Celtic Diary Wednesday May 10: Resolution 12: Relax…

It’s going to be a lovely summer.

You see, sometimes when you get caught up in something, its difficult to see it from any other viewpoint but your own, or at least the view that you support.

With Resolution 12 it should be simple. There is evidence of corruption, collusion and cover ups that for those of us who like to be straightforward cannot see past immediate action.

Lets consider the outcome should we attempt to force the issue.. and maybe we can understand why its taken so long.

The SFA and the SPFL will be shown to be not fit for purpose. Possibly after a long and exhausting investigation. They would all have to be replaced, which in itself would be a long and exhausting process.

Maybe all of this has already taken place, and there are certain figures in position ready to implement a coup d’etat ?


To force the resignations of those currently running the game, which would be a relatively quick and painless operation, Β  requires evidence to back up the claims of, for want of a better word, the prosecution.

Would it not be better if that evidence came from an external source, not within Celtic FC, or its shareholders/supporters , or any other club for that matter?

Would it not be better if that evidence was presented behind the scenes to those complicit with a wee note attached saying “resign, and we’ll say no more about it ” ?

Evidence gathered from recent court testimonies, given on oath, Β and no doubt those still to come, prove beyond all doubt that there was corruption and collusion in 2011. Even now, six years down the line, the governing bodies concerned are trying to pretend it didnt happen, not even commenting on the allegations, itself a sign of unaccountability and a lack of transparency.

To bring an issue of this magnitude into the public domain, one must be certain of one’s foundations.

Maybe evidence given on oath in a court of law in a completely unrelated case is going to form the basis of the demise of the SFA/SPFL

If you check the tweets from James Doleman during the trial of Craig Whyte, it appears that the core of Resolution 12, the granting of a UEFA licence to Rangers in 2011 whilst they had an overdue payable to HMRC , has been confirmed.

Other interesting facts have also emerged. Nothing that hadn’t previously been rumoured, nothing that hadn’t been suspected, and nothing that counters anything that those behind resolution 12 firmly believed.

What it seems to add up to is that the game in Scotland, or business, if you prefer, had been run for a period purely to protect one club from financial meltdown, a meltdown caused by that club brazenly flouting the rules of the game, and more importantly, the law of the land.

At the very least, its deserving of a full independent inquiry.

Given that the last time such an enquiry took place, there is an understandable reluctance to go through the process again. Lord Nimmo Smith, who we believe to be in negotiations with an external decorating company for possible sponsorship of an all weather white paint, simply followed instructions last time round in a somewhat transparent attempt to pretend nothing untoward had taken place.

This time, it has to be right.


By waiting for the trial currently taking place in Glasgow’s High Court, Peter Lawwell and the Celtic board, as well as the boards of other clubs, may well have played a blinder.

A few moments in the company of Peter Lawwell conforms that he isn’t daft. Believe it or not, you are also left with the impression that he does what he thinks is right for Celtic.

It may not always be the popular choice, but its what he thinks is right. So far, its working

Despite what you may think, I assure you he has particular love for the SFA.

But in politics, one must choose one’s weapons and the time to use them with great care.

Had Celtic, or any other club, used anything that has come out during this trial, should they have had access to it, then the trial and the Resolution 12 issue may well have both ground to a halt.

By waiting for the evidence of malpractice to enter the public domain via another route, Lawwell and the others may well have played a blinder.

Of course, its entirely possible that Celtic were completely unaware of the inside story of the collapse of Rangers, or that they refused to believe any of it.

Maybe the board thought that the presence of a strong Rangers was indeed vital to the well being of Celtic, and the financial security of the club.

Perhaps they have built a position of financial independence just in case Scottish football were to collapse and start again without an entity from Ibrox.

Over the last few years, Celtic have refused to even use the term “Old Firm “, a clear sign that the PLC no longer wishes to be associated with the brand.

A brand that the SFA/SPFL will now wonder of it was worth falling on their swords for.

Football is a business, and as it becomes more and more clear that the game was tainted at best and rotten to the core at worst, sponsors, tv deals and even players will become wary of involvement.

Peter Lawwell, and others such as Ann Budge will be well aware of that.

We’ve waited a few years for a result on this one.

Another few weeks won’t make that much difference.

The clubs know, the fans know and one would assume that the sponsors know.

The game has to be cleansed, and a fresh start has to be made. I’d be very surprised if the peaceful revolution wasn’t already gathering pace.

It’s going to be a lovely summer.

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Dziekanowski's nightclub child

Hail, Hail!


As Shakespeare commented ( probably Christopher Marlowe )


Hail Hail !!!!!!!!!!!!!


“…Patience is a virtue, find it where you can
…seldom in a woman, never in a man…”


I always thought patience was a vulture, all those years, here’s me thinking patience is a vulture or some other large bird.


Well… Jeremiah was a bullfrog, he was a good friend of mine…


” Despite what you may think I assure you he has particular love for

the SFA ”



“No” particular love. Just a typo


Don’t call TonyB love, darlin’ πŸ™‚

We know Dave King is in Cahoots with his Brethren over at Hampden.Wee visits with conversations on General Topics.The usual Corruption Back Stabbing Cheating etc.Everyday occurrences over at the CrumbleDome.But then everyone knows what the Real Sevco are All About.


Shoosh ffs Ralphy, They came to bury Ceasar, not to praise him.

Persistence meets and beats resistance.

I hope you are right, but in my heart I know you are right.
Long live the Tic. may truth and justice not just survive but thrive. Openess Transparency and honesty is all we ask for.


mike…sometimes an immovable object meets irresistible force…
outcome stalemate


or the immovable object is swatted aside. πŸ˜‰

Fly dig?


or fly’s shite πŸ˜‰


Mike…No the immovable obejct remains static



While your piece makes perfect sense I must comment on this . . . “Would it not be better if that evidence was presented behind the scenes to those complicit with a wee note attached saying β€œresign, and we’ll say no more about it ” ?” No, no it wouldn’t. Let them slip out the back door, golden handshake, pension etc.? Allow the corruption to be quietly buried/forgotten about over a few years? No, fuck them, one and all. Bring charges against them if possible. Show the world what we all know and let anyone who wants to take their… Read more »

Agree totally!

A lovely summer that’ll do,, but they are still coming right, 56 this year I believe


Only4togo…next time I will see 56 will be on a bus route πŸ™

Mike cannae remember his 56th…..having said that it was in the early fifties….ken.


Monti… can he remember his first 69th


That’s what I meant


Oh we are the Glasgow Celtic, the leaders of the land,
although we’re getting bigger, we’re still the finest in the land.
we play attacking fitba. masters of the game,
we gub the huns, its always the fucking same,
cos when we play at Cellic park our opponents we will tame.

Oh the drums go bang, the cymbals clang and the horns do blaze away,
the choir sings, the spirits lift,the G.B. do sway,
the crowd it cheers, they start to sing when Blasgow Cellic play’s fitba. the Glasgow Celtic wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

There is a big blank space ( could be the space between Mikes ears) at the end of the article today, before you reach the comments section?

Who won the caption competition? πŸ™‚

Also i’d like to nominate myself for KOTW for the Tommy Gemmell ‘news’ yesterday.

Brian (not the messiah)

don’t worry Monti its all (craig) whyte


Monti… I’d second that but I could be co-recipient for my immediate reply…(fucking tool)


Bla Bla Glack sheep, have you any wool, who tf is Blasgow Celtic?

I’ve got a woollen Jumper….too small for you though fat boy πŸ™‚


no according to one of your posts, cos I am a 42″ medium and yours need 5 sheep and 3 tups to make yours fatbhoy. πŸ˜‰

…And a kebab ….i mean lamb..
Meh meh….chop πŸ™‚


Help ma computers fecked it must be spam or ham or jam, anywye its defo fecked by all this fake news. πŸ˜‰

Dinnae…i feel like a fud lol

I’m KOTW……can just see Ralph gleefully awarding it!



Ralphy telt me oan the side that YOU were his favourite roaster.
even Ralphy makes mistakes bawwhhaaaaa.

Oh fucking did he did he ?:)

Rob O'Keeffe

KOTY hee hee signed TG and Jinky(R.I.P)


am really pleased with all this boy talk, it makes me feel young again πŸ˜‰

Talking about boys on an internet forum? Oh dear.

We Will Have Another Glorious Day In The Sun And Hopefully a Lodge Free SFA!!!By Summers End.HH

But in the meantime GIRUTDOB!!!


Dinny listen to his deflection Weered am just a bhoy at heart, age is in the mind and I widny mind a ride at a young thing, if you ken any volumptuous wee ladies, gies a shout. πŸ˜‰



Mike…boys will be boys I guess

Can you still ride at your age?
Would love to hear your chat up line like…
” Would you like to share my tartan blanket,hen?
Fancy a Werthers”?
” mon hen eh ken ” πŸ™‚


Mike… I dont know of any volumptuous wee ladies… but I could ask Monti to send you online links to a few thousand


Mike…you could always try the Australian version of foreplay ………BRACE YERSELF GIRL…

Why are all Australian women called Sheila?
Not very imaginative are they?




Am off for a coffee and to try and find Ralphy’s article that should have appeared in thon blank space,
catch ye’s later. xxxxx.

Mind put your pants on inside your cords….

Heard a wee rumour the Burdz up Yonder call em Nessie.surely he isnae that Auld?


Tioc67…He probably is Nessie… it’s only seen once in 10 blue moons also πŸ™‚


Mike… it’s in the post…

That’s what Murray told the creditors!


Infinite patience produces immediate results. As a result of the enquiries made on behalf of Celtic shareholders by lawyers paid for by supporters and shareholders, what is coming out now more or less solidified before the last AGM. By then the CW trial was looming on the horizon and it was common sense to wait for it to run its course. Had Res12 been passed in 2013 what is emerging now would have been uncovered by the CFCB who had the power to investigate, including obtaining documentation now being produced. But that time has passed, overtaken by events as Reality… Read more »


Auldheid, Info has emerged from the CW trial that many(all?) in senior management at Rangers knew that they had a real liability on the wee tax case. Further this was known at least as early as the middle of March…well before the 31 March deadline for the application to obtain a licence for Europe. The blogsphere is full of calls for Regan’s head. While I think there is merit in this, I do not see absolute proof that will force his resignation. I am sure it will take absolute proof to remove him. If I was advising Mr Regan I… Read more »

Auldheid I trust in everything you say, but
The word IF in any sentence always casts doubt in my mind though. Like perhaps or maybe, but I can only hope that justice will prevail. Persistence I hope beats resistance. HH


Auldheid…nicely put…”slowly slowly catchy monkey”

Just Glad am a Tim.Widnae Like the Future of being a Hun.All that Uncertainty for a Future.Never mind a (Ahem)Past.Hope its as Painful as painful could ever be imagined Then Times that by a Billion.


Tioc67…It reminds me of their famous win last week over Partick Thistle the pitch invasion reminded me of the the last moments of headless chickens… they sense that it’s all over so they will make as much of what they can get while they can… fukkem

Just to Witness there Downfall would be the very mnimum.Its actually nauseating to think we,ve been cheated Left Right n Centre,Weered.


Tioc67…yes absolutely 100% … and all the other teams who were affected by their rule and law breaking. It might be that all teams within the SPL at the time of the cheating would have a valid case for compensation.

I,d be happy just seeing them Fall Never to Return.That wid be Compensation enough for me,It boggles the Mind how they can even exist.Anyone else would never come out of something like that Scot Free and Carry On as if Nothing Happened.Only A Hun could face such embarrassment without Batting an eye.


From wee Fergus’s time we new that we were being cheated, he made that quite clear and proved it, resignations were forced upon the cheating Governing SFA and SPFL. The latest court case also make’s that clear, in essence thing’s have continued in exactly the same way, access to social media, has swerved past the media cheats, who follow follow the cheats, well done to the bloggers and our ain RES. 12 bhoys. The SFA and the SPFL are not and never have been fit for purpose, it must be UEFA who are watching what’s going on and hopefully will… Read more »


mike…the UEFA thing might be wishful thinking…. there’s so much shit in that organisation now


We learn today Weered that Fifa are reinvestigating over 100 cases of corruption, the whole Fitba. World stinks to high heaven.
Β£41 million to Paul Pogba’s agent, for facilitating his move to Man.Utd. That is incredible, supporters just want to see an honest game, but money corrupts and it is endemic in ALL sports.
Who then will expose the cheats at the SFA and the SPFL if not UEFA after all the cheating was to gain access to European monies.


Mike…that’s the Β£64m question…

The Cha

Will we be here again in 6 months or a year’s time, the dam about to break but never actually does?

If the Huns get in the EL then it suggests it will be business as usual.

“Nothing ever happens, nothing happens at all
The needle returns to the start of the song
And we all sing along like before”.


…and what, if anything have you done Cha to facilitate change in this long-drawn oot saga ?

Gen up question BTW.

Every single supporter of Every Club has been mugged by these Sad Excuses.Atleast we can hold our heads high and let our football do the Talking.If and when they do get outed,We need to be certain there are no dodgy cnts in control or its all a waste of time.That lot like keeping it in the Family,So to speak.


Very good article Ralph. There are many ways to skin a cat and as long as the cat gets skinned in the end. Patience has indeed been a virtue in this cases as the court cases have a will play out. While a bull in a China Shop is one way to go and would be gratifying because it’s the right thing to do, it may have ended up helping the various versions of “Rangers” as it may have compromised court cases. I think the two toxic versions of the Govan club will be brutally and mercilessly exposed in court… Read more »


If you wanny be happy, get a dug, If you value your mental health, get a dug, If you support the Tic. get a dug. Dugs are great wee sniffers, they can sniff out anything you want. Dugs are great to pat, they value your company and luv you your every bit. Dugs are great wee burd pullars. Dugs are easy to keep, but watch what you feed them in case you turn your back and they fart, cos then they are bad for your health. Dugs are no like the SFA or SPFL, cos they are honest, affectionate loyal… Read more »

dugs are super!



He’s got that look of love,
it’s in his eyes,
that look his smile,
can’t disguise.

I can hardly wait to hold you,
feel my arms around you,
how long I have waited,
waited just to love you,
now that I have found you.


he’s still going strong poor wee dug, still going for 55 he must be with that blue coat. Eight hours of non stop exercise, hope he takes a rest and some fluids, we do not want to tire him out now, do we? πŸ˜‰


Look it’s Vladimir Weiss


hahaha guid yin son!!!.

Is everyone no ” son ” to you?
Even PB? Ken like….


mibbee, you are like a son to me ya daftie. πŸ˜‰

As for Pensionerbhoy, he is my brudder.

My wee Patterdale Terrier is absolutely aff his head.He is like a Mini Land Shark.Great with people but anything with fur is fair Game in his Eyes.Luv em tae Bits.And He is a Tim.H Wuff H Wuff.

I have a 4 year old Black lab, beautiful dog but thick as fredcdobbs on Mastermind.

Monti my wee dog is just like a minature lab.Anytime i have him out,He just wants to fcking run riot.He is a young 6.He has two modes.Turbo and Mega Turbo.The nutter even tries to snap at Bees.Funny Little Guy.

My dog is like me, a gentle giant, with a full head of black hair πŸ™‚

Why do dogs not lose their hair?

Train him to get midges……



My brother has a Patterdale. They are called terriers for good reason!
He is wild.


As much as i love dogs, i fucking hate these devil dogs, pit bulls/staffy’s.
If i had my way i’d blow their fucking heads off!

Monti its not the Dogs faults.Im an animal lover,But i draw the line at HunZz lol.

Huns are filthy animals, at least dogs clean their arse and lick their balls clean…

Ooh matron…..

Rebus67,Patterdale Terrorists more like m8.Fearless i got him for my daughter but,She handed him back to me.lol.;)




They are very intelligent but very determined. Morgan rules the roost and has my brother well trained.

My favourite dog is a Lab.


Rebus67 Ive had a few Dogs over the years Patterdale is the Gamest and best all round Dog for me.Anytime i have him out,Woman mostly always say look at the size of him and he is Muzzled.IF ONLY THEY KNEW!!!

Rebs67.Very determined.I like Labs too.Brock has me well and truly sussed.


Love dugs aswell, had a couple growin up as a kid. Here in Australia a had a Kelpie, brilliant wee thing, clever as buck. Still miss her.

We’ve got a cat noo, wee stray ‘adopted us’ he brought a live mouse in last night, ah think he knows he goin in lock-up when we go on holibags next week….IN THE HEAT OF LISBON…

BB Enjoy the Pilgrimage to Lisboa M8.The Grandest of Days in Our Fine History.Lisbon Will No Doubt Be A Sea of Tims.HH


Cheers Tic. Am sure it will be emotional.

HAIL HAIL !!!!!!!!!!


Young Tim, there’s no need to feel down I said, you Tim, pick yourself off the ground I said, you Tim, ’cause you’re in a new town There’s no need to be unhappy You Tim, there’s a place you can go I said, you Tim, if you’re short on your dough You can go there, and I’m sure you will find Other Tims having a good time It’s fun to be without sevco and huns It’s fun to be without sevco and huns They have everything for you Tims to enjoy You can hang out with all the bhoys It’s… Read more »


That ones for mike… πŸ™‚


I luv Tims, please, please dinny start me off. Luv it, Luv it, Luv it. πŸ˜‰




Downfall not Skyfall, When will Phil’s Downfall part two begin, or mibbee its started already.
When will they ever learn,
when will they ever learn.
Well you canny make mince into brain, so sadly they will never learn, so auld Doctor Who (Auldheed) is correct, exterminate, exterminate.
Get thee from me Satan, take your lying, cheating friends in the SFA and SPFL, the disgraceful National Broadcaster the BB fucking C. and all the compliant scum press and give us back the beautiful game, one that is Governed fairly and honestly.
Remove the Tainted Titles.

Rob O'Keeffe

Mike,stop sitting on the fence

Rob O'Keeffe

Caption? Your grandchildrens’ hands will never be RED!

6 Down 4 to Go,Will they Ever Reach 10 In A Row,NO!!!

That fucking STV Embra has been replaced with fucking STV2, totally fucked up my recordings of ‘ Take the High road ‘? WTF?
Fucking raging min, ken likesay, no what i mean like ken

Fuck sake min!

Big Inverdarroch was just about to mount Morag Stewart tae….fuck sake i’m not amused like ken!!


Celtic you,

Fill my heart with song,
and let me sing for evermore,
you are all I long for,
all I worship and adore,
In other words, please be true,
In other words, I luv. yooooooooooo.

Tioc. my dugs are Fox terriers, mental, loveable and great fun. One bitch and one dug from Limerick, both are 12 years old. We luv them to bits, they are our third set.

My Lab would fuck yer dugs up ya rocket πŸ™‚

Like me, he’s a sexual Tyrannosaurus….rex!

Woof Woof
Fuck him knacka…..


Monti tyrranosaurusrex rex is extinct… Are you neanderthal

It has been said πŸ™‚


My da is bigger than your da, ya reprobate ye. mair like a dino sore. πŸ˜‰

I thought you,d have some Dogs Mike.Great Wee Hunters m8.Loyal little Guys.


Oh you tack the high road,
and i’ll tack the low road,
and you’ll be in Malone’s afore me,
cos me and my true luv,
will never meet again,
on the Bonny, Bonny banks,
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With a swirl of ma kilt,
and a gig oan ma fiddle,
we’ll all dae a riddle,
richt in the middle of a piddle.


Huh!! ma dug sheds mair hair in a night than he’s got on his heed,
come to think aboot it, ive got mair hair up ma nose, his dug is a Jessie, it runs away from mice, he is well kent in Edinburger for hivin the feartest dug in the capitol.
Ralphy uses his sheepdug to rustle sheep, its the only way to supplement his income, that’s how he only buys sheep dugs. πŸ˜‰

Some size o a fucking nose tho m8…..looks like you hae a chest wig up there!!


How cum you’ve got a new blue line under your name, I want yin, how do I get yin? is it cos you hivny paid the leccy bill?

Fuck me your right….Mr.Malph?

I notice Jimmybee has one as well πŸ™‚

Ralph, can i get a green line?

Looks blue to me


mibbee aye mibbee no, who kens, BTW I already have a full chest of flair.


30 Tory candidates cleared of dishonesty!

Just 2 weeks before the most important match in our history, Scotland played the ussr in a friendly. 10/5/1967
The team
T Gemmell
E McCreadie
J Clark
B McNeill
J Baxter(C)
J Johnstone
F McLintock
J McCalliog
D Law (W Wallace 46)
B Lennox
Yes 7 Celtic players playing in a friendly before a European cup final.
My fuck you would think some in Scotland were hoping Celtic players might get injured or worse????? Mon the Lions.



ex hun Bobby Brown was the Scotland manager that night he was asked to go easy on picking Celts for that game!!!!
Big Tam Gemmell scored a cracker that game he lobbed Ronnie Simpson from about 40 yards,Russia won 2-0.


They cheated us out of titles, they cheated us out of money (C.L.) But they can never cheat us out of our memories, Big Jock and his team of Lions. Will our supporters in years to come look back and say, this Brendan Rodgers team was legendary? I believe that they will. Untouchables perhaps, a clean sweep of all trophies, ten in a row, its to early to say, but you can surely hope it is. Will they look back and say that we got rid of the corrupt SFA and SPFL. and cleaned up the Scottish game, I certainly… Read more »

I want the fucking titles awarded to us, i want the prize money that went with them!

Regan & Doncaster? The Reaper is coming ya cunts!

Desimond? That’s eleven days now m8….how patient do you want me to be?


Fucking blue line discrimination..
Nothing bluechip about this place. Am drawing A LINE UNDER THIS ESTABLISHMENT §§§¿¿¿




ma auld da bless his fenian soul told me charlie the huns have always cheated its in theyr dna but someday it will awe come oot in the wash noo ma auld da died in the seventies but my fuck a wish he woulda seen the computer age ….so heers wan for awe oor auld yins who were paranoid he he


ile tell yees sumfin for fuck all ive been oan the swally for the last coupla days and ime gonny check whose in the european cup final cause awe i know is it will be us next year COYBIG ……..see if am rang and ye slag me for it ile ask yees wan question wers yer fuckin hearts


noo ime no wan for drinkin …..heh heh but


ime fuckin tellin yees bhoys weer gonny dae it again


a wis in milan and as a wee bhoy a had a great time wae ma da and his bros but ile tell yees another thing for fuckall we expected to win ………ma auld da said charlie learn sumfin fae that kid …being cocky gets ye a swift kick in the baws


noo i luv the celtic and we had many great days efter that but a canny remember the songs tillyer https://youtu.be/PyRo3-Q3l_0man martin


anyway beforesomeday interupts ma train a e tims thought ile gee yees this wan

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