Celtic Xmas Cracker  - Miracle on New Street

Celtic Xmas Cracker – Miracle on New Street

Reposting this piece from 2016 as a tribute and thank you to Scott Sinclair for his wonderful contribution and professionalism to our Celtic cause.

Best Regards



The Little girl sat patiently on the rug as the CBeebie show came to an end.

“You ready to see Santa?” asked her mum.

The little girl stared back up at her mother and smiled.

Her mum had told her how Santa would be in town that day and all the kids would be going to see him, get a picture and a present and get to tell Santa what they wanted for Xmas. The little girl would get to see the nice old man in his big red suit and see all the kids tell him about all the toys they would love for Xmas.

As she waited for her mother to fix her coat, the main door of the house opened and her father entered.
The man was tall, slim and athletic and he immediately bent down to see his baby girl.
The man, who had a tired look upon his face, hugged his beloved daughter and lifted her into his arms.

“We’re off to see Santa” said the little girls mother  before asking “Fancy it?”.

“Cant, I’m going to see if anything doing for over the holidays” sighed her dad before turning back to his daughter. “You have a great time with Mummy”  and the father kissed his little girl and said “Let me give you a hand out”. The 3 of them then headed outside to the car.

Father placed the little girl in the car seat and she looked on as her mother and father spoke outside. She could see her father stance was slightly slumped and he had been looking so sad lately despite the smile he wore whenever he saw and played with her. “It hadnt always been like that” was what her mother had said during bath-time one night. The little girls father had been so happy and joyful but then he had problems at work and had been under a cloud for so long now.
The little girl watched as her mother patted her father on the shoulder, kissed him goodbye and came into the car to join her.

“All set?” asked Mother smiling down.

The girl smiled up at her beautiful loving mother.

The car reversed out the driveway and the rest of the day was a blur. The visit to Santa went without a hitch and as her mother held her for a picture, Santa had promised to make all the little girl’s dreams come true. After Santa, the little girl was amazed at all the sights and sounds in the department store and then her mother had taken her on visits to be with her friends and family. It had been some day.

Next thing the little girl knew her father was  lifting her out the car and taking her up to bed.

“Okay, time for sleep, Santa’s little helper” said the little girls Daddy as he laid her down and pulled up the covers.
The girl suddenly squeezed her all tiny fingers around her daddy’s  thumb and then let go and relaxed in the bed.
The little girl’s father looked down at his thumb and smiled. He then  tucked his daughter in and kissed her goodnight before stepping back and leaving her to sleep.

Xmas day came and Santa had left a mountain of wrapped presents for her and the girl, with the help of her Mummy and Daddy and friends and family opened them all with glee. With each gift the little girl, her mother and her father all smiled and every toy was played with before the end of the day and every outfit held up with a smile and a nod towards future wearing. By early evening the little girl was again tired out and once again her father was lifting her up and taking her to bed.

As the father lay his daughter down, he softly said to her “I hope you got everything you wanted for Xmas sweetheart”. The little girl yawned widely before again hugging his thumb tightly with all her tiny hands might. The man looked down, smiled and put his daughter once again to bed with a kiss.

Soon winter came and the snow fell. The little girl watched as older kids enjoyed playing at snow angels and making snowmen. Mother and Father noticed that each day their growing girl seemed to sit further up in her chair and seemed to almost hesitate for a few seconds as if looking for something but then almost shrug and just carry on as normal.

Eventually the snow stopped falling and  Spring arrived. The sun started to shine a little higher in the sky and gradually the days got warmer, the landscape got greener and the little girl enjoyed being outside  more and more. Each morning she did her sit up check and each day found her repeating her shrugging and carrying on action.

Spring then passed into Summer and it was now a summer  morning when the little girls father gently placed her  into her new high chair.
The little girl as expected began her stretches and her father smiled and said “If only you talked and you could tell us what your up to eh?”.

The girl smiled back at her father and then she suddenly looked sharply to the left.

The phone began to ring.

The little girl’s shocked Father stared from the phone, then to his daughter and then to the phone again.

The little girls Mother entered the room and lifted the receiver and said “Hello?”.

The little girl watched as her mother nodded her head, spoke softly into the phone and then reached out towards her father with the receiver. “Its for you” said Mother whilst raising her eyebrows and looking rather excited.

The little girls father stood up straight and as he stepped over to take the receiver, her mother passed him and then lifted the girl up out the high-chair and held her tightly in her arms as both watched as Father raised the headset to his head

The father paused to compose  himself and then cautiously said “Hello?”

A soft voice on the other end said “Hi, Scott, Brendan Rodgers here, how do you fancy coming to Celtic?”

The daughter watched as her father smiled and his face lit up with unbridled joy.

The little girls mother  hugged her tightly while her father spoke into the phone with his head nodding relentlessly during the conversation.

After a few minutes, the girls father said “See you soon” and then replaced the handset. The girls father then turned and strode towards them, arms outstretched and with the broadest of smiles. The father hugged his wife and child tightly for what seemed like an age  and then when he went to break the family huddle, the little girl reached up and held his thumb tightly with her hand.

Both father and mother looked down as one at their beautiful child. The world seemed to be on pause.

The little girl looked up at her loving father and mother and then she whispered her first word…”Santa!”