A sore yin

A sore yin

Great save from Waghorn in first half and a decent performance. Distribution was fine and from my seat couldn’t be faulted for the equaliser.

Stuck to his defensive tasks where needed and the fact that KT was our main attacking threat in the second half tells its own story about the Celtic forwards performances.

Enjoyed his game of Chuckle Brothers “To You, To Me, To You” Football with Boyata and Erik in first half but no real complaints on this showing. Got booked for daring to point out to Bobby Madden that attempting to half Paddy Roberts legs may be deemed a bookable offence.

Good showing I thought at the heart of the defence, had a good battle with the “robust and eager” Waghorn.

The pendulum in the passing between defenders game in first half but then had a howler allowing Waghorn to charge in on Gordon. Think he got a little bit rabbit in headlights after that so still some work to do there.

Industrious yes but never grabbed the game by the neck and no driving forward from our Captain. In fact the longer the game went on, the further back he fell.

Like rest of Celtic midfield, was struggling to get involved and then suddenly scored with a lovely shot from edge of the box. Sadly then got a strain in second half and had to go off.

Probably touched the ball the most for our midfielders in the first half but sadly it was all side to side and back to defenders. Took a few clatters though and may be sore today despite being subbed at half time.

Had a few good drives in first half and did well defensively to close down space so much that Barrie Mackay was soon hooked by the opponents. May feel aggrieved to be subbed for Roberts just after a great run across the 18 yard line just as Celtic had ridden a period of pressure.

Missing all day long. Usually takes a good 30 mins to get into a game but this time it was 94 mins before he realised the game was on at 12:00. Very disappointing at one point to see a bemused SInclair and Dembele standing right next to each other as if they had just met that day.

After the League cup win, Dembele famously went to Bella Napoli for dinner. This time it looks like he went before the game and was ready for a post pasta kip. He was slow to the point of lumbering and was even being beaten to the ball by Danny fucking Wilson. To be frank he looked fat and disinterested but the fashionistas tell me Hoops do nothing for a larger man. Did have one good shot that went across the goal just wide.


Showed a lot of energy after coming on for Bitton but after a fine start faded as he became swamped within a midfield of 2 against 4 for Rangers.

On for Forrest and going forward had a couple of attempts at running towards goal but defensively did nothing to aid Lustig on right hand side. Another who had a few claims for being the victim of assault but waved away by Madden.

Brought on for Armstrong to form a 4-2-4 when Celtic were winning 1-0 and had Eboue on the bench. Didnt seem to know where he was playing and he Dembele and Sinclair and Roberts were never close to gelling until a final minute assault on goal saw an assault from hill on Griffiths that was deemed okay by the referee and linesman.

Made an arse of it in my humble opinion.

To be fair he had his hand forced at one point by the injury to Armstrong and the awful linesman and refereeing but did he need to take Bitton off ( I havent read anywhere that that move was forced on him) and then going for 4-2-4 when winning a game had classic Liverpool Brendan written all over it.

Will know this morning that he should have closed the game out with Eboue rather than that disjointed effort with next to no midfield.

Will need to lift his team and maybe look at some rotation in the league as a few Celtic players were struggling to get up to any sort of speed and form and many will be suffering from bruises and dead legs after this game.

After the game he said it should do us well for the Semi Final. As reality checks go, this should remind us all that we need to turn up and play to win games, do that and we dont need to worry about having to blame the pitch ( Hampden wont be any better after Aberdeen vs Hibs 24 hours before we play) or expect any sense of fair refereeing.



My mother always said “If you cant say nothing nice, its nice to say nothing”.

Lets just say Its been quite a while since I saw the Prawn sandwich brigade in the Main Stand so animated at a Mason in the Black and his sidekick.

Please insert your thoughts on the Officials below.