Celtic Diary Friday April 28: Brown Rested for Ibrox

Well, he’s had a busy week, and Brendan Rodgers might be thinking that he should save his inspirational captain for the games where the unbeaten season might be under threat.

Browns eventful few days culminated in the downgrading of his red card earned for a foul on Ross County’s Liam Boyce, which was deemed a yellow, and now he’ll have to wait for his suspension. However, he’ll be available for tomorrows match at Ibrox, but to further emphasise the chasm between the two glasgow sides, he’ll be rested, and Rodgers will call on another international midfielder to fill in.

Or not.

But it would be funny if he did…

And it sounds like Rodgers could do with a chuckle, its alright offering constructive criticism, but in a week where Celtic have secured two trophies and advanced to a cup final, maybe he should have cut the under 17s some slack..

The under-17s final was a poor game. In terms of Scottish football the standard was awful. “There were some good players in both teams and the kids won, which was great, and there was two or three moments of quality. But the overall level of quality wasn’t good. I have seen some good kids up here and it’s a good level. But they would have to play better football than that.

Miserable sod. Give them the trophy back then.

He was a little more complimentary about the under 20s..

“The under-20s the other night was a good game. They showed good tactical awareness and played at a good level, in terms of speed, organisation with their pressing, they got the ball back quickly and were fast getting forward. It was good. The progress will come with the 17s but we need to influence it even further down to eventually produce it at the top level. There’s a big difference if you want to produce players for Scotland that allows the national team to do well. “I’m new here but it’s my job to help. We have brilliant coaches here at youth level with Chris [McCart] overseeing it, Tam McIntyre and Michael [O’Halloran] with the 17s, their assistants, they have great enthusiasm and energy. But we’re trying to take a different path.”

Ah, he’s just burbling again. He does that from time to time, but as football is a results business, and he’s getting the results, he could tell us that “rangers ” are the same club, the SFA are doing a fine job and that he’s going to bring back Dorus De Vries as first choice keeper and we’d just nod and agree.

Well, maybe not the latter.

Looking ahead to tomorrows game, Rodgers tried to summon up some enthusiasm to sell the fixture, but was clearly struggling..

“When I have watched the games that have been [under Caixinha], they haven’t really been a high-pressing team. If you think of the Aberdeen game [Rangers won 3-0 at Pittodrie three weeks ago], they sat in [inviting pressure], and only in certain situations they would come and press it. If they feel the need to press and disrupt our organisation, it can also be dangerous because behind that then leaves a big space and we have speed to break into it. “I am sure their supporters will demand that they be better, they will want to be better, but we want to be better. We want to improve, to be better than what we were in our performance level but they are always great games.”

Their supporters aren’t that bothered about their team doing any better. They’re currently expressing their displeasure at the result of the SFA meeting that allowed Scott Brown to get a yellow instead of a red..

Apparently, part of that is that Peter Lawwell, Opus Dei and Jesus Christ himself now control Scottish football, and they have proof!

Not only that, FIFA have confirmed that Celtic don;t have to release Patrick Roberts !

Oh wait, they mean for the U20 world Cup, but its another sign we have friends in high places..

Image result for jesus thumbs up

This all combines to instill a little venom amongst supporters of Scotlands newest club, and over on one of their more legible forums, the rage is not difficult to find..

Originally Posted by Elvis View Post
It’s been coming. In all walks of Scottish life and not just football. People need to understand that a certain RC element is now entrenched in sport, politics and the media and this won’t change unless the apathy levels drop and we do something about it. The first opportunity is at the forthcoming election. After that we need to ensure that media organisations that will take a balanced, neutral view point are supported by us financially. Finally we need our club that to attack the SFA where our own interests are concerned. Where a ban is placed on a player we should be taking it to court if necessary, if only to demonstrate the inconsistency and favouritism that seems to exist for a certain club. We need to make more of this out with our borders to ensure the SFA are seen as a laughing stock for the double standards the obviously hold and how their interests in one team are doing nothing to promote the national game, progression of the national side or showing the game as a whole in an attractive light. 
Originally Posted by Meldy View Post
It seems that we are all feeling a bit worn down and almost a kind of acceptance is in the air with what we’ve been through in the last few years. We need to get the “protest” back into Protestant and start to fight back again 
Originally Posted by Bigmother View Post
Gilmour the ex chairman of St Mirren said on radio that Lawell ran Scottish football. Our board should too. We should have banners at every TV game. Bombard papers and phone ins. It’s up to all of us. Pointless just moaning about it on FF.
Image result for please do
It goes on in pretty much the same vein, and no one seems to offer a sensible solution, until we get to the real idiots..
One guy not only hit the nail on the head, he also showed us what one of their acronyms really means..
Here we see the next stage of the grief process.
We’ve had denial, we’ve had blame, and now we have self pity. That feeling that maybe one could have done a little more to either make the last few days of a loved one more comfortable, or perhaps even delayed the inevitable end.
I contacted this guy to offer my sympathies, but it was too late.
Image result for head explode gif
In fact, it looks like they’re all at this stage, including their manager..

“You are seeing someone who is clear, frontal and open but everyone has his own limit. When I feel I am not being respected I’m not going to respect. I’m polite, I’m educated but I’m a f***ing tough guy.”

 “What I said is that when I’m defending my club – the way I’m defending Rangers now – they are the best club in the world. My board and my management are the best in the world so that also means that my players and my squad are the best in the world.

“I have explained this since the very beginning. They give the best in the world and they give the best in Scotland. It’s clear now? 

Image result for shocked baby face

What time is the first flight to Portugal after Saturdays game ?

Just asking…

Meanwhile, over in Portugal, Lisbon to be exact, John Clark unveiled a plaque at the Estadio Nacional..
There was also a rumour doing the rounds about next seasons strip. The 67 inspired hoops.
It’s a fake.
We’re going with a similar style to this one,
Image result for orange with a blue sash
To go with the new strips, the club are hot on the heels of some new players.
We talked on last nights podcast about Bojan Krkic, who has improved his game for Mainz now that hos favoured move to Celtic is back on the cards.
Next in line for a few years in Glasgow could be  FC Utrecht right-back Giovanni Troupee. It probably won’t happen, as its been reported in the mainstream media, but even a stopped clock is right twice a day , so it’s possible.
Image result for giovanni troupee
or is this him ?
Image result for giovanni troupee
Google it. you’ll see what I mean.

Giovanni Troupee



180 cm

71 kg

19 years (1998-03-20)

Netherlands Netherlands

Giovanni Troupee

FC Utrecht

Giovanni Troupee

  • Club FC Utrecht
  • Age 19 years
  • Height 180 cm
  • Weight 71 kg
  • Goals / Assists 3/2
  • Yellow / Red card 5/0 

The question is whether Giovanni Troupée next season is still on display at FC Utrecht. The right back is enjoying the interest of clubs from England and Germany.

From the Premier League take Bournemouth and Middlesbrough operations of Troupée closely watched and Bundesliga club Eintracht Frankfurt sends weekly scout to the Netherlands, reports Eleven Football . Additionally hopes the Scottish champions Celtic on the arrival of the youth international, who this season are breakthrough experiences at Utrecht.

Well, if we sign one of them they can keep the other.
Personally, I’d keep an eye on this story…

As reported by The Times, Manchester City could be set to lose one of their brightest prospects with contract talks stalling between the club and Tosin Adarabioyo.

What’s the story?

The young defender’s contract is up at the end of the season and with a fresh agreement having not been reached, City are facing losing him for just compensation and development costs.

That’s what The Times say anyway, and they reckon there’s no breakthrough in sight on a new deal despite the club rating him highly.


The situation is said to have alerted the likes of Celtic, Everton, Paris Saint-Germain and RB Leipzig.

Is he the next young star ready to make a splash at the Hoops?  

Er, who is he ?

Abdul-Nasir Oluwatosin “Tosin” Adarabioyo (born 24 September 1997) is an English professional footballer who plays as a defender for Premier League club Manchester City

At fifty pence a letter on the back of replica shirts, it won’t take long before he pays for himself.

Adarabioyo joined the youth system at Manchester City aged five.[4] He made his U18 debut for the club aged 14 and was captaining the U18s aged 16.[4][5] On 21 February 2016, Adarabioyo made his first-team debut in an FA Cup match against Chelsea.[6] He made his Champions League debut on 24 August 2016, as a substitute in a 1–0 win over Steaua București, in a Champions League play-off round match.[7]

Image result for tosin adarabioyo
We’re keeping his face a secret for now, to keep the SMSM out of the loop.
It’s that time of week again. That time when we single out and reward someone for rising above the usual level of tripe we see out there, and name him-or her- as the Etims

 Knob Of The Week  

For the first time, we don’t actually have a name for you.

Thats because he or she must remain anonymous.

The juror who fell ill yesterday and caused the postponement of the Craig Whyte trial. Seriously, how much fun has be put the knackers on by declaring himself too unwell to attend.

If it were I, indeed i would have rolled in my my knackers rather than miss the latest instalment.

Or cause anyone else to miss it.

Sir, or madam, you are this weeks Etims

Knob Of The Week


Finally, I know I don;t have to remind you of this, but its worth saying nonetheless.
Don’t judge a man by his skin colour, his religion or his ethnicity. Thats what the police are there for.
which brings us neatly to our caption competition from yesterday…
IRISHGUY April 27, 2017 at 12:52 pm · Edit · Reply


COP ..” Take the shot goddamit,take the shot Now!!!!!!!!  

and to todays…

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Majic Ralphy just majic, just one complaint, could you plese supply me with a hearing loop for the podcast’s, I canny hear a thing, haw, haw. 😉

Rob O'Keeffe

Good for you Brendan slagging the weans,that’ll make training fun today.Don’t slag the big Bhoys for some pretty inept performances over the last couple of months,blame pitches,wind speeds etc.
I believe I wiz robbed of the caption,same as Una usually is! I also spoke about the “unwell”juror,am I morphing into Agent Pedro?
Great to see we have become the Establishment Club,finally,I can die a Hhappy Mhann(hopefully not before Treble Day).

john young

Rob I totally agree with BR the under-17s was hellish nothing but blooter football and the under-20s not much better,what the fcuk are the coaches doing,there was hardly one redeeming feature from either game,they just haven,t improved at all,if you do not have the basics of control/pass/move what is the point.



Guess Who ..?

So, Rob O’ Keefe, who’s the little tattle tale telling teacher stories out of school?

You like running to the master for the Big Wooden Spoon ..?
Is that your ‘thang’ ..?


Getting auld is such a bitch,
if your poor or if your rich,
like a scratch you canny itch,
you’ve survived, so far, without a glitch,

Hearing gone, hair gone white,
skin is wrinkly, losing your sight,
your strength eroding losing might,
lambing by day and by night.

Broken bones, arthritis pain,
caused by ferming’s wind and rain,
seeing new life born again,
life is good in the main.

Lambs a gambolling, having fun,
of precious days, in the sun,
crops a growing, tall and strong,
life is good, where I belong.


Mike… I just noticed this poem…

First class Excellence


Cheers Weered.


Mike… it it for all the 60 somethings 🙂


I suppose if the cap fits,AND YA CAN REMEMBER WHERE YOU LEFT IT…:


Some are pushing up the daises and some are——-
Wee’l gather lilacs in the spring, Daaaling and some are pushing seventy and some (no names) are ower seventy.



That is first class. Stand up Mike Burns!



or Montgomery Burns from the “Simpsons” 😉


Or was the juror the fud that was questioned outside the High Court by the filth for verbally abusing White? And so the smart money moves to mis trial!

Martin MacDermot

CAPTION: Competition for Knob of the Week reaches fever pitch.

I hope you do no mind me providing a link to the latest Celtic By Numbers piece – on Callum McGregor. http://celticbynumberscom.ipage.com/water-carrying-for-galacticos/

If this is considered spamming or inappropriate for the site, please let me know and I will desist!

Still thinking on a caption!


Very interesting! The stats confirm my impressions of McG. He is one player who has benefited from playing different positions. Many do not. I think that Roberts has similarly benefited from the different roles that BR has asked of him which is why I hope we retain him. I see him ultimately occupying a more central role as his career progresses.

Keep up the good work,


Mike Annis

Caption: Gaza to Sally, Is that your EBT or are you just pleased to see me?


Darn, I just posted hat very comment!
Great minds and all that.


Caption: “Ya couple of fannies”


And the fun begins again. God bless James Doleman.



Is that an EBT in your pocket or…….


It would be hilarious if Brendan decided to leave out Scott for the game against ‘rangers’.

However, I want him to play. He’s a fantastic player and captain and it would be equally hilarious if he scored!!!

No mercy bhoys. ‘rangers’ 0 Celtic 3



Even better, leave him out then bring him on to take a late penalty (when the orcs realise they’re about to lose again and start kicking everything) then sub him straight back off again for one of the U17 side.





next time you want a blow job swally can yeh have a shave first.

Saturday,One Day Away.Cant come Soon enough.Get Intae The Cretins.HH!!!Celtic 3 Sevco 1.No doubt Sevco would celebrate a goal as if they,d put us out of the Champions League Final.Sevco are complaining regarding Broonie getting his Red downgraded.Cmon Broonie score a goal on Saturday,Rub it right into them.TiocFaidh ArLa

Oh Look its the Cretin Twins Sally and Jorgina…..Pair of Fuds

Anyone know how Whytes trial is panning out today?


TicToc*1… my reading is that It seems that Findlay is going easy on Murray at present, who is claiming not to have seen some documents and has no recollection of other stuff…usual guff

I say that To be a good liar you have to have a good memory


Murray trying to drop King “in it”


Cheers Weered,Appreciated M8


Caption: What is that sectarian, wife beating, self-loathing piece of Shit doing on Etims?

What a cracking read on the John James site this morning eloquently put by a guest blogger. Go read it it’s a joy.
Ps can I get a flag made of the Vatican pic for tomorrow what a banner that would be at ibrokes hahah


That’s fair comment from Elbhoy, very well put together, though he has only paraphrased what we already know so far. Despite ‘Sitonfence’ being a decent enough site, its owner’s shrill cries for money and pompous self aggrandisement get right on my wick, and his constant denigration of his readers if they haven’t stumped up any dosh is very off putting. He banned a pal of mine for ‘not paying his way’, even though my buddy’s not only ‘unwaged’ but has suffered from long term health problems for over a decade. (No other site anywhere does this, and trawling pages is… Read more »

Caption: you put a trout down ma shorts didn’t ye.

Tomorrow, no rest for anyone,no mercy, just fuckin keep them in their place bhoys.

Stevie D

Comedy trio: Gazza, Ally, and Ally’s Des O’Connor.

Rab Wallace

Caption” 2 fuds in duds”




“Hey, has anyone seen my socks?”


Caption: “… Sally, is this tash like the ones from your grand old days of yore…”


Caption: “…Sally, I heard your goat died, have you one of its horns down there?…”


oh i am loving seeing the huns hurting so much and the pain is only going to increase as they watch us grow stronger and stronger while they will self implode.
their numbers will start to fall quickly…..the pain will be too much to bare and walking away they will do…..as for the younger fans..well they dont want to support a team that always loses and it wont belong before they too realise that Glasgow is green and white and they will support us too 🙂

the end of the huns is nigh


not sure I want those knuckle draggers supporting us. They can fuck off to hertz.


as we say “your grandchildren will support Celtic” 🙂


i dont mean the youths, im talking about the under 10s who hopefully are still innocent enough to come to the light away from the dark.
my youngest daughter is 6 and many of her friends like Celtic too because we are winning and have good players to idol and they dont come from Celtic families

The Cha

Although it was a good result for Broonie we shouldn’t forget that it was merely correcting a wrong and not a read card challenge like Haliday etc al. We haven’t got away with it merely avoided having salt rubbed in the wound. I remember everyone celebrating when Lenny’s 4 match ban for the “shame game” was “only” 1 extra game as we successfully argued that it ran consecutively with another ban he was serving. What people forgot was that McCoist got off with exactly the same charge. We may have moved a seat or 2 closer but we’re still a… Read more »


Caption –

Enjoying Buckfast Tonic ??

Too soon?



Only in Bonny Auld Alba in a post apocalyptic 3rd World War will what school you went to decide whether or not you lived. HH


Mike 9.43 , that poem is completely about me.


Lee Wallace is a grass,
his team are shite, with necks of brass,
they canny dribble or make a pass,
beating them is such a gas.

Andy Halliday, is a cunt,
overweight, fat and plump,
an arse like Serena, what a rump,
no like Susanna, cos she’s a jump.



Andy halliday
Andy halliday
should’ve won the cup
but you fucked it up
Andy halliday

Captain David Gray
Captain David Gray
he put the ball away
on cup final day
Captain David Gray



I dont give a fuck who beats them


the commentry really is quite exceptional and well worth the 4 mins.


oh the huns are shite.


At half-time, with the scoreline at Dens Park still 0–0, it was announced over the public address system that Celtic were winning 4–0 Midway through the second half, with the score at Dens Park still locked at 0–0, the Dundee manager Archie Knox brought on Kidd (a forward) as a substitute for left full-back Tosh McKinlay in an effort to win the game. Dundee needed to win the game to stand a chance of qualifying for the UEFA Cup.In the 83rd minute, with Hearts less than 10 minutes away from winning their first championship since 1960, Kidd scored the opening… Read more »


I was at CP. What I remember was cheering Kidds first goal and just as we stopped, starting to check the second. I still dont believe it.


love street obviously 🙂


Albert, Albert Kidd, king of the wild frontier.


he is now, yes




An apple one obviously, Oh Susanna, Susanna don’t you cry, cos i’m off to Alabama, with my !!! och naw, that’s a lie. 😉


Findlay asks Murray if at any point in time did anyone tell him Whyte was looking at outside finance
“I don’t recall that”

That would be yes then. This guy doesnt have a leg to stand on


Heading to the Static caravan with the family today, heading through Dundee i saw a ned with a three legged devil dog lol lol
No so hard now ya cunt!!


Aww I hope Broony scores tomorrow, postage stamp curler would be fuckin lovely. Please god lol HH


I don’t know if you are a religious guy or not, but speak to him, he is listening!!



Monti lol. Im actually not but I’ll have a word anyway.

Will echo my words from last week. Get the job done first Celtic, anything after that is a bonus. Win the battles and the footall will take care of itself. Despite their inferiority, make no mistake they will be fuckin up for this!!


Caption: Wifebeating Gascoigne shows serial wife cheat Sally McMoist his Raoul Moat escape kit.

Way aye man!



Hey Ally, you want to see me when I’m pished like!


at Huns: Gordon Lustig/Simunovic/Boyata/Tierney Brown/Armstrong Roberts/Rogic/Sinclair Griffiths Until the Cup Final: DeVries Gamboa/Sviatchenko/Toure/Izzy McGregor/Henderson Forrest/Rogic/Mackay-Steven Aitchison Final: Gordon Lustig/Boyata/Simunovic/Tierney Brown/Armstrong Roberts/Rogic/Sinclair Dembele or Griffiths Unbeaten season not the priority but Treble is. Tomorrow, not lose. The bhoys 2-1? Peace and good health to you all. Party political broadcast: to all Labour voters and supporters. Home Rule was good enough for John Maclean, Hamish Henderson, James Connolly and Keir Hardie why not for you/us? We can’t have a socialist Scotland until we are independent unless you see equality and social justice with Ruth Davidson, Theresa May and Boris Johnson, who will… Read more »

Davie Wilson

Sorry, Devoy, I must disagree, the Labour Party men, McLean aside, were only happy to sit and talk about Scottish independence, so long as they got to stay on the Parliamentary gravy train. I posted these quotes by Manny Shinwell the other day, and will post them again now to illustrate the reality of the Labour Party being nothing else than controlled opposition (from ‘Lord’ Shinwell’s biography by John Doxat, at the time of Manny’s 100th birthday) On the shallowness of Labour MPs: ”This party of ours, time & again it’s devoted itself to men whom would come out and… Read more »

Davie Wilson

Aye, Devoy, the Labour Party ‘did all they could’ for Scotland in the same way the mob guys ‘did all they could’ for Tommy in Goodfellas when they shot him in the back of the napper when he thought he was gonna be a ‘Made Guy’. The Labour Party are, have always been, controlled opposition and for evidence I recommend that you read John Doxat’s biography on the great Labour peer ‘Lord’ Manny Shinwell, who unequivocally exposes the charlatans mat the heart of the party throughout: ‘This party of ours, time & again it’s devoted itself to men who would… Read more »

Yessss the Sevco Jobbi Jabbarz are going Hysterical over Broonies Red Card being turned over.What a bunch of Over Obsessed Drama Queers.Broonies timing was a bit out f sync on the other hand Hallidays was calculated and most certainly Deliberate…Bhoys n Ghirls take extra care if attending Ibroke tomorrow.Its just a matter of time before the Dome starts crumbling.Im not to sure Dave King n Co have put crowd safety at the top of there priorities.Theyre probably in the process of having a whip round with the intention of getting a Loan in to Challenge the Champions of Scotland.No doubt… Read more »


News of the world employees and sigh at the bosses decision to hack the phone of a halfwit



Two fat hun orinj pricks standing in a shitehole. One turns round and says to the other, ‘I moustache you a question’…


Caption… the breeks pass the Daz door step challenge.
The wearers pass the Daze doorstep challenged…



Loved the Diary today – just a tad more than usual. The comments are excellent and the poetry has every daffodil in the Lake District preening its petals – pastoral piquancy! Rhymes and murray myths make a mouthwatering mixture.

Caption: “Embarrassment in blue”



Murray mints, Murray mints, the to good to hurry mints.

Please Lord make this an everlasting trial.
What would you do,
if you sang out of tune,
would you, stand up and walk out on me,
lend me your ears and i’ll sing you a song,
and i’ll try not to sing out of key,

ooh i’ll get high with a little help from my friends. 😉



I’m off to pray for you. Not that you need prayers as those Murray mints seem to have you high in the sky and flying like an angel already. I am just overwhelmed by your poetic artistry. William McGonnagal would be so proud o’ye! But, fair dues to Muttonchops. He is supplying all of us with plenty of fodder and fun down in the old dock.



Butterkist, butterkist, makes you happy, when you are pissed, they are number one on the list, hope you get my gist. 😉


Findlay “You left the club to a group of men who sat around waiting for the Sultan of Brunia to decide to buy a Scottish football club”


My take on todays trial at the High Court. Findlay, ” I appreciate loyalty” Sir David, a nice wee dig, after his hypocritical sacking as Vice Chairman. When pressed Murray did admit to considering Administration. Everyone can see through the bluster, they/ he knew, that the club, being run by the bank, was desperate to get its money back, asap. Whyte was the ONLY game in town. King was angry, that he had lost his £20.00mill.from the family trust, but had sat back and did nothing to prevent it, he had the chance. Murray, threatened Paul Murray, by going to… Read more »


whyte was out patsied. He probably still has no idea. fucking brilliant.

greene and whyte, ye couldnae have made it up…


The Gallant Pie n’ Ears rode into Ibrox on their dromedaries if you look closely you can see the camel toes!


Ralph, I just listened to the podcast and have a few comments. I need to go out soon and there have been problems with long posts, so I will comment in stages. First of all, I was somewhat surprised to hear you all talk of the way we are playing football just now. Well, I was surprised till I realised you young fellas did not witness live each week the fast-flowing football of the Lions when on song. What I will say about the way Brendan has the team playing just now is there are glimpses – only glimpses –… Read more »




ROB, I was merely putting in my twopenceworth to the podcast discussions because there is nothing better than knocking Ralph, Desi and Hector off their pedestal. If you let them away with it, they start to sound like pros from Radio Clyde when they are really just three young upstarts :). One of them said we were playing some terrific, classy football these days. I would agree if you only go back a decade or two (excluding the early O’Neil years). I am fortunate to have been a regular at Lions and Quality Street games. When compared to them, I… Read more »


senri no michi mo ippo yori hajimaru

Rob O'Keeffe

Totally understand PB.My dad used to take me to the first team and reserve games because he said both squads were “Quality”.I still thank him for my love of Celtic,born in those days.My bugbear is that BR stated the coaches were brilliant,with plenty of “energy and enthusiasm ” BUT we’re TAKING a different path! Talk to the coaches then and explain but don’t lower the morale of the young Bhoys by demeaning their “work” especially in public.He doesn’t do it with some of the duds in the first team squad.Enjoy the game today.Yours in Celtic.


Decent post PB. Spot on about the square and backward passing. Not only is it infuriating to watch, with certain players it verges on kamikaze. They WILL get caught if they keep that shit up. The times I’ve screamed “now run into space”. Fortunately, Callum McGregor is never included here. He seldom gives the ball away cheaply, always looks to help his team by being available and, in my view seriously under-rated, extremely versatile player. At the heart of defence we only need another Cesar……… aye, ONLY. If only! Anyway, Brendan says we’re pretty much a work in progress, and… Read more »


Caption: Fat Sally to the press photographer
“I telt ye ah wiz a fanny magnet”.


Caption: Robson and Jerome sing the quintessentially British classic: “Unending Comedy: The 39 Steps (to get rid of Minty’s Male Model…)” PG

Here sally I moustache you a question
See how your a sports annalist
Who did rangers* get in Europe in 2013

My demolition derby correct score is 3-1 Celtic
And incase of sudden death,
first scorer, Armstrong HH

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