Celtic Diary Monday May 8: SFA Still At It.

The Celts go marching on, to coin a phrase, and St. Johnstone found themselves trampled underfoot, putting a dent in their aspirations of european football that might require a letter to UEFA to increase their chances of entering.

It finished 4-1 and not only didn’t I see any of it, I had to find out the score from the returning Lennon CSC lads due to my trip down to Carmarthen to pick up another border collie puppy, a decision which is turning out to be right up there with Hitlers “the weather will be fine ” as he sent his troops towards Moscow.

Due to its rural location, Llangadog and the surrrounding area is served only by Radio 2, and the BBC don’t do Scottish football results anymore, but I worked out from the games non inclusion that the Celts had not been beaten, otherwise it would have got a mention.

As expected, Brendan Rodgers made a few changes for the game, and included Tony Ralston at right back, a sort of Keiran Tierney play-alike, only a bit bigger, and Michael Johnston, who made such an impressive debut that he was handed a new three year deal to sign while he was putting his jacket on to go home.

Well, sort of;

“It was literally straight after the final whistle. Once I got changed, I went straight in and got the deal signed.

“I knew it was happening and it all came on the right day. 

I know I can be a cynic, but thats just like Celtic, waiting until after the game in case he gets injured.

Image result for scrooge

Johnston, as we saw earlier in the week, had been attracting sides from down south, but he’ll stay at Celtic for the time being as he wants to make a career in the game.

Interestingly, there were five Academy players involved on Saturday, which shows that although the club will be shopping for young players elsewhere who can’t break through, there are no such barriers in place for our own.

Rodgers said afterwards;

“With young players it’s just about timing I’ve always given young players an opportunity.

“I want to ensure they go in with other good players at the right time and put them in against a team that’s a test. I don’t want them to be comfortable. I think that’s important.

“Anthony was absolutely outstanding. He really impressed me as a 17-year-old and I took him away pre-season. I liked what I saw.

“Young Mikey came in to replace Scott Sinclair which is never easy, but I thought he did very well. He’s a very exciting player and fast.

“He’s still got a lot of growth in him but he’s dynamic and when he becomes a bit better on final pass and adds goals he’s going to be a big talent.”

There’s just three games now in which to avoid defeat to get that unbeaten league season-starting with the toughest one, Aberdeen away on Friday.

Aberdeen have all but secured second place now, as their main challengers are “rangers “, and they  seemed quite content to have earned a place in Europe having beaten Partick 2-1.

It could be the Glasgow air, but a bewildered Firhill support watched on as “rangers ” went a little doo lally with their celebrations.

Image result for partick 1 rangers 2

Fans ran onto the pitch , and we also saw the most ineffective steward of all time, possibly broguht in from ibrox, as he tried to stem the tide.

steward at Firhill

We hear he was deep in negotiations with Pedro Caixinha, this months Ibrox manager, about a role as a deep lying midfielder.

With the Ibrox side now in a league position that means they have qualified on merit for Europe, there remains the question about adherence to Financial Fair Play.

As it stands, they have been granted a licence by the SFA, who know little about fair play, but ho understand fully how to pretend they do.

With  revelations  given on oath in court recently that the previous Ibrox incarnation had an overdue payable tax bill, which contradict SFA chief Stewarts Regan’s view that it was in dispute, it can no longer be denied that Regan isn’t fit for purpose.

Yet still no comment on the issue.

Its over a week since objects were thrown at Celtic players, including a supporter, at Ibrox.

Yet still  no comment on the issue.

Its over a week since Scott sinclair was racially abused by two “rangers ” fans.

Yet still no comment on the issue.

Last Wednesday, Regan met with Dave King, the convicted fraudster who is fleecing “rangers ” fans..

Yet still no comment on the issue.

However, when Celtic criticised the SFA for giving the club less tickets for the Cup Final than opponents Aberdeen, they cam flying out of the traps..

The Scottish FA notes the comments made by Celtic Football Club in relation to the William Hill Scottish Cup Final ticket allocation.

The allocation of tickets has been handled in full consultation with both participating clubs and the available seating at Hampden Park will be split on a 50/50 basis, as has been standard practice in previous cup finals where a sell-out crowd is anticipated.

It should also be noted that one of the reasons Celtic will potentially receive fewer tickets than Aberdeen is that the East Stand, Celtic’s preferred stand for Scottish Cup matches at the National Stadium, contains fewer seats than the West Stand.

In addition, the ‘football family’, made up of Scottish FA members, commercial partners, other recognised football organisations and staff, have the right to buy match tickets for the final.

This has impacted on the number of tickets the clubs will receive to sell to their supporters with demand for tickets in the Celtic areas outweighing that of the Aberdeen areas.

I wonder if they’ll note my response to this example of selective hearing..

Image result for fuck off

Recent actions-or inactions-have shown that the current SFa is right up there with previous incarnations. The liquidation of their club has affected them deeply, and they want nothing more than to have them back.

Until they can fill the vacancy at Hampden for a proven medium to hold seances, they have settled for their traditional tactic of helping their favourites and riding roughshod over any opposition.

Well, just ignoring it to be more accurate.

With a compliant media in place, its up to us, the support, to do something about it.

The trial of Craig Whyte is expected to last for twelve weeks. Not by me, I reckon the judge will chuck it out soon as there seems to be a meandering tone  to  the prosecution which isn’t focusing on the charge.

If clubs are planning to oppose the issue of a licence to “rangers ” by using the FFP rules, they can’t wait for this trail to finish.

They must act now.

The SFA , and their pals at the lodge, must not be allowed to flaunt the rules that the rest of the clubs have had to abide by.

Lets not have a situation where everyone turns around afterwards and says

“I thought you were doing it ”

This matter concerns everyone. not just Hearts or St. Johnstone, as one of them will now not feature in Europe, but everyone else.

Everyone who plays the game, everyone who watches the game, and everyone who pays, directly or indirectly, into the game.

To get you in the mood, CQN published an excellent reminder of the SFA at their best, at a time when it was revealed in court, on oath,  that Rangers, had they not won the league that season, would have gone bust.

Honest Mistakes 2010

Read it, it takes a while, but its what one might call a “required read ”

Time has a way of dulling the senses, but this piece wakens them up again.

At the PFA awards last night, Pedro Caixinha and Derek McInnes were shamefully overlooked as thius man won the Manager of the Year Award..

He joins a few others who have earned the admiration of their peers..


That was on the field…its time now for those off the field and behind the scenes to do their bit.

No amount of success matters if the game is broken.


Caption from Saturday

An astute and welcome observation that cannot be ignored..

IRISHGUY May 6, 2017 at 8:16 am · Edit · Reply


I could not in good conscience post a slogan on this, the guy might be looking in, use it, and WIN …lol 


Before I go,  we have an early, but nonetheless powerful, contender for Knob of the Week.



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‘Did yees see the nick o thay wankers at Firhill yesterday?’


Watched that awful game yesterday, found them hilariously funny stole a win over a very average thistle team and celebrated like it was the champions league final

Partick should have fucked them m8, they had the chances!

Yep they were there for the Humping.Thistle coulda Had Them.But the Ending Was ……….Definitely Unscripted.Sorta Oot The Bloo.lol!.Need some neck to react like that against such opposition.

I thought they were making a new Horror film ‘ The Maryhills have eyes ‘!


Monti… 🙂


Excellent Ralphy, Has there ever been a better time to be a Cellic supporter, mid sixties under big Jock excluded. You run out of compliments to say about Brendan and his team, the new and the existing players who have expressed a talent that many of us never saw. The only one to be revealed was the young players coming through, some supporters would know about them and some including myself, not. But there we are, an extremely happy time to be a Cellic supporter. What is the point of the SFA, sectarian singing, racist noises, pitch invasions, pyrotechnics, Res.… Read more »


Politics is such a nasty game,
it corrupts your thoughts, addles the brain,
leaving your heart with an indelible stain,
why can they not, just refrain.

That your soul, takes all the blame,
leaving your mind crippled and lame,
you lose your identity, your very name,
your integrity, going down the drain.

Your mental health, your heart in terrible pain,
your mind clouds over from sun to rain,
Clear out, get a new life, get another game,
does it matter, after all we are all the same.

Steven R

Caption: BBC Scotland assist Sevco financially by sending Jack, Victor, and Winstons along to Used-to-be Murray Park to film and upcoming episode of Still Game. This episode features Methadone Mick getting a job as the new Sevco Director of Football, and turns out to be a much better player than all of the current Sevco team combined.

D'Fhinnein Mick

Ralph, I hope you have forwarded those to Paddy Power. Eejit could do wi some jail time for fraud. Those honest mistakes sure make some reading. I recall the match where McCurry booked nine of us before he got round to booking a hun. I watched it with an über-hun mate-who doesn’t really mention football these days!-and even he was disgusted. That was the season before,IIRC. Soon as The Legned returned,the message went out. If you value your career as a ref-and mibbe one or two other important things,like kneecaps-you know what to do. Few if any needed much encouragement.… Read more »


Junior members of the Lennon CSC committee have a pre-AGM pint – Yes, just the 1 between them.



Remember the days lads…we beat Patrick Thistle twice in one season at Firhill.

It’s a shame the grandwaens are tims eh, sighhhhhhh. Oh, think I’ve just shit masel, again!!! Sighhhhh


I should be most interested to hear what possible rationale you have for the decision to give Aberdeen 700 more tickets in view of the following considerations: • 50-50 splits worked for the two Celtic v Rangers matches staged at Hampden this season; • Aberdeen were unable to fill their end in the semi-final against Hibernian; • Aberdeen were unable to sell all their tickets for the League Cup final in November; • A 50-50 split of tickets was in operation at the League Cup final; • Repositioning barriers in the north stand should not beyond the wit of man;… Read more »


Some of my orignal post seems to have gone missing; this is what I ssent to the SFA yesterday evening having been so incensed by the latest silly decision to come out of Hampden. This is the text of my e-mail minus my opening comment.


The club that gets done out of European football because of Sevco must complain and create a massive stink about it, others must support them as their brothers in the SEA will do everything to ensure Sevco go thru.

D'Fhinnein Mick


I reckon the first team drawn against them will complain to UEFA. SFA are really playing with fire,IMO.

Rob O'Keeffe

Check out the piece on The Celtic Blog about Sevco hitting rock bottom,the video of the “celebrations” was accompanied by Benny Hill theme tune,feckin hilarious.
Two points Ralph,do you “work” for the SFA? missing posts,replies not appearing etc making us look rude and secondly,slagging the ONE poor steward overwhelmed by bams that usually walk alongside their “parades” and by the best squad in the league joining in!
Archibald should’ve got MOTY for lying down to Sevco,pesky Tims,who win everything and still moan about getting diddled out of allocations,racism etc

Rob O'Keeffe

Caption:Ralph goes to see a man about buying a dog??

D'Fhinnein Mick

Where was that game held-a prison compound? Look at the buildings in the background.

Bloody hell,desolate.


Caption…… “Eh guys, I think we got off at the wrong stop” So as has been revealed to Mike Ashley in a court of law GASL is not and has not been classed as fit and proper by the SFA,( their own admission ) is the chairman of a holding company not affiliated to the SFA / SPFL but is in fact just a shareholder of the Govan Club. Surely now our R12 boys as shareholders must demand an audience with Regan, his only speak to the Club mantra is no longer viable. Demand a meeting and watch him squirm… Read more »


As debuts go, Armstrong’s debut for Scotland was fantastic, likewise Mikey Johnstone’s on Saturday was I thought brilliant, I have always been a big fan of young Ralston at R.B. He has that air of physicality that bodes well.Hope you make it at Celtic.
So well done son,let’s have another one.

puggy 67

Caption: The winning submission to redesign the roof at Ibrox is unveiled.

Seen the Sevconian Hoardes Giving It We Gubbed Thistle Yasssss.Then having a Mini Oranje Pitch Tantrum.FFS How Embarrassing to even be Associated with these Deluded Cretinous Vermin.If They get intae European Competition,Every Other Club must Back Up the Honest Club thats losing its Euro Place.GET CORRUPTION TF OUT OF OUR GAME!!SFA INCLUDED!!HH GGAW

I never watched their game but i caught the Orc pitch invaders..lol
What on earth were they celebrating for? jumping up and down like a spoilt kid who isn’t getting money for the ice cream van lol

Jesus wept!!

Seen the Pitch Invasion!.At first i thought King had Won the Euro Millins lol but Nope,They Actually beat the Mighty Thistle.Too much excitement for so Little progress.Shows Just what it means to be a Cretinous Zombie.My Wee Dog was even embarrassed at there Behaviour.

Frank McGaaaarvey

Think it might have been a double celebration-they would also have been cheering the Tory gains in the election. “Whit a joyous time tae be a cream bun”!

I’m sure I saw that wee poisonous slimy turd Ruth Davidson attempting a bouncy among the hordes yesterday as well.


I’ve always had a crush on Joie Garner, knew he could pull it off.
Celtic Park on Saturday, fantastic day Ralphie, both Johnston and Ralston look good and under BR can only get better..
Things are bad at the midden when they celebrate scudding Partick, sad bastards.
Regarding the SFA, the board should get a spine and raise issues regarding player safety, also their ongoing incompetence.


Caption, Clint Hill, substitute, still going for 55.


Caption: April 2018, C’mon the gers! I wish my grandson was here…



Ralph, I am racking whatever brains I have left to think of an effective way to challenge the corruption in Scottish Football. You tried the change.org petition and, sadly, got a very small response. Given the number of Celtic supporters alone, it was rater pathetic. One has to question the determination of some to actually change anything in the game. I firmly believe Celtic supporters are tackling this issue pretty much on their own. I am convinced that, except for a very few, other fans still see the problem as one between Celtic and “rangers” and are either apathetic or… Read more »

Sadly PB we are on our own. Without the board leading the charge then any other protest is futile. Some want to see it at cup final day,a green brigade protest,but why should it be left to the GB?. The board should be leading the charge,I’m tired of wait and see attitude from them. They can’t keep depending on the fans to highlight the cheating that has/is going on within the powers of Scottish football. We have not reached major tournament finals,we have one of the worst television deals in any league in Europe,we paid a broadcaster to show one… Read more »



Nor do I. It can only mean money talks louder than honesty.


Caption,One Old Timer tae Another,Here ah thought Oldco were The Cheating Fuds of Our Lovely Game,So who the fck are These Bozo,s playing in a dead Clubs Strip.Is that even Legal.(Impersonating a Dead Club).Ye sure thats Kooz shit am smelling n no That Lot.

The Cha

“Oh Mikey, Mikey Johnston,
Mikey Johnston on the wing”

No pressure then.

If he is even half as Magestic as Our Wee Jinky,Bhoy are we in for a Treat.HH


Caption: Murray tells Regan and Doncaster “… At least I have a pot to piss in…”


Caption… Murray says… “…Lads… I’ve sold much worse for a quid…”


Caption: “You know, I once had a season ticket for the original Rangers. Ah, how times have changed”.

Caption: Glad we are no ooer the other end,they’ve even less seats than us.


Caption: “The wife was telling me that the pubs are open on Sundays now and I don’t have to come down here to get a beerwife. I laughed she must think I’m daft.”


Uralius…I sent an additional reply to your enquiry about football here in NI


Remember them Monsieur Macron,
some of our forefathers, still rest upon,
the fields of France, from east to west,
they gave their lives, now lye at rest.

For freedom for France, for Les Bleu,
they died in their thousands, for me and for you,
Freedom from tyrany,oppression, extermination,
you relied upon, their brave determination.

So remember their selfless sacrifice,
the one that came at the ultimate price,
For Europe they fought so hard to save,
So very young, their lives they gave.

Read the roll of honour of Ireland’s bravest men,
We shall be united in memory of the ten, England you’re a monster don’t think that you have won,
We will never be defeated while Ireland has her sons.
Throughout the streets of Ulster the black flags did sadly wave,
To salute ten Irish Martyrs the bravest of the brave,
Their souls cry out REMEMBER their deaths were not in vain
Fight on and make their homeland a nation once again!


So, they also died in their thousands, on the fields of France, Scottish English, Welsh and Irish, not for England but to help save the people of EUROPE, or do they not count? of course they do. Irish people including my own family, gave their lives to help save France, Holland, Belgium and all the other European countries, from the militaristic Germans.
That has got fuck all to do with a United Ireland, cos my family also fought for the Irish in Ireland. But you be selective with your empathy, because they ALL matter to me!

Mike The Germans fought against the Jewish bansters and Great Britain Past the Balfour Declaration for the AshkeNazi Jews to Have Israel.The Rothschilds are the Ones with Blood on there hands.Look at Palestine.Is it any Wonder this World is how it is.Only the Victors Write History.But Then Most of our history Isnt What People Know or Think.


Yes Tioc you are right the victors do put out their own version of the truth, the winners prerogative. Your heart cries out for the people of Palestine, the reason why the Irish people show such empathy towards them, any normal feeling society would. I never read the hun sites but from what I hear from people that do, they are so wrapped in their World of hatred, that their bile spews out from them. Unlike the Tim sites, which show a degree of intelligence, except Monti that is, his heed is that big, his brain, small that it is,… Read more »

To really understand both sides of how the War Happened.There is an absolute eye opener of a Video on Youtube Titled.The Greatest Story Never Told.We defeated the Wrong Enemy.Our Enemies have tentacles in every fibre of our very existance.


Will try to view that Tioc. cheers.

I hope your empathy stretches to the German soldiers who lost their lives in war?

You been watching your Dads Army box set?
Be singing Rule Britannia next…..


Like my family who fought in both World wars, they had nothing but respect for the ordinary German soldiers, except Adolf, because he was a “Rangers” supporter.lol.
I was never really interested in the second World war, but was/am wholly immersed in the first. so my auld Grandad was in the Dads Army, they dinny like it up them so they dinny.
Rule Britannia, is that no a new board game?

Mike,The Greatest Story Never Told is just short of Five Hours Long M8.There are a few shorter versions though.It is well worth a look.

It’s no my fault you can’t put your pants on the right way 🙂

lolol,Awrite Monti m8

Germansare a Very Proud People.But how we have percieved them is Misleading Monti.


Still think ma pants are oan back to front, hard to scratch your bawbees. 😉

Your bawz are bound to be around your kneecaps 🙂


If I wis a wummin, it would be ma tits around my kneecaps. 😉

TiocFaidh ArLa,


Tomorrow must be, but it is our past, that we have to learn from and to remember the brave sacrifice of those before us, they must not be allowed to be forgotten. They did what they had to do, for themselves and for their families to survive.

Mike There,s No Winners in War.


For me the obscenities of war/conflict was witnessing a friend mouthing the words, “mummy Mummy, after being shot in the head. Then after he was taken by ambulance, seeing a dog licking his blood and brain matter…
Nothing glorious there I can assure you!


How true Tioc, only the arms manufacturers win, the good auld USA went into WW1 with not much in the way of World recognition, sold a fortune in arms and armaments and came out at the end of the war as the new leaders of the economic World.
I am so very disappointed in the U.N. they were set up to stop all wars but due to the voting rights have became ineffectual.
In our World WE are the winners of the fitba. World, the motto being, play fair, pay your dues and then the good Bhoys win. Thanks be to Brendan.

You been playing ” Modern Warfare ” again?


Weered a question that I meant to ask you was immigration in Ireland, is it a big inward nett migration, or is it still the other way, just curious that’s all?


Caption: circa 2092: Exciting times ahead for our 3 volunteer stewards as Honest Mista We Really Really Ure The Same Rangurs FC (2092) – currently lying 13th in the Govan Over 50’s Sunday Pub League Division 4- line up against league leaders Tall Cranes Goven Emerald Reserves.

(Rumours their grandchildren are currently at CP have been denied)

puggy 67

Caption: this is pish, let’s put some wheels on a bath and crash into something.


Ah Puggy…brilliant.

Caption: I remember sitting here watching the likes of Gasgoine,Laudrup, Flo, whit the fuck happened!!!!!!

Caption: Clint Hill and Kenny Miller get a seat on the bench at pre season training. Pedro gets a pint.


puggy, brilliant ! Holmfirth F. C.

Rob O'Keeffe

Breaking football news: Celtic were offered the old “ranjurz” end at Hampden and turned it down(wonder why?).Pesky,moaning Tims,winning bloody everything,that’ll teach you.
Even if TRFC get the OK to “try” to qualify for the Europa Group Stage,they might have gone under by then when Ashley defeats them in court so don’t panic.
Will Pedro get manager of the month for “managing”to win a game 2-1,with ONE shot on goal in 94 minutes,must be a first.GF44



I am not sure that MA would wish Sevco to go under. He has a nice agreement in place that makes money for him. Killing Sevco, kills the deal!
His objectives may be more modest, including housecleaning the board and gaining more control of the running of the club.

I do not think Mike will let emotions get in the road of access to a money making venture.


Celtic By Numbers

As the theme is people still at it a very late posting for a review of the TRFC 1 Celtic 5 game! This was supposed to be posted up here last week – technical issues??

Anyway – enjoy – everyone needs a 5-1 fix now and again.



Caption: Ffs the wee sub that was sitting at the end of the bench, has just went flying overhead,because you two fat dicks sat doon.

9 days………

Caption: Ohh ffs that wee sub that was sitting at the end has just went flying,when you two fat dicks sat doon.


What’s the chat for Malones for the cup final? Who is going as we need tickets. £5. Rebs all day. I’ve 10 behind the bar but will need more if there is a good few from here.

I’ll be there Bgbhoy!


Canny go Bgbhoy, going to a family wedding in Fraserburgh, no mine, but will toast you all from afar. 😉

A fucking wedding on cup final day?
I’d be telling them tae get fucked m8!

Cancel the Wedding.Its the obvious thing to do?lol


Hugh67 you going to be about?

Im not a drinker BgBhoy.Hopefully i can get a ticket for the Game.My Nephews always in about GB.Failing That,I,ll no doubt show face.Hampden In The Sun,Would’ve been sweeter facing The Cretins in the Final.But There is only One Winner!!!

Mike was fucking going until you mentioned it was £5 a ticket 🙂




Thats a Half Bottle of Buckie £5

Fuck knows how anyone can drink that shite lol

Last drink i ever had,Was That stuff.It was my first and last time taking it.Im sure they Monks cut there Toenails into it aswell.i call it a Bottle of Who the Fck you looking At.I dont drink at All.

he’s only going for the scrammal be doon after he knocks the weans oot the road.

Get a £5 in change then doon to Malones


Monti… No I was not playing it I but was living in it.

Please do not try to make this type of cheap remark about this guys death.






Weered just thinking about what you says is very very sad,Calling for his Mummy.Really Sad m8.Wars!!No one Needs Them.


Tam the tim

Went to a wedding cup final day 1970 against the sheep. The photos when we heard what was going on at the match were hilarious. We were all in a state of shock. And the bridegroom missed the semi with Leeds on the Wednesday night. Talk about good planning, eh?


MA mate got married on Scottish cup final day early 80’s a think. Aboot 15 of us got back in time for the reception, he was ragin we never attended the service as invited. Priorities man, priorities.
MON THE HOOPS !!!!!!!!!!!



I see the silly season is starting early with all sorts of rumoours flying around about who we should sign for next season. The Transfer Tavern is pushing a young centre, Enes UNal(19) who has had a good season for Twente in the Netherlands.His rights are owned by Man City and since we have shopped there before, that is a strong enough rationale for suggesting that he is a target. We have Dembele and Griffiths plus Aitchison coming through. IN addition, we played successfully without a striker for a few games. Why should we sign another striker? If Dembele moves….OK,… Read more »

We need to stop developing players for Man City…..we aren’t Charlton….we are CELTIC!


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