Celtic Diary Wednesday May 10: Resolution 12: Relax...

Celtic Diary Wednesday May 10: Resolution 12: Relax…

It’s going to be a lovely summer.

You see, sometimes when you get caught up in something, its difficult to see it from any other viewpoint but your own, or at least the view that you support.

With Resolution 12 it should be simple. There is evidence of corruption, collusion and cover ups that for those of us who like to be straightforward cannot see past immediate action.

Lets consider the outcome should we attempt to force the issue.. and maybe we can understand why its taken so long.

The SFA and the SPFL will be shown to be not fit for purpose. Possibly after a long and exhausting investigation. They would all have to be replaced, which in itself would be a long and exhausting process.

Maybe all of this has already taken place, and there are certain figures in position ready to implement a coup d’etat ?


To force the resignations of those currently running the game, which would be a relatively quick and painless operation, Β  requires evidence to back up the claims of, for want of a better word, the prosecution.

Would it not be better if that evidence came from an external source, not within Celtic FC, or its shareholders/supporters , or any other club for that matter?

Would it not be better if that evidence was presented behind the scenes to those complicit with a wee note attached saying “resign, and we’ll say no more about it ” ?

Evidence gathered from recent court testimonies, given on oath, Β and no doubt those still to come, prove beyond all doubt that there was corruption and collusion in 2011. Even now, six years down the line, the governing bodies concerned are trying to pretend it didnt happen, not even commenting on the allegations, itself a sign of unaccountability and a lack of transparency.

To bring an issue of this magnitude into the public domain, one must be certain of one’s foundations.

Maybe evidence given on oath in a court of law in a completely unrelated case is going to form the basis of the demise of the SFA/SPFL

If you check the tweets from James Doleman during the trial of Craig Whyte, it appears that the core of Resolution 12, the granting of a UEFA licence to Rangers in 2011 whilst they had an overdue payable to HMRC , has been confirmed.

Other interesting facts have also emerged. Nothing that hadn’t previously been rumoured, nothing that hadn’t been suspected, and nothing that counters anything that those behind resolution 12 firmly believed.

What it seems to add up to is that the game in Scotland, or business, if you prefer, had been run for a period purely to protect one club from financial meltdown, a meltdown caused by that club brazenly flouting the rules of the game, and more importantly, the law of the land.

At the very least, its deserving of a full independent inquiry.

Given that the last time such an enquiry took place, there is an understandable reluctance to go through the process again. Lord Nimmo Smith, who we believe to be in negotiations with an external decorating company for possible sponsorship of an all weather white paint, simply followed instructions last time round in a somewhat transparent attempt to pretend nothing untoward had taken place.

This time, it has to be right.


By waiting for the trial currently taking place in Glasgow’s High Court, Peter Lawwell and the Celtic board, as well as the boards of other clubs, may well have played a blinder.

A few moments in the company of Peter Lawwell conforms that he isn’t daft. Believe it or not, you are also left with the impression that he does what he thinks is right for Celtic.

It may not always be the popular choice, but its what he thinks is right. So far, its working

Despite what you may think, I assure you he has particular love for the SFA.

But in politics, one must choose one’s weapons and the time to use them with great care.

Had Celtic, or any other club, used anything that has come out during this trial, should they have had access to it, then the trial and the Resolution 12 issue may well have both ground to a halt.

By waiting for the evidence of malpractice to enter the public domain via another route, Lawwell and the others may well have played a blinder.

Of course, its entirely possible that Celtic were completely unaware of the inside story of the collapse of Rangers, or that they refused to believe any of it.

Maybe the board thought that the presence of a strong Rangers was indeed vital to the well being of Celtic, and the financial security of the club.

Perhaps they have built a position of financial independence just in case Scottish football were to collapse and start again without an entity from Ibrox.

Over the last few years, Celtic have refused to even use the term “Old Firm “, a clear sign that the PLC no longer wishes to be associated with the brand.

A brand that the SFA/SPFL will now wonder of it was worth falling on their swords for.

Football is a business, and as it becomes more and more clear that the game was tainted at best and rotten to the core at worst, sponsors, tv deals and even players will become wary of involvement.

Peter Lawwell, and others such as Ann Budge will be well aware of that.

We’ve waited a few years for a result on this one.

Another few weeks won’t make that much difference.

The clubs know, the fans know and one would assume that the sponsors know.

The game has to be cleansed, and a fresh start has to be made. I’d be very surprised if the peaceful revolution wasn’t already gathering pace.

It’s going to be a lovely summer.

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