One Away…Offers In For Others

The human resources department at Celtic-look, this is the twenty first century- has been busy. Or trying to look busy.

The first player to find another club appears to be nineteen year old right back Josh Kerr, who has agreed a deal and passed a medical with English Premier new boys Brighton. He’ll like it on the south coast, where they don’t take anything too seriously and the weather is a little more acceptable than Glasgow.

We wish him well.

He will join ex Celtic enigma Beram Kayal and may yet be joined by another enigma Efe Ambrose, who is weighing up a few offers , including one from Hibernian, where he could team up with Scott Allan and Kris Commons.

Commons, incidentally, will be allowed to say cheerio to the support on the last day of the league season when Celtic face Hearts. It’s unclear if he’ll play , but he will join in the after match celebrations.

Don’t be surprised to see Saidy Janko moved on permanently, or Nadir Ciftci. The real surprise just happened when you remembered they were still on our books.

As for Nir Biton, we believe he’s booked his annual holiday in spain, and will be wearing a for sale t shirt while he’s over there.

The real interest is always in who is coming to Celtic, especially as the team spirit at the club means anyone who is any good and wants to stay will be given that chance. It appears Brendan will only sell who he wants to sell, which in turn makes those who stay feel wanted.

And we all want to be wanted.

The manager is ready to fend off any unwanted bids for his top players..

Thats maybe why Gary Mackay Steven won;t be away yet, not permanently at least, and also why Christian Gamboa will get another chance.

Erik Sviatchenko ? Well, thats all down to him.

The only other out of contract not mentioned thus far is Fiacre Kelleher. His brother is at Liverpool and has an even cooler first name, Caoimhin. but as Celtic already have an Emilio-he’s taking up an option for another year-, a Jozo, a Moussa and a badly spelt Erik, we’ve reached the EU limit on cool first names.

Which could be more bad news for Bojan, who has now started hanging around outside Lennon CSC meeting asking members what its really like at Celtic Park, and if he can come with us to games.

The club have made a £500,000 offer to take Patrick Roberts on loan for another twelve months, which is a little ridiculous.

Either buy the guy, or don’t buy the guy.

If we’re not sure about him now, we aren’t going to be any more certain in twelve months time. The same if he isn;t certain about Celtic.

Loans are only acceptable if there is an option to buy, otherwise we are better off sticking with players who are fully committed to the club.


There has been no further movement on a goalkeeper to challenge Craig Gordon, or at least another shite one to frighten him again, but the word is Brendan wants one in, and possibly two or three out. Logan Bailly has proved to be exactly what we thought he would be.

Reliable in that he turns up for training, but little else. Leo Fasan did well at Port Vale but won’t return unless he;s the number two, and the less said about Dorus De Vries the better.

Stuart Armstrong has yet to sign his new deal, but bearing in mind he’s a law student that shouldn;t be to mch of a surprise. He’ll want to read through the small print.

Expect good news in the run up to the cup final.

You may also want to keep an eye on the Yaya Toure situation at Manchester City…

Dominic Mitchell Salonko is the media revelation of the week. He wants to leave Chelsea, and is available for the same sort of money as Moussa Dembele.

The papers reckon he’s coming, or at least Celtic are interested, but we mentioned this a while ago so its hardly news.

Brendan Rodgers admitted he was aware of the player..

‘I know Dominic well,’

‘I took Dominic into Chelsea when he was eight years of age. It is unfortunate it looks like he is not going to renew his contract at Chelsea.’

Then when I read on Etims we were interested I thought I’d look into it. 

Another apparently on the radar, under the microscope and turning heads is the “Atomic ant ”

Image result for atomic ant

Sorry, I’m having trouble with google again.

Celtic target ‘Atomic Ant’ playmaker Srdan Plavsic as Brendan Rodgers looks for winger in summer window

We asked someone about Plavsic who has actually seen him play..

“I watched the little one when he was on loan in ČSK Čelarevo. It’s unbelievable how he pushes the ball, like Iniesta. I thought he wouldn’t be able to repeat that in the top tier,  but he dominated here too. 

 He’s a scary player

Zvezdan Terzić speaking about Plavšić, June 2015[1] 

And who is Zvezdan Terzic ?

Zvezdan Terzić (Serbian Cyrillic: Звездан Терзић; born May 21, 1966) is a Serbian retired football player and current administrator.

Although being of Montenegrin origin, he was born in Titov Vrbas, SR Serbia, SFR Yugoslavia.

After being on the run from law since March 2008 following an arrest warrant issued for him in Serbia where he’s charged for embezzlement and fraud in regards to transfers of OFK Beograd players, Terzić turned himself in to Serbian authorities on November 11, 2010. He was widely believed to be hiding in Montenegro where he has many personal ties and connections.

Immediately after ending his playing career in 1997, he became involved with OFK Beograd in administrative role as the club’s director.

In January 2005, he became the president of Serbian Football Association (FSS),[1] an organization that has in July 2006, after Montenegrin secession, become the country’s top football governing body. He resigned the post in March 2008 amid controversy. 

We’d better ask someone else.

He’s a midfield playmaker, by the way. Not a winger.

Image result for srdjan plavsic


The Craig Whyte trial rumbles on for those who like a giggle.

There’s still nothing been offered by the prosecution to suggest he’s guilty, and all we have seen is more and more evidence that there are a lot of questions to be answered by a lot of people about the events of that period when Rangers morphed into “rangers ”

Should we be concerned about the new contracters who have started work at the national stadium?

Lets be patient, as everything comes to he who waits…

Meanwhile, over on twitter, there’s been a bit of whataboutery..

So Leigh Griffiths racially abused an RFC player & spat on the RFC badge in the tunnel at half time at Ibrox? Shame there’s CCTV in there 👀

Presumably the cameras were switched off to save money as had this incident occurred we’d have seen it by now. Yet again, the Phantom shows that he’s cornered the market in waste production.


An adventure starts today for a group of Celtic fans who are setting of on the road to Lisbon..

They’re raising money for three charities, including the foundation, and you can see the website if you want to help.

They might be advised to avoid the M6 between Knutsford and Stoke, though, otherwise they might not make it for the game.


The serious nature of yesterdays diary menat that a caption competition would have felt out of place. So we go back to Tuesday for this one..

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Patrick Street May 9, 2017 at 9:55 am · Edit · Reply

Nuttall and Feckall. 

Today…from Practical Parenting magazine..

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Steven R

Caption: following on from allegations that the board of the old Rangers had shredded vital documents prior to the trial of Craig Whyte, it seems that the allegations have been denied, and now they’ve hung the poor secretory out to dry!

Rob O'Keeffe

Where has Kris been? Tied to a radiator in the Lebanon? Hope Monti’s pal,Efe,turns up for after match celebration somersaults.Told you about bloody Bojan,Ralph.Weather in Glasgow is magic.How many times have you seen Celtic play in pissing rain this treble season? Did something happen in Lisbon? I’ve asked millions of Sevconians and they all do “walking away”,strange.
P.S.No more talk of dogs,think of poor Paisley and Dundee!


SDM after the Whyte trial.

No enough pegs…..

At least two shy…..:)


Monti..a Kajagoogo hit I believe 🙂


fukkit I left out one of the “o’s”…where’s the Two Ronnies when ya need them

Kajagoogoo, forgot about them 🙂


Forgetting about them is probably the best thing…
Can ye remember the lead vocalists name ?



Monti… He was a tad up himself…He called himself Limahl…an anagram of his surname 🙁


Caption : Sevco board employs desperate measures to gather season book money.

Desmond & The Dekkers

Caption: £6m man Barrie Mckay claims he’s been hung out to dry by Rangers in new contract snub


Caption: “…Grandpa…all I said was that I wanted to support Glasgow Celtic…”

Caption: Sevco ‘wonder kid’ is worth the price of renting a scaffold and is hung out to dry on the transfer market.


Just throwing this out there – BR appears to have a plan for everything & they are all going pretty well in my view – Roberts was bought from Fulham in a deal that with all add-ons targets met would reach a total of £12m. He has already used up 2 years of his 4yr contract & another loan spell with Celtic would take him into his final year of his contract with City! Taking him on loan for another year for £500k thus putting on the final year of his contract would appear a clever move, lowering his value… Read more »

Do you not think Celtic should just ask Man City what they want for the player, if it’s doable, we just pay them what they want & stop fucking about?
I would offer them £5m today & take it from there.


Monti… A mill should do it



£1M… I’d imagine that City will go foreign for players

No chance Weered, they need to have a quota of English based players.
Plus £1m wouldn’t get his jock strap.

Brian (not the messiah)

Surely KT would pay £1m for his jock strap


Monti are you privvy to the contents of the aforementioned jock strap?


I don’t think City would take any less than £8m, we don’t have £8m to spend on one player! BR will have other targets & no guarantee of CL money, taking Roberts into his final year while still attached to Celtic is our best bet!

I think we do have £8m to spend on one player, also transfer fees these days can be structured in instalments, £8m for example could be paid in two to three years for example.
I would say that was realistic.


I think £8m on one player playing in our league with no guaranteed CL, thanks UEFA, would be fool hardy, even Ibrokesesk, so we will just have to agree to differ!

As long as you agree i’m right first…..ken.


Ken may well be second but we know that I’m always right & always first with it!


Monti Your right,If our boad had upped the offer for Onyekuru we wohld have him now.They brassed there case offering a Million.Three Million wouldve got it done.If we are going to make strides we have to get in there while the irons hot.


Caption:” Dad..Dad…let me down….i only asked you why everyone is picking on poor Craig Whyte?
What did he do that was so wrong?
Dad…..Dad….let me down”



‘QC Findlay hangs David Murray out to dry!’

Can’t believe I’m saying something nice about Findlay! Oh well, needs must when the devil drives!


Jez… I’m not sure which of them is the devil 🙂


They’re all little devils, Weered. They walk through the gates of hell & their souls (if they ever had one) are lost for ever.
MW seemed reasonable at first but after a while he mutated to this BS spouting fn twat! You mark my words, if Pedro doesn’t walk out soon he’ll go the same way, he’s a bit fn strange to start with to be honest. A poor mans JM on LSD, best squad in the country lol

Aware contracts aren’t done overnight ( unless employed at Ticketus) but why is it taking so long to get Stuart Armstrong to put pen to paper? It’s week after week and still nothing? Same with Packy Roberts, Man City want him back to have a look? No they fucking dinnae, they know what they have in Roberts and that is why they loaned him out to Celtic for 18 months. Pep Guardiola will have a list as long as Mikes nose of players he wants at City next season. Celtic should just make a serious concrete bid for the player.… Read more »

Dziekanowski's nightclub child

Caption: Barton pegged again

Dziekanowski's nightclub child

As for Paddy, how long has he left on his Man City contract, if not too long it could be good to get another 12 month loan and if he had 1 year left with Man city after that we may get him for a reduced fee?

Pish! City won’t allow that to happen!
Why not just fucking make a fucking offer now?
That’s how i do it on FIFA 17 🙂


Monti, we’re all agreed – your wrong! BR is hoping to get him down to his final year while he’s still tied to Celtic & then make a £5 offer…You got the offer price right, just a year too soon


F***!. £5m offer, not £5 obviously, that would just be silly!

Get it right noo 🙂


Brendan’s line about doing anything to keep Wee Paddy surprises a few hangers on in the SMSM.




Which one of you feckers found my ” tips and exercise for budding goalkeepers ” manual ?


Judging by Paddy’s comments, it seems that the lad just wants to try out at City, who can blame him? I think we shall need to be patient to get him, as Ralphy says sometimes a wee bit of patience bring’s it own reward. To get him for two years was another great bit of business. It’s great that the media do not have a clue and are digging away in the dark to try to find out about players coming in. Is Brendan trying to entice Solanko to come to Cellic or is he just a red herring to… Read more »


Novel way of keeping Patrick Roberts from returning to the Emnptyhad

Celtic By Numbers

Any news on what Eoghan O’Connell will do? Believe his contract is up when he returns from loan at Walsall.



Sevco supporting grandad tries a new way to stop his grandson from supporting Celtic…


How tickled I am at the way this season is progressing both on and of the park, talk of expansion of the stadium, hotel, all to increase revenue streams and diversify to make the Tic. more safe and secure, in a limited league. Complete control of all fitba. matters handed over to an outstanding Manager, sigh, oohh, its what we wanted to happen for so long. A settled team with improving players, great youngsters coming through and with realistic expectations of new European challengers, with perhaps one or two new players coming in, life does not get any better for… Read more »


Mike… It’s all looking good for the foreseeable future 🙂 H H


The futures bright, the futures green & white in fact!


Jez…oh yay


Caption: how the Flying Dutchman Dorus de Vries started his career stuck on the line.


Caption,Paddy ,your goin nae were.

Rob O'Keeffe

Caption: Chelsea find a place for Billy Gilmour!

is there seriously talk of expanding the stadium? we have been hearing that since celtic park was redeveloped. is it worth it for max 5 games a year? though I suppose it could be rented to The SFA for big internationals.

Or Hunger striker memorial concerts….


Monti… or the Wolfe tones comeback comeback tour

Yep…Graffiti on the wall….


Alan, it relates now to the fact that if we expand the main stand then we can offer up to 15000 extra seats to hold major European finals. From what I hear there is a waiting list for supporters, so they now can be offered the extra seats.
The Brendan effect. Wee Fergus was right Hampdump was/is an expensive waste of money.

Pish! Hampden is and always should be the national stadium!
The problem is they should have knocked the whole fucking thing down and rebuilt a 70,000 or 80,000 stadium from scratch.
That would have resolved ticket allocation disputes and given Scottish football a national stadium to be fucking proud of.
Small minded, narrow minded and unambitious cretins at Hampden couldn’t see that.

FUCK THE SFA,but Hampden should be the national football stadium, just not in it’s current form!


oh dear, diddy baws is at it again. How can the SFA knock it down, when they dinny own it?
Where is all the money coming in to build this new stadium, from the clubs? I repeat Fergus was correct.

Where did the Welsh FA find the money for the Millennium stadium?

Maybe Fergus could have donated some money to them…he left with plenty of it!


Who cares we arny Welsh!!!.


Fergus was forced to pay £500,000 to the SFA to rent Hampdump when Celtic Park was being upgraded and you are suggesting that he paid for a new National Stadium, deary me are you being serious or are you talking shite, no you are talking shite.

Reidy seems it is


Caption: “The Dorus De Vries Goalkeeping Academy.”

Desimond is awfully quiet…..maybe he’s over at Hampden waiting on the public statements from the SFA & SPFL regarding the RACIST abuse aimed at Scott Sinclair?

Patience now Desi….patience….cough


Jesso,the sun is oot and the Scotchmen are a braggin`.

Is it twice the size of a cold jelly bean. Generous Sheila`ll let youse down civilly.HH

Caption: Grannies Port Glasgow watch Doug.

Could someone put a track on for all of us Tims, ‘ The day the rangers died ‘ by Billy no well?

Thank you very fucking much!!

Brian (not the messiah)

What about songs related to jozo’s tackle
The Steve (and Kenny) Miller band – fly like an eagle
Amy winehouse – you sent me flyin
Frank hunatra – fly me to the moon
System of a Hun – jet pilot

Bbbwwwiaan A,
‘ I’m broken ‘ by PANTERA


What about… “Somewhere over the rainbow, WAAAAAY UP HIGH…


The Saw Doctors – Somewhere Far Away





Here they lie,
in a lost and lonely part of town,
held back in time,
In a World of tears.

When the huns are deed,
and there’s no mair fun to read,
when the trials are finished,
and there reputation,is fully diminished.
Its a tradgedy, so it is.

No fun today,
the huns have gone away,
there is no one left to play.

Im just a jealous Hun.Roxy Music


Pedro`s torero transitional 1872 count throw blanket for a centre half…

sevco pickers FC.

Brian (not the messiah)

Caption: Kenny Miller lands awkwardly after the Jozo tackle.

The cheek of him complaining about jozo’s tackle and broonie’s elbow, he could have ended Stuart armstrong’s career in the game before.


New attempt to keep Billy Gilmour at Ibrokes!

Would love to see Packy stay, but he may have to go to return. I give BR a lot of credit in his machinations, he is a smart guy.
Also think the board may be waiting for the end game to ale action against the Scottish Fools Association and the bought trophies.
The weather is great and things can only get better.


If we`re in for another keeper can we nae invest in a reflex hammer please?HH

Something doesn’t ring true with the half mill for Paddy…That’s basically an offer to pay 10 grand a week of his wages. Anybody know what the current deal is?

Jozo song: ‘Reign in Blood’ by DEICIDE

Jozo song: ‘ The final countdown ‘ by EUROPE


Monti …one for you…



Monti..my dyslexic keyboard let me down again
This is what it should be…




Agent Joey states

“Only regret is Missing the World Class Breakfasts”

The Cha

A further loan for Roberts seems a good move (it worked well with Gran Muralla), especially if he’s not ready to commit long term or price is too high. Although Ralph said the other day that City had signed him for £5m, more credible sources (I know) say £1-2m. It seems crazy that the only people trying to drive the price up are Celtic fans when there seems no other interest and he’s not even an U21 international. Our negotiating stance should be “he’s shite, no one wants him but we’re prepared to bung you a mil or 2 to… Read more »


Roberts initial fee was £4 million with £8.million in add ons to be paid over a period of years, to Fulham.
Roberts is the captain of the English under 20s. If anybody thinks that we would get him for £2 million pounds they are living in cloud cuckoo land.
£500,000 loan next year, with only I year then left on his contract, makes sense to me, but Roberts wants to test himself in the EPL and why not, clearly his wages would be very high.
I would love it if he came here permanently, but ultimately that would be up to him.


mike… Monti said to repLy to you with HIS usual eloquence… PISH


His standard answer when he is talking out his arse. 😉


mike… he squats to conquer…

Name your sources then?


Sources would be red top news rags but as nobody in here reads them then your secrets safe enough…

D J Smythe

We should leave the details of transfers to P L & B R who may just be more expertise than us .
Having said that I wouldn’t be surprised if Roberts spent pre- season at City and maybe both he & Pep might agree he is a better fit for us


D J…but it’s nice for folks to have a chance to discuss the pros and cons of such weighty arguments… almost akin to a bar room brawl over the toss of a coin…without the violence of course


MR contradiction, dinny talk about transfers on a fitba. blog, having said that———?

D J Smythe,
I can smell a sevconian….


ye thought that of me… Silly Monti

Weered,Monti was at the wined up with you,About being a Hun.

Was I ? 🙂


Tioc67 Was he REALLY

I still do 🙂


Yer not fit to tie my shoelaces pishmeister

Aye ok….

D J Smythe

Month , I think u need to go for a nose test , not a nose job . You are stuck with it but I think your smelling is all wrong .
Over 55 yrs a Celt


What utter bullocks DJ if left everything up to those better than us the only thing we would have left to discuss would be getting hammered, making bad decisions and hoping or wives wouldn’t find out. I don’t go over to your house and put in new floors or paint the fec’n walls to raise the value of your house unless you are paying me. These clubs should be paying us per minute of first team football, double for Europe and more for the latter stages of cup competitions not the other way around.


Uralius it’s nice to be on a position that allows us to discuss such matters… Sevconites might discuss the new cleaning staff or car park attendant transfer market

Thats definitely a Valid point m8.Getting the Glasgow Celtic experiences in Europe etc and getting a Decent Wedge tae Boot.There is something missing!!!Like you say.And it makes sense.HH

D J Smythe

Urallious , I was just planning two weeks away , to give u a chance to paint my house , put in new floors & bathroom . Key under flower pot .leave it back when finished

Mike Annis

Caption:Shaun Moloney trying out the new easy dry tops.


Never been a big fan of Juve. but I am a big fan of Gialuigi Buffon, “Gigi” is a brilliant Goalie, but more than that he is a fantastic person, a great ambassador for fitba.So congratulation’s “Gigi” on reaching the C.L. final, you deserve it 100%.

Beh, Ha Detto il grande naso!


dos cervesas por favor


Si prega di chiudere le gambe il tuo causando in regazzo alla spina !

Back the noo..google translate no working 🙂


Mike… That’s easy for you to say!


Mike is that the olde worlde Dundee dialect

Monti quite good Glesgawegian?

Google translate m8

Mike uses Google translate to turn utter fucking gibberish into English….honestly, on a night oot he brings subtitles with him 🙂


please close your legs, you are causing a draught fat boy. 😉

Rob O'Keeffe

The sun is shining in Glasgow(again,Ralph),the Celts are heading for a preordained Treble and the auld yins are arguing amongst themselves.Remember young Bhoys and Ghirls,it wasn’t always this good,we used to have the arguing while winning feck all.Hunskelping please.By the way,NO titles will be stripped,breaking news from Desi mond from outside the SFA offices.

Is it really True,Sevco are Oldco,And that everybody has to pretend that the Liquidation Nonsense was a Bg Misunderstanding and Craig Whytes actually up at Court for resetting Minty Murrays swollen Goods.Is Dave King Actually Marty Feldman in Disguise.And Sevco seriously humped Barca at Firhill.Ibroke is now known as the Shan Giro Stadium.

Just had a look on Youtube at Srdan Plavsic,Looks decent.Worth getting in for a look?

What’s this shite about live tweets being banned from the Whyte court case?
Must be getting to the fucking truth eh?

Defo,Keeping it out of unwanted ears.Im suspicious of Findlay.He is the Ultimate Lodgically speaking Mason.I smell A Rat.


Aye Monti, someone’s gonna get hung out to dry. (Caption).


Monti they’re doing it to wind you up… D’ya wanna Roche 5 or 10

Doing what?


Whytes trial tweets missing….

Forrero Roche?
I like the white choc ones….


Monti.. White Roche are the dreamland tabs mmm


Barry fergusons childhood trauma made him the man he is today


Monti I often wonder if it’s just you and me on here and your 23 different personalities

We didn’t understand that?


Iancelt67 …your as paranoid as he is ffs

We aren’t paranoid enough…eh guys? 🙂


Monti… All 25 of you are certain that everyone is out to get yiz

I trust our instincts ……..


Multiple personalities will by definition have differing and conflicting instincts

Yer all fucked


Drunk , apologies Monti. I look fwd to your quips. Brightens up my days. Was watching “split” with James McEvoy momentary warping of my already distorted mind

Lol ok we will let you off…


Think paddy is too lightweight for epl and needs to fill out. A bit in the Ryan giggs mould but needs to bulk up

Susan Murphy

Caption :”Thank feck they haven’t invented tumble driers yet”




Susan… Only a woman would think that way 🙂

Is that Peggy Sue

Rob O'Keeffe

Scores for tomorrow night? Is TicToc available for midfield run out since Broony is resting?

Why would you want TicToc in midfield? He’d get sent off in the first 5 mins, for serious fud play?

Rob O'Keeffe

He’d probably nut McInnes which would be my instruction,well worth getting a draw with 10 men! KTF(we are all Montis).

Frank McGaaaarvey


I know there are constantly ongoing issues that have to be addressed in the diary-Res.12, Sevco shenanigans, abuse of our players at the crumbling midden that is Ibrox, etc. but today’s diary is a return to the good ‘ole days with a big juicy rumour mill! Even if it is 99, or 100, percent peeyash you cannae beat a good bit of transfer gossip, especially with the promise of quality rather than quantity this coming window.

It’s going to be a busy couple of months for Mr Rui Milla. Mind and tell him to keep us updated Ralph.

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