Celtic Diary Wednesday March 1: March Winds Blow All Away

Celtic Diary Wednesday March 1: March Winds Blow All Away

Can you believe it ?

It’s March already. The month of the shamrock.

The Shamrock (also referred to as clover) can rock our worlds with symbolic insight. They are remarkable survivors and can endure seemingly insurmountable challenges in their stubborn determination to live and thrive. Through droughts, substandard soil and ravenous goat appetites, the shamrock is a champion survivor. This is the spirit of Mars coming through – fierce will. and, the Shamrock is a common symbol of St. Patrick’s day (March 17th) – an icon of the “fighting Irish.”. 

And what a month it promises to be..

At some point the sixth title in a row should be clinched. Thats a good thing, as it will allow for some of the players to have a wee break, others to get a few games, and the rest of us to sit back and relax as one or two court cases dominate the headlines.

Whats the earliest the title can be won ? Mathematically, that is. Properly won unless the SFa introduce a rule which allows other sides to go for snookers.

1 Celtic 26 14 0 0 36 4 11 1 0 33 12 53 76
2 Aberdeen 27 9 3 1 29 8 7 1 6 21 16 26 52
3 Rangers 26 7 4 1 17 7 5 3 6 17 23 4 43
4 Hearts 26 7 4 2 28 10 3 4 6 18 24 12 38
5 St Johnstone 26 4 3 6 18 21 6 4 3 15 12 0 37
6 Dundee 26 5 4 4 17 15 3 2 8 14 21 -5 30
7 Partick Thistle 26 4 4 6 16 17 3 4 5 12 15 -4 29
8 Kilmarnock 26 3 4 5 13 16 3 6 5 11 25 -17 28
9 Up Hamilton Accies 27 4 6 4 16 16 0 6 7 10 23 -13 24
10 Down Ross County 26 3 4 6 16 24 2 5 6 12 21 -17 24
11 Down Motherwell 26 3 2 8 17 28 3 4 6 13 25 -23 24
12 Down Inverness CT 26 3 6 4 20 21 1 4 8 11 26 -16 22

As you can see from the table, Aberdeen currently have 52 points. With eleven games to play, the best they can do is reach 85 points.
To match that, Celtic must win three more games , to overtake that total, a draw is required. for those of you not entirely sure what a draw is, check the result of our last trip to Inverness. I know, it just seems so long ago…
The Dons, as they usually do when pressure is applied, lost last night, this time  to Hamilton, and their next games  are
Should Celtic win up at the picturesque-if its not bloody raining, snowing or blawin a hoolie- – Tulloch Caledonian stadium tonight, they will only require six points, seven to be certain.
Should Aberdeen lose to Motherwell, who have sacked Mark McGhee , their manager, so its not entirely unlikely, then three points at home to “rangers” -who have sacked their manager Mark Warburton, so its not entirely unlikely, the following day for the hoops, will mean that the superior goal difference all but wins the sixth.
An Aberdeen win means we’ll have to wait a week.
Winning the title at home against “rangers ” would be nice, but they were never serious challengers. Winning it away in either Dundee or Edinburgh would be one to remember though…
Of course, a lot depends on the result tonight.
Amir Mir, on the football insider website, puts our gas at a peep….with the help of Andy Walker, the ever so slightly mis-spelt pundit..

Andy Walker has backed Celtic to continue their winning run and beat Inverness 3-1 at the Caledonian Stadium on Wednesday night.

Sky Sports pundit Walker hailed striker Moussa Dembele and is hoping the 20-year-old stays at the club “longer than one year”.

Dembele has had a magnificent start to life in Scotland following his free transfer in the summer after leaving Championship side Fulham.

He has scored 15 goals in 25 Scottish Premiership games, including netting on six occasions during his last three matches.

Brendan Rodgers side have won 21 SPL games on the bounce and former Bhoys man Walker believes they will continue that run.

Hopefully, he will stay in Scotland longer than one year, magnificent debut season so far,” Walker told Sky Sports.

France under-21 international Dembele has played 42 games in all competitions for the SPL leaders, scoring 29 goals during those matches.

Three of those goals came during six Champions League games, two against English Premier League side Manchester City and the other against German outfit Borussia Monchengladbach.

Despite the Glasgow club dominating on the domestic circuit where they are yet to be beaten, they were humiliated during their European campaign earlier on in the season.

They failed to pick up a win in a group consisting of La Liga giants Barcelona, Borussia Monchengladbach and Manchester City.

Furthermore, they suffered a 7-0 loss at the Nou Camp but did record a 2-2 draw against Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium.

In other Celtic news, Jimmy Floyd-Hasselbaink believes this was a shrewd transfer by the club.  

Thanks, Amir. Its good to keep our feet on the ground. Unless We happen to meet, when one of mine may well be raised in your direction.

Then Ladbrokes, the bookmakers who sponsor the league, decided they could use a few of our shiny pounds..



It won’t be a hammering. It’ll be 1-0 , or maybe 2-0.

Inverness isn;t the easiest place to hand out a hammering, and after conceding six goals last time out , manager Richie Foran may well adopt a defensive formation this evening.

Who are we kidding. They’ll kick anything that moves, and anything that doesn’t move until it does.

Celtic will adopt the usual away tactic of heavy shelling followed by a ground offensive..

Image result for over the top ww1

Whilst Inverness will hold back and try to absorb the pressure..

Image result for over the top ww1

If you are thinking about a bet, go for a Celtic sending off.

The goat botherers will want to be sure we cannot secure the league against “rangers ” .


One of the delights of this month will be following all the court cases scheduled involving “rangers ” , Rangers , HMRC and Mike Ashley. Although the pantomime season is over, the cleverly crafted Ibrox saga now moves to more serious theatres, including the Supreme court.

We’ll try to keep ahead of events, but its bloody difficult to type whilst wetting oneself with laughter.

The Ides of March indeed.

Ironically, March used to be their favourite word…

Image result for orange march

It could well be that by the end of this month they will not be able to utter the word without the contents of their stomachs making a sudden and colourful entrance into the room.

Image result for big grin and wink


New month, lots to look forward to.


One thing that we need to look at is the SFA/SPFL, especially if the Supreme Court judge decides that old Rangers were cheats.

Doncaster and Regan, with their own fully misfunctioning support cast have nearly destroyed our game, and for the moment, its worth asking them any or all of the five questions pondered by Tony Benn, when it comes to dealing with authority …

We can work through them as the month progresses..

What we will need is the support of our own club, and all the others should it be shown that the SFA is an organisation run by cheats for the benefit of cheats.

Keep an eye on the Scottish Football Monitor, and also the blogs of James Forrest. as the fight is just beginning…

Image result for big grin and wink


I do like that picture.

If my mother was blonde I would probably never have left home.


One idea muted already is for the fans of all clubs to hold back on buying season books until the SFA/SPFL are cleaned out.

I cannot think of a better one.

At least not one that won’t end up with me doing a twenty stretch downtown.

Image result for trading places prison scene


The SFA/SPFL have made an arse of runnig the game in Scotland. Piss poor marketing, slipshod governance and , of course, lying cheating and colluding with a bunch of fraudsters who have fleeced a section of fans who only wanted their club to survive.

Even though it didn’t, and astonishingly, the SFA/SPFL told them it did.

Which kind of makes them complicit in the great basket of assets theft.

However, it’s all in the past, but they need to remember that some people don’t forget.

Not when you’ve upset them…


That was in the past….this could be the future…

Either that, or this.. courtesy of jengybhoy…

Image result for tesco Ibrox gif


Or, of course, it could be this….

Then again, his five year ban is nearly up….


Yesterday’s picture,


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The young Billy boys practice their masonic hand signals.