Celtic Diary Monday April 10: Don't Ignore The Warning Signs

Celtic Diary Monday April 10: Don’t Ignore The Warning Signs

Whilst Celtic fans-and players- basked in the news that Brendan Rodgers had signed a new four year deal and told us all how much he loved what he was doing, on the other side of the city, a man regarded as a bit of a joke by more than a few of us , took his troops to Pittodrie and turned over a side unbeaten at home for months.

Its worthy of more attention than simply congratulating them on reaching their mystical 55 point target.

There is a very much an attitude, at least on the surface, that Celtic are so far ahead we only need to turn up to clinch the treble.

Thats not the case, and somewhat alarmingly, a defeat in the Semi final, no doubt assisted by the officials, could well hand Pedro Caixinha and “rangers ” their first major trophy.

Onlookers may have laughed at his decision to remove three defenders against Motherwell during the half time break, but t looks to have been a case of one step back for two forward. Captain Lee Wallace was the biggest name to sufer, and now he’s sulking enough to have an operation that could easily have waited until the summer. They haven’t missed him.


We’ve a couple of games against them this month, and having seen their reaction to a draw, I don;t want to see how they react to a win.

It’s time to switch back on, and stop cooking each others socks.

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Celtic beat Kilmarnock 3-1 to continue the unbeaten run, and it was watched by the biggest crowd in Britain, depsite there being nothing but pride to play for.

Over the weekend, players like Scott Sinclair, Janmes forrest and Liam Henderson have all been praising the manager, and rightly so, but there is an end of season feel to it, and the season isn’t over yet.

The final game before the split is in dingwall at ross county, and they are already making noises about trying to make up for missing out on a top six place. would a defeat for the hoops affect the sides confidence, or would it spur the players on ?

I’d rather not find out.

After that game, there is a big blank sheet while the SPFL computer works out how to make sure Celtic season book holders don;t get another 3pm Saturday game, although the sixth meeting with “rangers ” has already been given a date-April 29, apparently to allow the police to work out their work rota for the day.

No one believes that, and there is probably another reason for it, but the proximity of the cup game to this one means the authorities-football and civil-are anxious to get it out of the way as soon as possible.

Which flies in the face of their efforts to keep some sort of entity from over there in the league when the original club went down.

Which with a little bit of effort, could actually have been prevented.

All they had to do was ask around in Monaco, where Craig Whyte was based, and see what others thought of him.

Yeah, we can laugh and portray him as a hero, but in actual fact, he and his kind have fleeced thousands of football supporters and tarnished the image of our game up here possibly beyond repair.

An address in Monaco, either for your business or pleasure, is as prestigious as it comes, and for those who have been there for a while, that reputation is guarded jealously. Anyone who flaunts it with dodgy dealings is ran out of town.

Whyte wasn’t a favourite of the locals, and even those who shared an office block were reluctant to allow his lease to be extended.

That’s, of course , putting it politely. I’m still digging about on that one.

He was the latest in a long line of dodgy dealers to reside at Ibrox, and as we know it goes back a long, long way.

And its tentacles were quite far reaching…

Sunday Times business section, April 2, 2017…

One of Britain’s largest frauds, which destroyed hundreds of small businesses that banked with Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS), was covered up for nine years, according to an internal report seen by The Sunday Times.

The estimated £1bn scam was “concealed” by several HBOS executives, according to a report by a senior employee at Lloyds, which merged with HBOS months later.

Lloyds has claimed that it “could not determine” whether anything criminal occurred in HBOS’s Reading office until the trial that resulted in the jailing of two of its former bankers and four consultants, for charging small firms illicit fees in order to fund lavish holidays and sex parties with escorts.

Internal emails referred to in the report show senior executives discussed the “fraud” taking place in the Reading division of the bank as far back as February 2008, and that they were anxious “not to disclose” the affair to the bank’s shareholders. The email exchanges took place as the global financial crisis started to bite. HBOS executives discussed the need to “convince the audit committee we should not disclose — something we seriously do not want to do — especially at the moment”.

The emails include a paper prepared for the bank’s executive committee, led by then chief executive Andy Hornby, which referred to a “fraud” in the Reading office that had cost the bank more than £160m at that time.

The corrupt financiers avoided justice until February, when they were jailed for a total of 47 years. The judge described the fraud as a “grotesque” crime that had “ripped apart” small companies.

The fraud began in 2003 when Lynden Scourfield, a senior HBOS banker, forced small firms that needed to borrow money to use a turnaround consultancy led by his corrupt associate, David Mills. The cash was then siphoned off in inappropriate fees by Mills and three associates, including his wife. They would then use threats and extortion to seize control of the businesses.

In return for the help given by Scourfield and another HBOS banker, Mark Dobson, the two men were paid kickbacks, enjoyed luxury holidays in Barbados and Thailand, trips in the Mediterranean on Mills’s yacht and sex parties attended by porn stars. About 200 HBOS business customers were victims of the plot; many subsequently went bankrupt.

This weekend Lloyds is facing new questions over its failure to pay any compensation to the small business owners at the centre of the fraud, many of whom now live below the bread line. Anthony Stansfeld, the police and crime commissioner of Thames Valley police, which investigated the fraud, said: “It is quite clear that both the senior management of HBOS and Lloyds Banking Group have known about this for the last nine years.”

“I have a responsibility to the victims of crime and I am determined to see that they are properly compensated.” It is understood Stansfeld has discussed the report’s implications with senior figures in Downing Street.

Lloyds said the internal report “contains many unsubstantiated allegations” but stressed it had been shared with the police and financial regulators in 2014. The bank said it is “now taking action at pace, to review the cases of all those who may have been affected and, where appropriate, to ensure they are fairly recompensed”. 


There’s something big in that report. Something that is going to rip the financial sector apart. This may only be the tip of the iceberg.

To me, it appears the the HBOS was where all the dodgy people worked…

As many of us have pondered, just how far did the Ibrox collapse reach ?


Maybe the SFA are trying now to distance themselves from any shennannignas, as this interesting little snippet from Ranger sMedia, via Kerrydale Street, implies..

My understanding is that there is a present danger and that we were not immediately granted a licence by SFA.

According to my colleague, it wasn’t an outright refusal and that more evidence is required.


Reading between the lines, this could mean the paperwork has been passed to UEFA, as the SFA know they can’t get away with it for a second time..


From Saturday’s picture…

After accusations of favouritism-there really isn;t any of that, how the fuck could Monti, as ovable as he is, be anyones favourite ?-I’ll indulge myself today by declaring myself the winner with this wonderfully witty response..

Is he here yet ?  

Today, concentrate fully or else I’ll win it again…