Demolition Derbies Charity Competition Final

The second Glasgow derby takes place tomorrow lunchtime.

Some of you got the Cup game right, 2-0 to the good guys, which means you now have to predict tomorrows dead rubber game…

Only4togo April 21, 2017 at 12:11 pm · Edit · Reply

2-0 in the cup 

Dziekanowski’s nightclub child April 21, 2017 at 12:20 pm · Edit · Reply

Obviously 2-0 to the good guys HH 2-2 in the league

Iancelt67 April 21, 2017 at 3:01 pm · Edit · Reply

2-0. 1-1  

Shows how hard it is to get a correct score.

We’ll accept the league scores above, so we await with interest only4togo’s entry…


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steve k

1 – 3

The Cha

I predicted 2-0 too, I just didn’t do it on here.

I’ll let you know my next (and, I confidently predict, winning) forecast shortly before 2 o’clock tomorrow.


Huns 0 Celtic 3

Brown 3!

P.S. I enjoyed the Podcast last night Desi!


That first game EVERYBODY acknowledges that it was 5-0. so I won the first part of the completion, FFP and all that.
We areny ” Rangers” so, there you go.


So to my winning prediction of 5-0, I will add, 2-1 to the TIC.


changed my mind (cough) 5-1 to the TIC at Ipox. yayeeeeeeeee.

That 5 Year Old Club fae Govan 0 Celtic 3.Leigh Griffiths to nail 2 Scott Brown to hammer in 1.Just for Good Measure,And Newco Sevco Billy Bongo to end the game 2 Players Light.HH

oh and there will be Splitting Sunshine Beaming down on Paradise to the East with Showers and Torrential Downpours All over the Crumbledome.Over the Clyde.With a Proverbial Day of Hunskelping All SEASON!!!HfckingH


Sons of Satan 0 Popes XI 4


I’d be happy wi that like!!

Newco 0 Celtic 3.Griffiths 2 Broonie 1.On a serious note!Can Sevco really really challenge Us anytime soon.I just cannot see how they Ever will,Not unless they find other ways of cheating and conning.Its all the same Crooks fae Oldco thats at Sevco.Are They To Be Trusted!!!!



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