Celtic Diary Thursday October 18

Celtic Diary Thursday October 18

As if we didn’t know it already, a survey has revealed that Celtic Park is the most expensive place in Scotland to watch football. The cheapest match day ticket, a pie, a cup of tea and a programme costs £30.30. Of course, you can save on the tea, to get the same effect, simply stub your cigarette out on your tongue.

Summarising, the survey, conducted by the Blatantly Obvious society, also claims that Celtic have the most expensive season books as well. The cheapest ticket has risen by a shiny pound, and the dearest ticket is down to £29 from £40.

The survey merely confirms what we all knew anyway, its a dear day out, and it makes it that wee bit easier to understand why some people will take their thirty quid to the pub and make a day of it there instead. Factor in the cost of beer, travel and time off work, and it becomes very expensive indeed, but be thankful you’re not an Arsenal fan. Because they are a dull club who have forgotten their identity, ~and their season books cost about the same as a small car.

Living in the south means that I don’t have the dubious pleasure of reading some of the rags that pass for newspapers in Scotland, but a recent email tells me that the Daily Record has desisted in its comments section at the end of sports articles. This has prompted the Scotsman to complain that the Records readers are adding their , well, less than thought provoking comments to their paper instead.

At the bottom of this page is a bit where you can leave a reply, and it saddens me that we have to keep an eye on it, as we , too, get our share of abuse. For instance, Ally from Auchenhowie said “Iwant tae know yer real name ralph”, a chap called Wiggy said he felt that “Scottish football could only move forward if the crimes of Rangers and its directors were treated as tax evasion primarily, and a sporting scandal secondly, and if those alleged to have done wrong were indeed guilty, then they should face the full front of the law.” Which was clearly something he wouldn’t have said, so we left it out.

A man known as the “Jingle J” says he has info on the true wealth of new Rangers investors, and we’d like to hear from him again, as he is apparently some sort of award winning journalist, and “Google Eyes” says “watch me get the fuckers this time”

Whatever does it all mean? As I said, we leave it out as it is obviously the ramblings of deluded minds.

More on the pathetic expulsion of the Celtic Ladies team from the Scottish Cup. It seems a request to re arrange the quarter final tie was agreed with the SWF, but blocked by opponents Glasgow City, who rejected the idea. When Rangers go bust again, don’t be surprised if Glasgow City suddenly have a debt free mens team.

The SFA have refused to give public assurance that Craig Levein will keep his job, and whilst Gordon Strachan is the fans choice for the job, Walter Smith and Alex MacLeish have been spotted hanging around Hampden, both of whom are currently out of work, and both of whom who have held the position before. These safe pair of hands,(safe unless they are near the till), will no doubt be the first to be considered. Fucking Hooray.

Craig Levein has upset too many people with his Zombie impression, which the SFA think is too soon after the banner controversy

Guess who’s back? Shadys Back!

The man who took Rangers into administration back in February, as he promised, is back to finish his work in Glasgow. He started with a full length interview on the BBC with Chris MacLaughlin. Of course, as it was the BBC, the interviewer wanted to elicit soundbites from Whyte, as opposed to any real information. For instance, the “did you lie to supporters line”? , to which Whyte said he didn’t, he just misled them. Serious discussion flew through the window as MacLaughlin asked his questions but didnt follow a natural line when Whyte threw him some bait, such as Murray knowing full well the club was doomed, and McCoist failing to take them through European qualifiers, which Whyte had budgeted for, and ultimately led to them not paying the VATman. Amongst about 300 others. Whyte sayd they simply had no money, and no-one would invest in them because of the Big Tax Case, which may explain why HMRC have put the decision off for so long. The uncertainty hasd bled the club dry, but MacLaughlin didnt pick up on that, probably because he wasn;t listening.

Although 29 minutes into the interview, he does mention the big tax case result, which means it may well be out there somewhere, but not public yet.

With Whyte stating that he introduced Green to the process, and saying that the Ticketus money was just another way to raise money, Green has hit back, saying he’d never met him, and anyway, his new share issue has already raised £17m worth of pledges. A figure the diary knows to be at least £10,000 out. In fact, it may be more than that.

Green says he is “astounded ” by the level of interst from supporters. “20,000 on the site, 9,000 pledges. ” he says. Oh dear, he is going to get a surprise fairly soon. Here we see just some of those people who have pledged their support enjoying a day out.

Glasgows Green and Whyte. Not a terracing song, but a new comedy double act, coming to a tv near you.

Most people recognised the stand in question yesterday as the old Grant Stand, named after James Grant. It was designed to keep people warm and dry whilst watching the game, but failed miserably as all the windows used to steam up. Going back in time again, way way back,  Charlie Tully was a bit of a rogue, and was noted for his cruel impression of Willie Maley. What did he do?