Celtic Diary Monday March 6: The Joy Of Six

Celtic beat a spirited and resolute St. Mirren side 4-1 to advance to the last four of the Scottish Cup. That means the club is only five wins away from a treble winning season, which would secure a sixth successive title, and due to the luck if the draw, there’s a possibility that new club “rangers ” will be firmly put in their place after six defeats to Celtic this season.

The joy of six. See what I did there ?

St mirren took the lead against Celtic after John Sutton rose above the defence to head the ball over to a surprised Harry Davies who simply tucked the ball beyond Craig gordon, who pointed around a bit before someone explained to him that every now and again he will have to try and catch one.

Fortunately he took this on board , and there were no further goals against him. There were a couple of hairy moments, but nothing the hand of fortune couldn’t help with when gordon’s hands were elsewhere.

As for the home side, St Mirren surprised a few by hardly ever kicking them, and referee Steven MacLean surprised all of us by not really leting them.

He could well be Scotlands most improved referee this season, I called short of calling him the best, because there isn’t one, but for all his family connections, thats a couple of good games he’s had now.

Credit where credits due.

Credit,  too, must go to Gary Mackay Steven, who seems to be the new Efe ambrose when it comes to that section of the support who like to have a scapegoat. Mackay Steven, making his fifth start of the campaign, tackled, ran and was on the end of a few chances that didnlt quite fall for him. It didn’t help he was out on the right, which isn’t his best side, and therefore he maybe fell short as he couldn;t get the ball onto his favoured left foot, the one that can kick a ball, but he still kept battling, still kept running and showed a hell of a lot more in the first half than anyone else did.

With Patrick Roberts about to return to Manchester, and the constant possibility that Scott sinclair will miss his wife and kids, those claiming Mackay Steven isn’t good enough need to be careful in what they wish for. He’s got a good heart, a good coach and a tremendous work ethic.

He just needs time, and hey, guess what else ?

A bit of support.

It wasn’t happening for him yesterday, though, and he was pulled off at half time, which probably didn’t displease him, but who am I to question Brendans methods ?

With the addition of Patrick Roberts, and then Leigh Griffiths, the new front four all scored a goal to set Celtic up with a trip to Hampden and another game against “rangers ” to help the plucky , cash strapped newcomers make it through the night.

So to speak.

After the game, and rightly do, manager Brendan Rodgers praised the Paisley underdogs who showed that they may be struggling just now, but they have plenty to take from what was one of the better performances by a team visiting Celtic Park this season.

“I have to give credit to St Mirren, I think they are the best team we have played domestically including Premiership teams.

“Jack has done an excellent job. They are very well coached and they made some signings in January which will have helped him. How they are bottom of the Championship I do not know.

“They are very well organised, they have a good idea of the game, they play with composure and they have speed and composure in their team.

“They are a very, very good side.” 

Jack Ross , the St Mirren manager , came in for some praise as well.. rightly…


“We played Alloa here so I have an idea of his coaching abilities. He’s a very good coach.

“There’s a couple of moments in games that make me think of the level of coach. It’s just an extra little detail that can define coaches and I seen that in his team today.” 

The game can be best summed up in pictures, pictures of Neil McCann, the Sky tv football expert…

Half time, St mirren 1, Celtic 0

Full time, Celtic 4, St mirren 1

Image result for ha ha


That reminds me. There was a cloud of smoke over Ibrox yesterday…

However, this is not how they traditionally announce a new leader over there, so there’s still no sign of a new manager. There won’t be one any time soon, now that three of his first set of games are against Celtic.

Certainly not before next weeks game, despite all the specualtion in the papers.

Rangers should do Pedro Caixinha a favour and tell him to start after

the Celtic game – Keith Jackson.

Which one ?

Pedro Caixinha, of course, is the guy who is curently working out in Qatar, and therefore some sort of new messianic coach.

Note his current employers will be seeking compensation, which probably rules him out of the running, despite the story that he will pay it himself, presumably as another soft loan to the Ibrox club.

If a new employer needs you to lend them money before you start, then perhaps he shoudl sit down and have a think about the move a little more deeply.

The fire above Ibrox, by the way, is actually at a scrapyard nearby, and as it blazed away yesterday, it was matched only by the ferocity of a South African chap who phoned a couple of buckfast ingesting teenagers to rant about how he didn’t mean “that fucking scrapyard “.


Charlie Richmond, the former referee, has publicly slated John “Billy Boy ” Beaton for his inexplicably piss poor performance in the “rangers ” -Hamilton match.  Alright, maybe I should have said “entirely predictable ” , instead of “inexplicable”.

Richmond, in the Daily Record, said;

Every now and again a refereeing performance comes along that takes the breath away and defies logic as well as belief.

Step forward John Beaton. Dear oh dear John.

I praised the whistler to the hilt after his display in the League Cup final involving Celtic and Aberdeen back in October.

However Saturday’s display at Ibrox saw John plummet as low as you can go as an official. 

Beaton did seem to have his own, unique interpretation of the rules, as we have seen.

However, not only has Richmond broken ranks here, there may be an agenda, and it may improve things. He also noted;


Finally I was speaking to a couple of referees during the week and some of the officials are not happy with the way that some are getting away with things and others aren’t.

Observers are contacting the SFA with regards to certain officials and querying all sorts of incidents.

The incident of mistaken identity when Hearts player Malaury Martin was booked by Andrew Dallas after the Motherwell player had clipped his own teammates heels at Fir Park is a case in point.

Had that been a younger referee in charge of his first Premiership game then he would have been slated for not being good enough at his job.

I can tell you that there is a wee bit of unrest in the refereeing fraternity because some are getting away with things that others may not be.

We all know that, but now its public, and it also appears that some referees are a little pissed off with it. might be worth following this story.


Yesterday , we gave you this picture..

and we got this explanation…

Steven R March 5, 2017 at 10:32 am · Edit · Reply →

caption : Lee Wallace’s first-class breakfast at Usedtobe Murray Park is now available at Ibrox, in a handy snack-sized box. 



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Caption: at Ibrox, sevco are invited to showcase the updated version of the Nike Air Jordan shoe. This version will be called Nike Air Rossiter in honour or the footballing, ahem… genius, Jordan Rossiter.


Surprise all around after David Murry’s first visit to Lourdes.


Caption, Penis enhancement surgery, the joy of 6, is now almost comparable to the joy of sex, it takes your breath away and makes you 6inch longer.
Well done clip clop, the three legged pit pony.

Southside Tarrier

Caption. Two footed tackle training at murray park.

Leões de Lisboa


Sevco practise four-footed tackles for upcoming games.


Caption: David Murray unveils the latest technology in footwear ‘ The floating running shoe’.
This works perfectly on your regular floating pitch.

Caption: Dave king’s statement to the board is taken out of context,statement read’s
No money left,forfeit all remaining games.


Noticed on ‘ Sportscene ‘ last night, no mention of any of the disgraceful decisions that landed in Sevco’s favour v Hamilton.
No mention of the keeper handling deliberately outside the box, no mention of Garners assault on the Accies player, or the soft penalty award to rrrraaaaanjjurrs???

But that googly eyed fuck Jonathan Sutherland managd tofind the time to say ” It’s been 92 years since Celtic beat ” rangers ” in a Scottish cup final.

My. T.V. housed on my living room wall was in clear danger at that point.


Sorry, semi final.


Which would matter if Rangers hadn’t died but since they did its academic


It matters to me when you have a cunt perpetuating a myth….


Fair point Monti I stand corrected


You have the choice of buying a newspaper or not, but for a National Broadcaster to perpetuate the myth is disgusting. You must pay your license fee
so your choice is removed. I never watch Sportscene because of its bigoted reporting, its another example of, this, the best wee bigoted country in the world.
Beaton, is the new Dallas, a bigoted cheating cunt, Foderingham should have walked, Garner another cheating cunt should have walked, by issuing a yellow card to Garner he cannot be charged retrospectively but Foderingham could be.
Beaton and all his officials cheats one and all.

Monti, only BT sport is worth watching concerning Scottish football. The BBC like the rest of the Masonic media,cannot stomach a strong Celtic.
Was there a Tommy Gemmell Spotlight on the programme?
Didn’t see it as I was travelling back down souf.


TG spotlight?
Fuck knows m8 i turned it off when that cunt Sutherland didn’t mention anything about the Sevco nonsense.
It really is a fucking joke m8
Hopefully we put 5 past these cunts on Sunday!


Monti, what about the 2nd half? 🙂
They, and their fans throughout the SMSM, need a fucking good tanking. We’re just the Bhoys to deliver it.


Caption.. Murty questions sevco defense… is this what you meant by a back four??

alternative option of 4-4-2 (four for two).

Joey Garners new boots. It means he doesn’t have to lift his leg as high to boot opponents in the Arse!


Celtic trial new footwear/shin pads in preparation for joe gardeners agricultural style of tackling.


Oh I”ve been a mild drover for many a year,
and I spent all my money on Celtic to cheer,
but now I’m returning with the flu and cold store,
and I never will play an internet bore.

And its no nay never,
right up your kilt,
will I play the internet bore.
Nay promises mind.


New sevconian diversification.
Butt hinges beware!


Sex for beginners,

Put your left leg oot,
shake it all aboot,
do the hokey pokey,
and turn aboot,
that’s whit its all aboot.

Oh hokey pokey cokey,
Oh hokey pokey cokey,
Oh hokey pokey cokey,
that’s whit its all aboot, shoottttttttttt.


This is honest mistake season approaching i think, the Lodges, Refs, Hampden are in panic mode, the media are losing their composure.
Celtic need to be very streetwise in this semi final!


Fred c knobs is deadhead in disguise nothing but a sicko. In Monti we trust!!!


I will not fail you sir!! 🙂

Fuck him m8, i welcome his hurt!


Is it too much to ask that people call it how it fucking is?
For example, when googley eyes Sutherland said ” Celtic haven’t beaten ” rangers in a Scottish cup semi final for 92 years”
Could Scott McDonald no reply ” ” rangers are a new club formed in 2012, so you’re talking pish there Jonny “?

Fuck sake min


Anybody else think we were poor again first half ? Passes going astray, over hit and lack of pace. Kind of hoped we had moved on from this . We came good again like against Hamilton Motherwell and ICT but can’t be that sloppy in the Qualifiers.


Steve Naive,
I was genuinely worried for a bit during the game, i thought St.Mirren got their tactics spot on in the first half.
I lost count how many times i shouted ” fir fuck sake min ” at another stray pass lol.
GMS is a player i like but it’s a worry how he doesn’t take his chances to show something.
Come on Gary you’re a Cetic player, time to let that sink in, talk to your best pal Armstrong and get right fucking up for the ride.


Caption: Keith jackson bares his sole to Craig Whyte!


Caption: New British Army Anti- IED hardware!

Stupid, stupid Huns.

Caption : Picture shows The Brendan effect, players are two feet taller playing for him. Monti I think the pitch has a lot to do with how we are playing at home. Like the Centenary season I’m in no panic with this team,I just know the goals will come not to lose a match but to go on and win every game. But the pitch is slowing us down. Passes were awful in the first half,as the ball slowed or ran away from players. I did feel for GMS on Sunday,I don’t believe he has what it takes to be… Read more »


So what’s gone wrong with our pitch, is John Hayes still the groundsman?
John has done a great job over the years with the pitch, now it’s shit??
I believe we also have the lighting and heating equipment?

Monti the pitch was relaid for 2014/15 season, my opinion is allowing the Hun to play on it has fucked up the sacred turf. But that’s only my opinion.
Maybe it only has a couple of years but it sure needs fixing. It is in poor condition.

Lest we forget 6th of March 1988. Mairéad Farrell, Sean Savage and Dan McCann were unarmed when they were gunned down in broad daylight before the terrified gaze of onlookers. The three Volunteers became the latest victims of the unofficial British policy of the time – shoot to kill. They never had a chance. The state-sponsored media immediately launched into a now familiar refrain. The IRA had just planted a 500-pound bomb, the world was told, and were killed in a fierce gun battle. There were whisperings of an alleged “Basque connection” and British forces proudly trumpeted that the surveillance… Read more »


Well, Jimmy, that was one helluva post. It took me through almost every emotion; sadness, anger, sympathy, outrage, aye, and many more, and the bastards who perpeptrated most of it can repeat it any time they choose. Fucking outrageous. An obviously planned attack on mourners FFS, as uk military forces collude with paramilitaries. And then the treatment of the guy who went with Mairead’s brother to bring the bodies back from Gibraltar…..Jesus H Christ it is just about unbelievable, but I know your account of events will be true. RIP to all those brave Volunteers who’ve laid down their lives… Read more »

Tic Toc cheers M8. I did a lot if travelling from 1979 onwards back and forth to the North. I saw first hand the intimidation and fear of nationalist people, my kin, every day and night. Wars are a terrible thing m8. I had a few mates who joined the army back in the 80s they used to come back and say Jimmy I fuckin hate the RA but I get it. I know why yous do it,and if I was born over there I would be in it maself.


One of my all time favourite songs m8!


Read,white and bloo like a book.

The league is out of our grasp,Sunday`s game is meaningless.

Our next stage is a Scottish Cup win.

sevco ring of sustenance FC.


Feed the monkey SMSM. Feed the monkey.

Johhny Hayes is still the head groundsman as far as I know m8.



Dirrty Murrty to take one’s medicine.

sevco gift voucher FC.


They`ll be singing Kum ba ya come Sunday.

The SPFL and Scottish FA told me that they believe there have been no incidents of mass sectarian(racist) singing in Scottish football in the past year.



No caring what anyone says I want the “Lions as a TEAM to be given the recognition that they fully deserve, the legacy, the recognition that they brought to Celtic, the respect that they brought to our club, money couldn’t buy. In this the 50th anniversary year,is special, to a special bunch of players and a special management team. We will never see their likes again. A plaque mibbee with the team coming onto the park, with all the team, substitutes, management and trainers, all their names on the plaque, hung outside Celtic park, is the very least that they… Read more »


Away and bile yer fucking heed ya rocket….
You want the remaining Lisbon Lions to bow down in front of their majesty???
Maybe she’s your majesty as well?

Do you listen to her speech on Christmas day with a tear in your eye, holding your union jack mug of tea?


I don’t want to date you Susanna, I just want to,

Ah zig a zig you aaaahhhh.
Always in our hearts, Susanna Hosana, but no as much as the “Lions”.
In the jungle the mighty jungle,
the “Lions” sleep tonight.
God bless you, one and all.
Will try to get to Parkhead on Friday to pay my respects to Tommy. sleep tight big man.


You are belittling the achievements of the Lisbon Lions by asking for them to bow their heads to their Queen.
You are saying that their achievements will only be proper if their Queen acknowledge it?



Mibbee you should read my post, the recognition with a plaque, at the very least, a plaque, hung from the wall at Celtic Park, with the names of the full squad on the plaque, under the picture of the team coming onto the park.
Your the only Queen on here, shouting abuse, about players or posters, whose views disny meet your highness’s high levels of performance or views.
So shut yer puss your majesty. ya fanny.




A fucking Plaque?
Jesus H Christ…………



Yes your majesty, kneel doon and touch your toes, while I adjust your tiara.
Wait till I get my wee union flags out.
Three cheers for her majesty,

chip, chip, hoora.


or a knighthood, hahaha.


Quick hide, watch out, the clock is ticking.

Tic toc.

then it stopped short,
never to go again,
when the huns all died. deed.


Nice one, Mike.
I was alive when Rangers died. Magic, pure Magic.
Never thought I’d live to see THAT day, going on for 5yrs ago. YYYIIIIPPPPPEEEEE!


This wans fur Tic toc.

Sammy, Sammy,
pride of our family,
don’t ever wander,
away from the family and me,
cos your auld Grandad loves you.

Sammy, Sammy,
iv.e done my hammy,
trying to play fitba.
that auld Celtic wayyyyyyyyy.


Mike, I’ll tell the ‘wee man’ on Friday you even remembered his name, but I must caution he’s very particular about things and he’ll tell you “it’s Sam, not Sammy, Sammy sounds like a hun, an’ I’m no’ hun, just ask ma Grandad” 🙂


Best wishes to Sam, from everyone on ETIMS. YNWA.


This wans for Pensionerbhoy.

Some enchanted evening,
you may see a stranger,
you may see a stranger,
across a crowded room,
and somehow you know,
you ken even then,
that somehow you will meet me again.
All right Arfur, got a kebab Arfur?




HaHaHa, “Nurse!!”, is that for you or Mike, Monti?
As you well know, I’m a regular, level-headed sort of fella, and I reckon you’re both fuckin’ nutters. 🙂
(in the nicest possible way, of course!)
HH roll on Sunday lunctime, intae them DOBs.
PS Maybe start wi’ Izzy, he’d soon scare the shit outa that arsehole Garner.


Hes no heavy, hes ma bra udder.


In amongst everything else, I’ve been responding to a reply I got from the BBC. (you’ll maybe remember from previous posts some weeks ago.)
The BBC don’t make it easy to deal with them, no doubt as they don’t like complaints. (I’ve got some of the component parts of a fuckin’ terrier; I wont let go.)
Anyway, I’ll do my utmost and try to compose something for ETims if I get any kind of result.


Garner is out suspended m8


Right, cheers. Not sure if that’s good or bad but it’s time somebody ‘introduced’ him to Scotland properly. He’s a horrible little needle of a pretendy hun-fuck. A perfect fit for ibrox.


Wee trip down to Buckingham palace this spring old boy?
Spiffing what?
Three cheers for old blighty…tally ho.

Busby? Is that you?


Tayside trip to Buckingham palace:

Mike: Hello there Lizzie it’s nice tay see ye ken, braw like ken, oh help ma boab, crivvens n jings…
Oh it’s just braw tae see ye in the flesh like ken, braw like..aye.

Lizzie ” One does not understand what one is fucking going on about….and who is Ken”?


This wan is fur the ETIMS queen.

Grace just hold me in your arms,
and let this moment linger,
they take me out at dawn and I will die,
with all my love I place this wedding ring,
upon your finger,
there wont be time to share our love,
so we must say goodbye,

Now its hard for you my love,
to ever understand,
The love I bear for these brave men,
my love for this brave land.


You will be relieved I’m of to get ma coco and chips.

KEN. hahahsa.


Tayside trip to Buckingham palace cont….

Mike: Michty me it’s just amazing to meet you Lizzie ken, dae ye want a peh?
I’ve a mince peh or a scotch peh? Jist ye tell me like ken and i’ll go n get it fur ye like ken.
Have ye herd the broons fae glebe street or oor wullie like? They’re a grand read fit like, ken n that ken.
Huv ye decided wi peh ye want like ken?

Lizzie ” Can Security escort this rocket off the premises at once “?


Under the heading: Appellant(s),
is it not formerly The Rangers Football Club Ltd and not Plc
that is In Liquiation?????

comment image


Edit; Liquidation


Port, I did a full response to you but tried to post before putting my name etc. in and the fucking lot disappeared. (ETims, a problem there!) As part of the “same club” shite, the sleight of hand was to rename the club/company currently in Liquidation RFC 2012, i.e. the Rangers we all knew and hated. This freed the name “Rangers” to the fucking crooks involved. I don’t have specific dates to hand but they started trying to pretend they were the same club and Sevco Scotland Ltd. ended up with the assets after some skullduggery as it should’ve been… Read more »


Cheers TicToc.

PS; If you forget to fill in you name etc.

just click the page back arrow.

Your response should be there in full.HH


I’ll try to remember that, port, thanks.


Nope,scrap the above question.

In 2012, The Rangers Football Club Plc entered liquidation and the company’s assets, Ibrox Stadium and Murray Park were bought by Sevco Scotland Ltd.

Sevco Scotland Ltd later changed its name to The Rangers Football Club Ltd.


Well thanks a fuckin’ million for that, Port.
Pity it wasn’t half an hour ago! 🙂
My reply to you is in the ether but you’ll note it concurs with your latest comment, assuming you eventually get it. Where’s that wine?


COYBIG for Sunday,
The joy of six, followed by the joy of sex, a cellibratory, (watch noo Mike, wi the Tory bit) ride.
A couple of beers and a quick look at a naughty book, how to cook chips, by heatmafat.
Wheres that Tex? you can never find a cowbhoy when you want one.
Get oan yer pony and ride.


Stand up for the Champions, woooft down bhoy.


Whooooo hooo Its a great day to be alive and them being deeeed.


Shut yer pus!

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