Danny McGrain: A proper Celtic legend

You know, at a club like ours there are always players and staff who get labelled with the term “legend”. At times it can come too easily. Regi Blinker wasn’t a legend. But his exploits in Glasgow’s night clubs were legendary. One guy who fits the legendary bill is Daniel Fergus McGrain.

Without doubt the finest right-back this country has ever produced, Danny was famously overlooked by Rangers as they thought he was a Catholic because of his name. He wasn’t. Not that his creed mattered to us anyway but the myopia of the bigoted is rarely funny except when it causes a cock-up like this.

Now 62, the same number as the caps he won for Scotland, McGrain has accepted Neil Lennon’s invitation to step up to first team coaching duties. How lovely a term is that? He ‘accepted the invitation’. More importantly, look at what we have at the club; we have real football men managing the football side. The addition of McGrain to the front-facing coaching team is exciting and bloody well brilliant to see.

This is a man with a connection to the club stretching back 45 years. This is a man with almost 700 appearances for Celtic. This is a man who captained Celtic. This is a man who won 9 league titles, 5 Scottish Cups & 2 league cups. This is a man who could slide tackle the length of Hampden. Dignity is an oft-used word in Glasgow’s football circles. Danny has it in spades.

This is a man who started life as a bluenose but found his real home at Celtic, has never left and will always be welcome. This is a man who is a proper Celtic legend.

Danny McGrain, we are delighted you accepted Neil’s invitation. If Adam Matthew’s becomes half the player you are then we’ll have a superstar on our hands. Make it so!