Celtic Diary Tuesday May 9: Roberts To Sign and Other News

The headline that catches the eye this morning suggests that Patrick Roberts is set to sign a permanent deal with Celtic this summer.

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The story comes from the Daily Express.

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Effectively all they have done is rehash yesterdays quote, where Brendan Rodgers said he would consider such a move if the player was available.

Not surprisingly, the Express also showed that they really don’t have anybody on their staff who knows anything about Celtic…

Celtic may lose Moussa Dembele in the summer, with Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain interested in the striker.

And that would open up funds to sign the likes of Roberts, who has made just one league appearance for City since his move from Fulham in 2015. 

Another potential signing from Manchester city seems to have fallen at the first hurdle, though… accorsing to Football Insider…

Young defender Tosin Adarabioyo is expected to sign a new contract at Manchester City with the cash-rich side backing down in their contract stand-off, according to a report.

The Telegraph has reported that the 19-year-old centre-back was interesting Celtic and Everton with his current deal at City set to expire in the summer.

However, it would now seem that he will be staying in Manchester with the report detailing that he is now expected to earn an initial £25,000-a-week for Pep Guardiola’s side.

The teenager has never played in the Premier League for City, but he is considered the “symbol of the club’s academy set-up” and it is claimed that the club have softened their stance at the eleventh hour to avoid risking losing him on a free.

Guardiola would also appear to have plans for Adarabioyo with the Spanish manager handing the young defender three more appearances in the Manchester City senior team to add to his debut 5-1 defeat against Chelsea in the FA Cup last season.

It is not yet clear whether managers Ronald Koeman and Brendan Rodgers are in the market for a new centre-back this summer, or if they were simply alerted to Adarabioyo with his contract nearing it’s end. 

£25,000 a week for a guy who has yet tp lay for the first team ? It seesm that with Manchester city now banned from signing under eighteens, they are determined to hang on to the prospects they have, even though its unlikely any of them will ever make the grade.

As for the kid who has seemingly demanded that sort of wage, we may have spotted whats wrong with English football, and what damage can be done to individual clubs.

Dominic Solanke Mitchell, mentioned in the Diary a while ago as a possible replacement for Moussa Dembele , is being touted by the Record for a move to Celtic. He’s told Chelsea he wants out, and forced an apology from the Telegraph a while back when the paper repeated claims that he had demanded £50,000 a week.

He could be snapped up by Celtic for a development fee, but its unlikely he’ll come to Glasgow to play second fiddle to Dembele.

Then again, football is a business first and a sport second, so even if he signs up and then wants away, Celtic would make a few million on the deal anyway, so it shouldn’t be ruled out altogether.

What should be noted, however, is that the papers are now trawling the web for transfer stories, as they don’t have the quality sources we have, which is surprising given the amount of urine soaked staff they employ.

Our own stained source tells us to keep an eye on this guy…

Image result for kundai benyu

He’s Kundai Benyu, a nineteen year old, available for a development fee this summer as he is leaving Ipswich.

He’s spent this season on loan at non League Aldershot, and is being watched by a number of clubs, all of whom seem to be willing to pay a few quid for him.

Haarlem blue, who writes for Ipswich independent website, had a look at him recently..

He looks very comfortable on the ball with most passes short and accurate and mainly looking to move forward. Good vision and definitely has an eye for the killer pass. He takes all of the set pieces for the Shots, freekicks and corners, and always wants to be involved. 

Watch this space, especially if Bojan Krkic starts sulking again.


The reason for the lack of hard information  is that genuine stories from Celtic Park is hard to come by since Rodgers took over. Not only on transfers, but general tittle tattle. Thats not a problem for us at Etims as we make all our stuff up anyway, but to others, it could become an issue.

It could be down to the boss, but it could also be down to the fact that certain players no longer play for the club.

Or, come to think of it, certain management staff.

Keiran Tierney, another who is interesting sides down south has confirmed what we all know.

He wants to play for Celtic.

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Scottish footballs top two full backs said;

“It’s flattering. I don’t bother about it too much. 

“My pals text me but I think it would play more in your head if you weren’t happy at a club.

“I’m really happy at Celtic, which is good.”

 “I’ve seen the screenshots but it is just a story and I’m just concentrating on Celtic.” 

Then there’s Scott Sinclair…

‘I’m in no rush to leave here,’ 

‘I’ve had all these moves before. I moved to City and it didn’t work out. I went to Villa and got relegated. Now I’m enjoying playing every week, scoring goals, being back to my best. Why would I want to ruin that?

‘I haven’t even looked at that (leaving). All I’m looking at is enjoying every single moment and building into next season, improving my game and coming back even stronger.

‘I’ve found my happiness and I’m enjoying every minute at Celtic and I wouldn’t think of a reason to leave.’

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Meanwhile, over on twitter, we have a story..

SFA Team of year awarded posthumously to “rangers”.Died in 2012 after 140 years of unsurpassed bawbaggery. Table retired as mark of respect 

 This is the table reserved for those attending the end of season awards dinner hosted by PFA Scotland.

Despite it giving the “rangers ” players a chance to associate with their fellow professionals, no one from the club attended.

A little disrespectful-or just downright rude ?

Or maybe its something to do with them being the people, and not wishing to mingle with everyone else.

On a brighter note, one of their fans has spotted yet another conspiracy against them…

Smaller clubs should learn that if they let “rangers ” take all the points when they meet, they will end up in the top six.

We may have found the Daily Records new columnist.

Remember the guy from yesterday who lost money on the French election ?

He really wants that Knob of the Week title…


You can almost fell sorry for him. Like how someone felt sorry for a face from the past….( thanks to Cartuja on twitter for spotting this emotional yet heart warming moment…. )

By the way, who fancies Linfield away on July 12 ?

That should be a laugh. It’s yet to be confirmed, as the draw for the Second Qualifying round won’t be made until June 19, but it has a certain inevitability about it.

And they seem such a friendly bunch…as Dublin found out in 2008

Scuffles broke out at the Setanta Cup match
Six people have been arrested at Linfield’s match in Dublin against St Pat’s Athletic following a number of crowd trouble incidents.

Gardai said the arrests were connected to isolated incidents at the Setanta Cup match, which Linfield lost 2-0.

Four of those arrested come from Northern Ireland while two are from the Republic. Gardai said minor scuffles broke out at the ground in Inchicore.

Dog units, mounted officers and gardai brought the trouble under control.

Linfield chairman Jim Kerr said he “utterly condemned” the behaviour and added that “the name of Linfield Football Club had been dragged through the gutter”.

“Some fans with far too much to drink had tickets that were not sold to them and I don’t know where they got those tickets and whether they were forged or genuine.

“Alcohol was the problem and there were people here who were spoiling for a fight.

“Some people whom I have never seen at Windsor Park were being aggressive towards fellow supporters, safety officers and the Garda.

“Should we continue in the Setanta Cup next season, we will have to look at transporting our supporters from Windsor Park and make sure they get to the ground without incident. There will be no unorganised travel.

“Everything will be organised by the club but we will have to look seriously at whether we will continue in the Setanta Cup because I don’t want the name of Linfield being dragged through the gutter as it has been tonight.”

The Setanta Cup is an All-Ireland football tournament, which is contested by four clubs from both sides of the border. 

Yesterdays picture,

prompted some quality replies, and we have two winners….

puggy 67 May 8, 2017 at 3:27 pm · Edit · Reply

Caption: this is pish, let’s put some wheels on a bath and crash into something.

Rydo May 8, 2017 at 12:08 pm · Edit · Reply

Caption: April 2018, C’mon the gers! I wish my grandson was here… 

and a song…

Pensionerbhoy May 8, 2017 at 11:53 pm · Edit · Reply

Caption: “Three auld bears sat upon a bench;
sat upon a bench; sat upon a bench.
Three auld bears sat upon a bench
wae hauf a pint and crawed! 

Today, make of this what you will…


Photo published for Here's why you shouldn't expect the BBC to stop covering Ukip any time soon

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George Lazenbhoy

Nigel Farage shows off his new handput

George Lazenbhoy

Puppet, feck you predictive text

Dziekanowski's nightclub child

Caption: beaker and Dr Bunsen Honeydew make a muppets comeback


Is it just me or does the Warburton lookalike appear to have pulled his hand away just as Farage went to shake it?
In which case the caption should be, “Sucker”.



I’ve heard of some funny handshakes but never the left /right one 😉

Steven R

Caption: Sevco reveal their new Director of Football and Supporters Liaison Officer. Speaking on Rangers(IL) TV, Mr Farage expressed his delight about being able to extend his racial perspective towards hating “kafflicks and fenians”, however, it was brought to his attention that Michael O’Halloran is of that faith, and that Joe Dodoo is black. Mr Farage was immediately escorted to another room, where Chris Graham was waiting to teach him some terracing songs, explaining that it’s all “part of the banter”. The new SLO was somewhat relieved when it was explained to him that he didn’t actually enter into an… Read more »

level 5 plant

Nigel Farage replaces Rik Mayall in new series of Bottom!

Rob O'Keeffe

Ralph,check previous diary replies about Linfield,you bounder!


Farage… can anyone guess what I’ve got in my right hand ?

Nuttall… me,me nige….but don’t squeeze them so hard this time

D'Fhinnein Mick

Ffs,Ralph. That put me right off my cornflakes.

Just as well the pub’s open.

Your round, pint of Peroni please.
Does it have Rebel on the Duke box?

D'Fhinnein Mick

No,mate. Englandshire bar,but no need for a jukebox when Celtic play-the Bhoys batter out the Rebs big time!

Caption: ” ok we know we are a couple of fannies, but it’s gonna be 10 in a row “!

Linfield on the 12th of July?
No thanks, i would rather our support be safe and free from the smell of shit!

Do you know if Celtic have scouts in the east european market?
I have always liked players from these regions, Romania, Hungary & Bugaria?
The asking price for players in these countries is affordable as well.
Just a thought.



Wasn’t Lubo and his colleagues supposed to help us out with that?

Patrick Street

Nuttall and Feckall.


Caption: “….Hey Nuttall… I seen your son on ETims the other day, you must be proud…


We stood oan the bridge at moonlight,
throwing snowballs at the moon,
she said Mike Iv’e never had it,
but she spoke, to f**cking soon.

We stood on the bridge at moonlight,
picking blackheeds from her crotch,
she said Mike Iv’e never had it,
I said no not f**cking much.

We stood oan the bridge at moonlight,
my heart was all a shiver,
as I felt for her suspenders,
her leg fell aff and inta the river.


ffs mike thats the craziest wan yet is it a true story heh heh


oh cherlie bhoy he loves the Celtic,
he learned it from his granny’s knee,
he cooreid in when she did knit,
one thing about auld Charlie,
he loves the Celtic famileeee.


mike thats a true story hail hail


caption wans names nigel -wans named paul -wan is fuckin crazy – the others nutsn all he he see wit a done there

Linfield at Paradise.I know there is Always time for Skelping HunZz but Thats not even worth an invite.


Tioc67… they would bring the sevco huns along for the ride…they are bretheren.

Skelping them is really worth the invite 🙂

Watch this Space Weered.No doubt its Fate.


the game in Belfast would be a chance for the very many local Celtic supporters to see them play and to oppose the huns……besides it would be nice to see the green and white hoops on windsor park again


Caption: True Blue Kenny Hay celebrates achieving the impossible dream. – losing Barrhead to a Tory.

The real anton rogan

“Naw Nigel, I said you were a right tit – ah fuck it – weeeeeeee”


King and Regan, makes us look great,
Love how they failed to show for PFA awards, Pedro probably sent them to bed with no dinner

It shows exactly what Sevco actually think of Our Great Game,Given the awards a Body Swerve.Probably Still feeling Humiliated After Celtic gubbing them.Can just imagine the Cretins.Naw Wre no gon tae nae awards jus tae see Them winning Everything.Even there support SURRENDERED!!!


Tioc67…did you expect anything else from them…don’t be too disappointed though… it leaves room for more proper footballing people to attend 🙂

Too True Weered Too True




Ignore message above, posted an old post by accident.

The Cha

You got obits lined up for others like the news?

Good job one of them didn’t have to do a Mark Twain!

i read earlier on another site Mnti,I was guttied then realised

D'Fhinnein Mick

MONTI,Tam’s best pal died last week too.

Franny,The Barca Mole.

I’ll miss him,what a fella. I can’t think of a word to describe him,so I’ll stick with

What a Fella!

HH and R I P,Franny.

I’ll think of you every time I see a blue taxi,ya sod!!!!


R.I.P Tommy Gemmell…another giant gone…never forgotten…HH


I also am having a bad day….


I should have remembered Tommy Gemmell passed away recently…
He died the day before the first anniversary of my brothers death 🙂


Yes and I was at his funeral cortege as it passed around Cellic park, a long time hero of mine, watch oot for fake news. Sorry about your friend, terrible, just terrible.. RIP.


Mike… I replied to your reply earlier on yesterdays page


I see that now, Weered I guessed that, but it does not lessen the pain or the grief. Sometimes grief is heightened when a friend passes, it sounds stupid but sometimes when tragedy occurs quickly and shockingly their passing seems worse even than when families pass, it is so hard to bare. God bless him for having the bravery to fight for his cause.

We’re All Here For You,Weered.Keep the chin up m8


Mike and Tioc67…I am fine… It happened a long time ago.
The insensitive reply was ill considered and I just had to say something fitting and decisive…

I only ever talk about things I know about as I cannot be contradicted then…

I could tell stories about other incidents but they too bring back memories…

The past is for the historians the future is everyones


Hail Hail Weered.


Mike…I am just Weered…I am not worthy to be hailed as anything as I am not a hero I just survived relatively unscathed


Caption: He Nutall over my hand!


It was oan the bridge at midnight, oops an auld post of mine. 😉


mike thats a fuckin peach lmao


charlie…do ya think Mike was referring to an ex wife of a former Beatle?


a thought he was referring to dolly the sheep he he


Baaaaa humbugggery 🙂


Haw you, we all ken that it was Cynthia Lennon. 😉



‘That’s right Nige….and the folded bit of paper HAS disappeared! TADA!’


Haw Craigy, wid you like to buy the “Rangers” there going cheap, just for a pund, WTF is this aboot the wee tax case, oops sorry we forgot to tell you.
WTF is this aboot the big tax case, oops forgot to tell ya. What else have you forgot, eh well they are a bunch of cunts, what kinda cunts, stupid cunts. Tell us summit new.




OH Weered’s in love with Judy Murray,
but his arse is bealing,
especially after an Indian curry,
it was so hot, he lost all feeling,
and now his baws are hot and furry.
his affections have moved to Edwina Currie.


She does like playing with fluorescent green balls

Old Edwina is there anything she hasnt tried.


Major here, Major who? hiv ye made yer bed yet, ya daftie? 😉


Major here, yes Major bed!!! hiv ye made yer bed ya daft bugger?







Sevco 2012 GoinFor01.Wonder what the Odds are of Caixinha not lasting the end of next season.Soon as we Gub them,Again.The Glib One will have em resigned and Gone.


Tioc67…He will probably resign half way through next season due to ill health reasons caused by multiple embarrassments…

Chicken Ipox,And he stated he has the bst squad in the Premier.Wonder what he thinks now.They did beat Thistle so there confidence will be sky high.HH Weered


Caption, UKIP and I’ll dae the dishes. 😉


A correction, the Sevco mob did turn up at the PFA “do” but were turned away, apparently the function is for professional footballers only!

Weered, With regards to your response to my post about ‘ Modern Warfare ‘ on the other thread. I’ve been sitting looking at my post & still don’t see the bit where i’m cheapening your friends death? What i intended was a light hearted dig at you about playing ‘ war games ‘, certainly not to poke fun or mock your dead friend, i hope you believe that. If i hurt your feelings with my post then i certainly offer an apology, without hesitation. You guys who have lived through the troubles and suffered personal loss have my full support!… Read more »


Monti… Fair enough… The matter is closed 🙂

Good man!!

Rob O'Keeffe

Was told by colleague/drunk in pub that TRFC didn’t take their table because a staff member told Halliday that the Celtic players had lit a candle for them!!

Monti and Weered,glad you have made up especially on the day you both found out TG(the one and only) sadly passed away,loud cough,loud cough.HH


Me name is Tim McDonnell, i’m from the Emerald Isle,
I was born in Irelands bogs and left when but a child,
Me father fought for liberty so dear,
He fell upon old Vinegar Hill, like an Irish Volunteer.

Then raise the harp of Erin, bhoys, the flag we all revere,
We’ll fight and fall beneath the folds, like Irish Volunteers.


Here’s a thought! I have them ever so often. That is two matches in a row that Sevco supporters have entered the field of play……very naughty! Also, in spite of apparently violating several SFA rules, Sevco have interim approval for a European licence..also very naughty.

Can we brainstorm how we might raise objections to these actions, or how we might counteract them?


Rebus,in all honesty m8.The Injustice and absolute bias regarding Them.Even a blind man could see it.What i dont get is how not one Club or its Suppirters are up in arms about this Constant BS that gets waivered coz its Them.There must be sumthin that can be done

Neil Lennon was threatened Constantly.For all anyone knows.The SFA couldvevbeen heavily compromised and theyre living in fear.And terrified to involve the Authorities.Doubtful but who knows!!!Dave King gets his rotten feet under the table in Regans Office and they discuss,What Exactly!!!There is definitely something going on.Its not the first and it wont be the last.


With Celtic park, being the place to be according to all the players who have savoured the atmosphere,what needs to be done to grant us a grade a licence for to hold Eurooean finals. Is it only the reason that the teams and officials don’t have drive access into the heart of the stadium. What is it that Ibrokes has that we haven’t. Apart from the sfa of course. But what is it we need to do to get it done,as I’m sure Peter must be looking at this after the great work in n the Celtic way,the plans for… Read more »


According to others, a developed main stand additional seating of 10_12 thousand would let Celtic Park qualify for European finals. That must be the next step, along with the hotel.
Others may disagree, but looking in from the outside at Whyte’s trial and the financial shenanigans that the trial exposes, we should be glad that Minty, King and co are nowhere near Celtic Park. Blind ambition, corrupt bankers, criminals and a bilious support add to that a corrupt governing authority with a complicit press, a cabal of cunts that fully deserve one another. Thank God for the Tic.

Mike is it just down to attendances then say 70 k required for to host a final?


I believe so Jimmy, would we fill all the extra seats, from what I read, then yes, we would, think about that wee Fergus’s journey still continues. 20,000 more seats than the Kings of World fitba.

Mike,You hit the Nail right on the head m8.Its soooo rewarding just being a Tim.Watching The Crumble Dome empty in front of our own eyes long before the final whistle is blown.I remember That Mob at Paradise Doing Our Huddle now the shoes on the other foot.All we hear is,Our players were Goading Them after scoring with our Celebrations.Karma is a Beautiful Thing.HH GGAW!!!


Caption: Gottle of Geer, Gottle of Geer.
Said the dummy to the ventriloquist


Zlatan gets £365.000 pounds per week, Paul Pogbas agent gets £41 million pounds for facilitating his transfer to Man. Utd. Is the fitba. World crazy? How can that possibly be sustainable? Even with the Sky crazy money coming in by the bucket full, they Man. Utd. might not even qualify for the C.L. It just needs a draught instead of a storm to bring that lot crumbling down. Thinking back to the “Lions” time, when they were paid a paltry sum, it must be galling for them to think of the riches that they missed out on. How much is… Read more »

Mike, Auldheid and his brave comrades,have been vindicated,if nothing comes of this trial,at least the res12 guys can rest easy that they did all they could,and have been proved right.
Shame on our board if they don’t finish them off.


Jimmy it is doing my head in that the Board have not acted, from what I read they were ready to pull the trigger some weeks back, why did they stall? I have no idea, but these things appear in the wash, lets hope its after the Supreme Court ruling.


I just hope that Brendan gets in the players in the summer that he wants, players who will help us get to our next C.L. targets cos we are worth it and so is he, the outstanding job that he has done this year is quite extraordinary. The players have responded to him in a way that I have not seen since the legend that was Jock Stein, who galvanised the team and the support, you just have to look at the job he done at Dunfermilne and the Hibees to see the proof of his genius. MON, Brendan, we… Read more »

Build it and they will come


We answered Fergus call, we have answered Brendan’s. whenever the support have been asked they have answered in the positive that will continue. Next season another full house, my wee Grandson has a saying, catch me can Grandad, (wee bassa.) but let the rest try to catch us, after all their sons and daughters will all support the Tic.


The Lord Nimmo Smith ruling has been proved to be wrong, after the Supreme Court ruling, hopefully it will rule in the tax mans favour, if it does, get the titles removed, if that doesn’t happen then, what is the point of Scottish fitba?
Openess, transparency, honesty, without it then we are fecked.

Exactly m8, lets hope justice will come.


My bed awaits, I will answer its call, zzzzzzzzzzzzz.
nite all. God Bless and keep the faith.


Mike, the faith is kept 🙂


Evenin gents… We goin to make alterations to Parkhead now?

Main stand I think m8 building up to get European finals.


I suppose for everyone concerned a bigger stadium would be the way to go. For tv purposes bigger the better, for future proofing bigger is better…

Celtic are on the Up and Up.Going from Strength to Strength.Away punters coming to Paradise on a European Night most definitely leave our Magnificent Fortress,In Awe of Our Famous Support.A Club like No Other,A Suppirt 2nd to None.HH

also of course to supply the demand for our most better off fans.
Executive boxes etc

Just seen Phil macg has an interesting piece on it,though I wouldn’t want the Arabs involved in naming rights etc.
But it seems they are desperate to get involved after the GB flag display and the monies raised from the fans.
Have a look weered at his latest blog.


Will do jimmy… What’s GB flag display?

The Green Brigade M8 when they done the match the fine for Palestine display. Sorry It seems this opened the doors to the richness of the Arab world.


Jimmybee… Oh yes… It’s better to have them as friends… They have the power to do move mountains and monolith 🙂


Jimmybee… I guess business is the main concern… Keep the customer satisfied 🙂

It is m8 sadly now.

I’m off weered you take care m8


Cheer jimmy… Slan


You could imagine that sevco would ask the Orange Order for a few quid lol

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