Celtic Diary Tuesday May 2: Jings! Crivvens! It's Sundays Past

Celtic Diary Tuesday May 2: Jings! Crivvens! It’s Sundays Past

At one time , the Sunday Post, the DC Thomson weekly had a place in the Guinness book of Records as the only paper to achieve near saturation of its target audience, the people of Scotland.

Arguably, its decline over the years has been in tandem with a policy of removing the word Scotland from that marketing tactic, and instead , concentrating on “the people ”

As, indeed , it could be argued , that all the papers in Scotland do.

On Sunday, they took a step beyond balanced reporting and perhaps, well, at least one of them, betrayed their outlook on life.

The Post had marketed itself as a family paper, including the famous cartoon section, featuring Oor Wullie, a seven or eight year old boy, who caused mischief by sitting on a bucket and pinching apples. Then a big copper would catch him, clip him around the ear, and he’d be grounded until the following week, when he’d sit on his bucket, pinch apples etc.

Judging by the stance taken in this piece, its a good job he isn’t black. The copper would have shot the poor kid, and the locals would have dragged his parents behind a horse before hanging them from the very apple trees that had started the palaver in the first place.

That last paragraph….

All thats missing are the words “boy “, “uppity ” and “picaninny ”

Thank the lord there were no white women around who had to see this unashamed display of singing and dancing.

It’s only fifty years or so since African American blacks , many of whom had fought against a totalitarian system that made Jews sit on different benches, whilst living in a society that operated in exaclty the same way towards them, were allowed to sit anywhere they wanted on a bus.

Or to eat in any restaurant they fancied, or indeed get a job in a profession they had studied for.

The Sunday Post , in its many “features”, such as the “As We See It ” editorial, hankers after the good old days, where you could leave your doors unlocked, where neighbours were there for each other, and when blacks, Irish and other immigrants knew their place.

This time, they’ve gone too far.

The intimation is that Scott Sinclair deserved to be taunted by the fellow in the crowd who made the monkey gestures.

Similarly, Neil Lennon would bring letter bombs, assaults-on and off the pitch-on himself as he, too , was “provocative”.

Innocent until proven Irish.

A phrase that is easily adapted to insert the word “black ”


Racism, sectarianism, sexism …they are all still features of our modern twenty first century society. More so in certain sections of Scottish society than the tartan clad “Wha’s Like Us ” brigade would have you believe.

There’s a reason why no one is “Like Us ” .

No one wants to be.

When the Sunday Post , and many others like it, show their true feelings from a position of influence, then it looks like we could wait another twenty one centuries before society finally realises we all live and breath the same air in exactly the same way and therefore should all be respected in the same way.

To us, thats just common sense.

Anyone who thinks differently has yet to master the art of thinking.

It’s one thing to encounter such ignorance on the street, or in a bar, but to come across it in a national newspaper which claims to have family values…

In 2017 , its simply unacceptable.