Mid Term Report

Mid Term Report

El Cormaco gets that red and green pens out and gives the team, the players, the management and anything else in his path, the once over for a Mid year review




Back In August, after the Red Imps defeat, I took my critical eye and ran it over the Celtic squad. It was Brendan’s first competitive game, we stank and there was much gnashing of teeth among Tims.

That review is here if you want to re-read or cross-check.

As we are now into the meat of the season, the team are obviously going very well indeed so with so much talk of the Brendan effect I thought I d revisit my views from August and see what has changed.

With January coming up who should be gently eased out the door like trying to get your drunk aunty home at Christmas time and who should we cling to, like your drunk aunty does with her son in law at Christmas time? Here is my mid term report , please get involved in the comments

Name Position Keep them? Why / Why not? – August opinion Mid Term Report
Craig Gordon GK yes He’s fallible, can be improved upon but he’s passable Brendan tried to improve upon him, but forgot that a goalie needs to be able to save shots as well as pass the ball. De Vries is now his back up and Gordon has improved with the competition
Logan Bailly GK maybe Not really been tested when he’s played although his distribution is scary Is he 3rd choice now? 4th? Will surely only be a future quiz question, can go any time and not be missed. At all.
Leo Fasan GK no He’s been here for a right while and is still no.3? Not gonna make it No sign my earlier opinion will change
Emilio Izaguirre LB no I like Izzy, but he’s had his time Viva la izzy!! Back in the team with Tierney’s injury. He’s not the future but is doing a fine job for the present, though I fear for him against Barca / Man City, he’ll be fine in SPFL. Plus points for being a mad Celt now
Efe Ambrose N/A no Well, well, well. I’ve not given Efe a position as he can’t play in one. At centre half you think he might do less harm at right back, at right back you think he should play in the centre. The joke has run out of laughs, Efe, get your coat son, you’re never to be seen in a Celtic shirt again unless you’re on your holidays It seems Brendan read this, Efe has been spotted less than black on an Ibrox balance sheet. If any one, and I mean anyone, wants him he’ll be gone. Do Sevco still need a centre half?
Jozo Simunivic CB maybe I fear we bought £5m crock here. Played very few times between injuries and looked pretty ropey when he did. Will be on good deal so difficult to shift, I would if we could Almost gone to Torino, now literally and metaphorically rehabilitated. When he’s played he’s looked stronger, more decisive and quicker, and would be in most peoples first choice centre back pairing, which is quite a turnaround. Recent comments from the manager about his ability to play more than once a week are a concern for a guy still so young – is his injury fully sorted or will it have to be “managed” for the rest of his career? Nonetheless glad he didn’t leave
Dedryck Boyata CB no Rivals Efe for frightening Celtic fans more than opposition forwards. To think we used to have big dominating centre halves like Bobo, now have timorous clowns like this guy, terrible passer, terrible defender, terrible signing. Reading what I wrote in August, I am spot on!! Played his first game of the season on Friday, was a mess; distribution absolutely shocking, clumsy, physically intimidated by Killie’s centre forward – a guy who usually wouldn’t get a game ahead of Kris Boyd. To think Mancini rated this guy when he was younger. A career going nowhere, apart hopefully, away from Celtic
Charlie Mulgrew all sorts no Like Izzy, did a good job and should leave with his head held high, time and injuries have curtailed his “pace” to approx none and he can be a liability because of it Gone. Will be remembered well and welcomed back – just not as a player
Saidy Janko RB no I was pleased to see him last night, thought it was about time he was given a chance. I was wrong. A coward on the ball, unsure of his position when defending. There is usually a good reason clubs like Man United release players (see Boyata & Man City) Written after the Red Imps game, his horror showing against Be’er Sheva was quickly followed with a loan away for the season. No one is missing him, unlikely to come back into the first team at Celtic.
Mikael Lustig RB/ CB no Another who has been a fine servant to Celtic, but is also very injury prone and diminished because of it. Could possibly plug a hole at centre half but should be phased out and replaced Lustig is a bit of man crush at the minute – he’s rarely missed a game, even after some heavy duty tackles, and been solid and consistent. Contract expiring – could be connected to an upturn in fitness and form but he seems a very decent pro and I’d definitely want to offer him a new deal now, a complete turnaround. Well played big man
Erik Sviatchenko CB yes A defender who defends. Novel stuff at Celtic Park. He’s slow sure and can lunge in, but has the right attitude and tries to keep some kind of defensive shape around him. Possible captain Growing into a real defensive leader at Celtic, my opinion hasn’t changed, he has real limitations to his game but he is definitely worth keeping and is a first pick on the team sheet at the minute
Darnell Fisher RB yes He seemed to be progressing well, good pace, decent defender, so it was odd he went out on loan last year. Hopefully he gets and takes his chance Dunno whats gone on with his career either, now also loaned out – or is it permanent. A few good early showings but never kicked on. We wish him well.
A Ralston ? ? Not seen him play. Listed as a defender Ive seen him play now!! He did fine, hopefully he can keep progressing and become a KT at right back
Kieran Tierney LB yes our stand out youth player of the past few years, tenacious, committed, loves the Hoops and athletic. Possible captain. His career keeps going upwards. Was in fantastic form when he got injured, hopefully he’ll get back to those levels when he returns to the team
Nir Bitton DM no I wanted Nir to work, cut him a lot of slack but he appears to be playing a different game to everyone else, a game where the objective is to keep the ball from going forward and moving about the pitch as slowly as possible. He hasn’t got any better in his time here, so time to try someone else Ah, Nir. My opinion hasn’t really changed – he is okay, but no more- not physical enough to be a dominant defensive midfield, too slow in his passing to be a force as a centre midfield, if a decent offer came in I wouldn’t be sad to see him go
Scott Brown CM no Sorry Broony but time waits for no man and a snarling aggressive combative midfielder is only of any use of he can actually get to his opponents. Broony cant any more. His passing is also mediocre and he doesn’t score goals from midfield, so he doesn’t really offer anything. Hands up, I was wrong. And glad to say it. Our player of the season so far, his European performances have been to a really good level (if we forgot Barca way please). He has been a revelation under Brendan, driving us on, winning the ball back, owning Barton; he’s like the Scott Brown we thought we weren’t going to see again
Stuart Armstrong CM yes Can be infuriating, can disappear from games, but seems to want to be a success at Celtic, which is something in itself at the minute, and has had very impressive games among the anonymous ones. Should play centrally Good to see Brendan reads this, has only played centrally this season and is currently a starter on merit. He has been providing the energy Bitton can’t. By no means the best we could hope for in the position but in Scotland at least he is certainly good enough and shows signs of getting better. Chipping in with the odd gaol from midfield too, which is always a bonus
Kris Commons AM no In all honesty even in his pomp I wasn’t a huge fan, too slow, too keen to shoot when a team mate is better placed but probably still our best player technically. Time must be up now though? Time officially up, he has been told to find a new club, so Hibs in January surely for Kris, and I wish him well.
Gary Mackay Steven winger No do you remember his debut? He was tearing past people, scoring goals? It was also the last time he played well, the jersey is too big for him, get him away back to Dundee United type team where one good game every 6 weeks is okay in his defence he has been injured, and who knows he could be another to benefit from the Brendan effect though I m far from convinced.I d still get rid if some one else wants him, which is a shame as he has something about him, but its not seen often enough
Ryan Christie CM / AM yes Its too early to judge, wants the ball which again at the minute is a bonus, still young so deserves a chance May need ot go out on loan as he has not featured recently and needs to play, with a view to coming into the first team picture next year
Tom Rogic CM/ AM maybe He’s a weird one Rogic. Last night he was spectacularly bad. Other games he can look like a world beater. He’s slow, inconsistent and hides at times, but he does have something. A last chance to show that consistently now or sell him, I m not really bothered Good that Tom reads this to – he has upped his gaem, is much more consistent, still cant go 90 minutes – why?But another who has raised their game this season, signed a new contract and righty a fans favourite – can do things others can’t
Scott Allan CM / AM yes he can see a pass. He gives the ball away a lot too and isn’t in great physical condition, but he’s not been given a fair chance yet so until he is I say keep him Gone. Seems to have fallen out with folk at Rotherham too, so may have some attitude issues. Safe to say no one is missing him, which is a contrast to last season when he was the unseen player who was going to make things better if he got a chance. Cant see him getting a chance after his loan, it seems his best moment was when he signed as a GIRUY to them.
Stefan Johansen CM no he wants to go, we are on the same page. One great season a complete non entity last year. If he wasn’t fit then he shouldn’t have made himself available for selection. Nowhere near as good as he thinks he is, like so many of the squad Gone. The Johansen of Ronnie’s first year would be an asset but again no one is missing his pointing, giving the ball way with stupid outside of the boot under hit passes or fiddling with the bit of string keeping his hair out of his eyes. Fulham got him from us, we have Dembele and Roberts. Yep.
Patrick Roberts winger yes He’s on loan for another season so of course we will keep him. Despite his horrendous semi final miss he’s shown up well and it was a mystery why he didn’t’ come on last night Has had a bit of a mixed time, was playing well then got injured and hasn’t really hit the heights since – he’s clearly pining for his mate Kieran to come back to fitness.He’ll come good again, I d still look to negotiate either a further loan or permanent transfer from City – with them spending more crazy money on players in his sort of position – like Nolito and Sane his chances of getting into their first team seem remote
Kristof Ajer DM/ CB yes only just arrived so not seen him, seems he is not being thought of for the first team for now The runour is he’ll go out on loan and is being viewed moe as centre half. Big unit.
Callum Mc Gregor CM yes Good squad guy, can score a goal and keeps the ball moving. Not really the standard to get where we want to be but not so bad he should be punted either Opinion hasn’t changed, I actually like parts of his game, he has a good turn on him, but he is not physical enough and doesn’t score enough for bigger games or a more advanced position. Still worth keeping around though
James Forrest winger no Why did he come on last night? His tracking back was non existent, his chance at Celtic has come and gone, offers nothing positive – rumoured to have pace, never shows it, cant cross a ball or beat a man. Looks done at 24 Hands up again, Jamesy has proved me and the other doubters wrong. His end product is still inconsistent but at least he is now working hard for the team and earning his place. Signed a new deal and looks to be really settled, I thought he should be out the door, now looks a real asset again. Another fine example of the Brendan effect, long may it last
Liam Henderson CM yes I like this player, has a bit of character, as he showed when he turned the cup final Hibs way last year. No more loans out please, start integrating him into the first team A strange one, I think Brendan likes him but cant get him game time. Would like to see him given areal go, I think he could make it as Celtic and would hate to see him leave and then develop into a fine player elsewhere.
J Thomson ? ? Not seen him Nope
Nadir Ciftci CF no Just not good enough. Was okay last night but he’ll never be prolific and I m not really sure what the point of him is- even in his best Dundee United form he didn’t look good enough and the size of the number 7 shirt seems to have killed his confidence. Please release him let him go…and give the iconic shirt to someone more fitting. He awas never good enough and never will be, sorry Nadir, you are the poster boy for how bad things were getting under Ronnie, when we signed you and tried to convince ourselves it was a good thing.
Leigh Griffiths CF yes I doubt if we would have won the league last year without him. Has clear limitations but he scores goals, simple as. Needs to play centrally, while the idea of him cutting from the right onto his left foot makes sense in reality it doesn’t suit him A coupleo f injury issues have seen him displaced as first choice, and while Dembele is scoring for fun this won’t change. Will get his chance again though and should be retained at all costs (up to a bid of about £8m) Love him I have to say, a throwback striker
Moussa Dembele CF yes for a half last night he looked good, only just arrived, and should get better over his time with us. “should get better over his time with us” – yes, I am a seer. The story of our season so far; strong, quick, technically very good, a good link man, a good finisher, good mentality he really does seem to have it all. Sadly he will leave us at some point, and the board will want to maximise his sell on value so it may be sooner than we would all like. Has scored goals in big games and leads the line so well, a first pick right now will need to be rested at some point as he is still only young, but what a fine job in getting him here, and to think we could have had Garner for just three times more.
Aidan Nesbitt CF yes only seen glimpses, but he seems like he has a chance. Seen no more of him
J Aitchison ? ? Not seen him Nope
Scott Sinclair CF/ WF yes Hadn’t arrived when I wrote this, he has been excellent. I always thought he had something about him – I saw him a few times at Swansea, and a career going nowhere has been revived. Has the technique and pace to get us up the field in European games, plays the wide left position so well, getting into the middle of goal to link up and score at the right times. He reminds me a little of Henrik.. .he’s not as good, but in certain movements, the way he collects the ball and turns at times, I can see a little of the King of Kings in him.Last season’s team badly needed some pace, he has been great at stretching our game. Big fan
Kolo Toure CB yes Another hit. Apart from Monchengladbach when he was not. But without him we would very likely not be in the Champions league – when we were rocking in Israel he was immense, so for a free transfer he’s worked out very well – if we could put him in a time machine and get another five years from him id be very happy
Dorus De Vries GK no Weird he was player of the season at Nottingham Forest, “begged” to be allowed to join, and then proceeded to stink the place out. That’s maybe a touch harsh but never made any great saves (or saves at all – Ralph), he is a good mate of Brendan’s, so that’s nice
Christian Gamboa RB maybe Another new bhoy, not played too much, was terrible in his debut in Barcelona, but has looked alright in Scotland, although also poor in conceding a goal at ICT. Should do well in Scotland for the time being