Celtic Diary Friday September 30: Calmed Down Yet ?

We learned a lot during the Manchester city game the other night. Above all, I learned that Tramadol, amitrypaline and beer is quite a lethal combination, and should only be taken if you need to sleep for about 24 hours.

Which I didn’t need but got anyway.

As you are probably aware, Celtic rediscovered what it means to be Celtic in what will be remembered y many as one of the great games of all time. The sort of game that makes you proud to be a Celt, allowing you that wee smile when you catch those in the media talking about how good the team were, and how good the support was.

But we knew that already, didn’t we?

Celtic now go into the double header against Borussi Moenchengladbach, the first of which is on October 19 in glasgow, with a renewed sense of optimism, and perhaps even the knowledge that third place id doable and second place may not be the pipe dream we thought it was.

If Manchester City were surprised by the enthusiastic support at Celtic Park, wait until they see how many turn up at the Etihad.

Manchester City v Celtic

Etihad Stadium, Manchester, United Kingdom
6 Dec 2016
Tue 19:45
From €133.43There are 93 tickets left

Man city.com tickets this morning….just saying , like.

Though looking at the prices, its little wonder they can afford to pay such wages and transfer fees. although its also probably why they play to an empty gallery most of the time.

Now that the dust has settled after the game, and breathing has returned to normal, one or two facts stand out from the players performances that we may not have noticed during the game.


Captain Scott Brown put in a shift, we saw that, but note Nir Bitons contribution. Its difficult to judge from watching on the telly, but to me he didn’t seem to be all that busy. but then again, his positioning off the ball may well have been crucial in forcing city to change their plans…

Someone else who has been under criticism is goalkeeper Craig Gordon, who has returned to the fold after Dorus De Vries got “injured ” -aye, okay, Brendan ) and made one outstanding save and several important ones to keep Celtic in the game. It was good to see him play well.

The one to his bottom right corner was exceptional, and its fair to say that De Vries would probably not have got to that one. although he might have, in fairness, as his main weakness is shots straight at him.

The two full backs did their bit, galloping up the park, then turning round and galloping back. Any fears that Lustig wouldn’t cpe were dispelled, as he thought more about when to run and when not to. Still did a fair bit of running mind.

Overall, the team came back from a psychologiacally wounding beating in the Nou Camp, and fought a noble battle, with honours even, against the most expensively assembled team in football history-probably-, a team which had won all ten of its games this season.

Something to be proud of.

There may also be a wee light shining on why Celtic will never be invited to play down south, something which i’ve certainly harped on about over the years, which has now got the agreement of Brendan Rodgers, who has managed at the top in both England and Scotland..

“There’s no doubt Celtic are a major threat to nearly every English club.

“If Celtic were in England, they would be in the top four/top six clubs there.

“If you are another club playing in that league or Championship, or League One, would you want that type of threat coming in? I don’t think you’d want it and that’s the reality.”


“It is going to be difficult for Celtic to be in the English pyramid system because of the sheer scale of the club. Most of our games are packed out now.


“Can you imagine Celtic with that resource? Then it can go as far as it wants then. It would be frightening prospect but an exciting prospect.”

The downside of joining the English set up, and having the weath that comes with it, would be the resultant loss of identity, something Wednesdays opponents and their support know all about.

I’m happy enough with things as they are, an occasional tussle with the English sides is more than enough for me. Especially if we can stand toe to toe with them like the other night.

Two goal hero Moussa Dembele has seen his stock rise over the last couple of weeks, and the prospect of Dembele and Griffiths joining forces in the same team is up there with Hartson/Larsson, sutton /Larsson , Nicholas/McGarvey and Johnston /McClair.

As much as the system just now is designed  for one forward, you can’t really leave any of them out. Except in Europe away, where they can take it in turns.

Dembele is on the list of europes top under 21 players, and you can vote for him to win here..


With that sort of praise comes the inevitable, however, and Arsenal are the first club to send someone up to watch him. Apparently.

Arsenal sent scouts to watch Celtic’s Moussa Dembele on Wednesday night as they join Real Madrid and Bayern Munich in the hunt for the French wonderkid. Dembele, 20, scored twice in Brendan Rodgers’ side’s 3-3 thriller with Manchester City. And he has now attracted the attention of the European big guns who could make a January move for the ex-Fulham youngster. (Talksport ) 

His manager told the press;

 “He’s an outstanding young talent and the beauty with Moussa is that he wants to improve, I think he still can. He’s a big talent.” 

When what he should have said was..

“He’s okay, I suppose. He’s handy to have around when Griff is injured, but to be honest his first goal was offside and he mis hit the overhead kick, which fooled the goalie. He’s got a long way to go. ” 

That way we might get a couple of seasons out of him, and then we can start to talk him up.

Mind you, there’s no fooling Tottenham fans, who are lamenting their clubs lack of ambition in matching Fulhams valuation of the player back in January 2015

damn the only bit of bad business by  in the last 2 years was not signing dembele and sending him back to Fulham damn 

Should have taken dembele deal even he had to return for rest of season, doing fine job at celtic.  

Seems like Celtic’s Mousa Dembele would have been a really good fit for  seeing how he plays. Opportunity missed?

So, City are vulnerable to players named Dembélé? 

Looks like we probably should have followed up on Dembele or just let Fulham have their way & loaned him back for a bit

Celtic are definitely keeping the other Moussa Dembele warm for us till the summer 

Man, we had the chance to sign the Dembélé at Celtic in the 2015 summer window. Why didn’t we? He was even a cheap buy.   

The player is enjoying himself, and he didn’t come to Celtic for the money or the fame. He came to learn his trade, and the thinking is that he will be around for a while yet.

Another who is attracting attention is Keran Tierney, which comes as no surprise.. Manchester city got a closer look at him on Wednesday…

The Citizens have been keeping tabs on the highly-rated 19-year-old for the last 12 months and Celtic are aware of it. City sources have told SiaS that they continue to be impressed by the Scotland international. Tierney endured a difficult evening up against the reborn Raheem Sterling at Celtic Park. It was his rampaging run and cross, however, which resulted in Celtic’s second going in off an attempted block by Sterling. City have fostered good relations with the Glasgow giants in recent seasons and currently have winger Patrick Roberts on loan to Celtic Park. They believe that has already given them a head-start start on other clubs who are starting to sit up and take notice of the Isle of Man-born starlet. (Man city clubcall ) 

The biggest surprise there is that Tierney was born on the Isle of Man, which surprises me. I though thats where people go to die, not to have babies. Well. Every day is a school day.

Anyway, now that we’re all happy and our club is performing at the top level, someone has to come along and turn our gas down ?

Right ?

Yup. Right.

Fears over Scottish clubs’ future in Champions League

The reporter no doubt then asked if there was anything else that could be done to prevent Celtic qualifying, and how soon it could be implemented.

The changes will be made, and we’ll probably have to live with that. however, we do get extra co efficient points for winning the thing back in 67, so its not all bad.

Its old news, of course, but thanks to Lamont at BBC Ibrox for reminding us.



Caption comp-okay, it wouldn’t be a diary if we didn;t find some way of mocking the afflicted..

Speaking of whom, note the Daily Record describes his trips back to his home in London-a sure sign of lack of commitment if he hasnt moved, according to some. Remember the grief that Lou Macari got for not having a gaffe in Glasgow, and continuing to live in Stoke.

Oddly enough, Macari did have a place in Bothwell, and during the court case against McCann, the press picked up on the Stoke address, and not the Bothwell one.

Macari went on to collar the journalist who printed the story, who admitted to him that “it was a rumour “. a fairly expensive one for Macari, as it turned out…

The more things change, the more they stay thesame.

such as the kicking I’m going to get, having noticed the date and realised that I was married twenty one years ago today.

Fortunately, she seems to have forgotten as well, as I can avoid the kicking by nipping out now and buying her a -oh I don’t know. My last thoughful gift was a cheesegrater and I’ve still got the scar.

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Dziekanowski's nightclub child

happy anniversary

Caption: Boss can I go, I just got an email to tell me the Etims diary is online?

Dziekanowski's nightclub child

Caption: These balls should keep you afloat now that you are out your depth boss.

Bob Cobb

Caption – OK, Boss, get that dog whistle ready; it’s about time we released another statement.


Morning Ralph,
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and the wife!

One thing though, could you not mention that little bastard Johnston, still not forgiven le petit merde!


Joe D

Aye ur rite wae that 1 Monti. That we pricks name shood nevr get mentioned agen C.O.Y.B.I.G.


I adored that cunt in my schooldays, will never forget how i felt watching him join them!!!
A fucking wanker


My thoughts exactly….feckin Judas arsehole.


Caption: ” Boss, five minutes until Dave ‘ Jets in ‘ with the overinvestment”!


Lurking Huns? Have the creditors been paid yet?
Same club tho….cough.


Shut yer hole.

btw pals dinny need to explain why they canny make it to Malones they just need to make their apologies and that is what i did,ok huffy puffy.


Away and ride some sheep…meh meh 🙂


Goat yer plastic doll back yet from the polis?

Titter, Titter.

boss im trying to set my watch back to 2011. what does the big hand do again?

I got tickets for 35 quid via:


Note that celtic fans are buying in 118/117 area below actual celtic designated area but i dont imagine many issues anywhere in stadium.

They know we arent the Huns


Desi… on that subject of the Etihad… cppied over from yesterday.. ______________________________________________________________ Some afterthoughts… I’ve M8′s who’re big Man City fans and who’ve stuck with them, even when they were in the 3rd tier – We’re talking real football fans here, not glory hunters. I even stood myself on the “Kippax” at Maine Rd a few times in the old days. Anyway, they were “absolutely gobsmacked” at the atmosphere at Celtic Park. In fact, I sense they were slightly embarrassed that even if/when full the Etihad is not in the same league. So, although there is an element of right-wing… Read more »

perfectly put…always have a great times in Manchester, go at least once a year with the Mrs and this time going down with daughter for the game.

As long as the Chelsea fans stay out of town I expect a lot of nodding and hand shaking in mutual appreciation regardless of result


Happy Anniversary to Mr and Mrs Ralphy, the king of rammatrammadingdong.

Please remember the Jimmy Johnstone DOCUMENTARY on BBC ALBA at 9-30pm tonight.It will be great.

I!m as horny as Kansas in August,
High as flag on the fourth of July,
if yoo excuse an expression i use,
I!m in luv I!m in luv, I!m in luv with a wonderful team.


Caption, Boss, Boss its nearly 12.00 quick quick at midnight you turn back into a FAIRY.

This watch is broke and its still right double the amount of times Warbs is!



no thanks, maybe after a liquid lunch 🙂


HE,HE, HE. The next yin is on me.


Didn’t know you were into water sports Mike!!


Away yoo and hing a rubber doll.

Question, How many Tic. supporters are needed to hing a plastic doll, answer 4-6.its a group huddle.


Caption: Boss when you said you’ll pull Clint Hill off in 20 seconds I thought you meant he was going to be substituted


The tims champions league game starts shortly
A know a can hear them from here






Speed training at Moonbeams Park…..”Clint, Philip, hurry the f*** up”


Ralph. I’m surprised you didn’t know that KT was born in the Isle of Man – Didn’t you notice he has 3 legs?- 2 on the park and the 3rd somewhere in the safe standing area beside The GB 🙂

Iljas Baker

Great article in the Independent newspaper about how Celtic’s high pressing tactics are a model for any EPL club looking not to be beaten by Man City. But the writer had this to say: “Whether Premier League teams can match Celtic for work-rate remains to be seen, but energetic, attack-minded wide players have now shown that they can cause serious problems for City’s defenders.” http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/european/manchester-city-have-celtic-unearthed-the-blueprint-to-stop-pep-guardiolas-early-dominance-of-a7337746.html Very positive comments about Scott Brown and Moussa Dembele especially but everyone got plaudits – I think the EPL teams will look at us differently from now on. Hopefully we can keep the bar high.… Read more »


Weir: “Bloody hell Mr. Warburton, have you seen the data? It’s Ralph Malph’s wedding anniversary”

Warburton: “Oi, Wallace, get over here. How come you’ve not let me know it’s Ralph Malph’s wedding anniversary?”


oh bugger, that should have said date not data.


A great Celtic moment : )
the club made 3m from the game against City. It’s a good time to for them to look at minimum wage again. Wi’ some pressure from US.?


On the subject of the caption. They look like the groom’s side waiting anxiously for the bride to arrive – which may explain this GENUINE first line of an article in The Daily Orcread on 22 September with the headline

“Scottish Cup final arrests total hits 76 as police detain another six men”… which then went on to explain…

“THE match at Hampden Park on May 21 was MARRIED when fans invaded the pitch after Hibernian’s 3-2 win over Rangers”


Caption “Joey, you have 5 seconds to stick this whistle up your arse …. David start the clock”


Caption” “S’truth, Warbs, the MIBs guaranteed we’d get our penalty by now…”
Tomorrow, Dens Park. 12 noon
subs. Fasan/Tierney/Toure/Gamboa
Bhoys 4-1
I think we can get both Griffiths and Dembele in the same team.


I note Lustig ran 10.25km, yet Charlie saiz keeps telling us Lustig can’t get up and down the park?

Eeeeeaaawwwwww Eeeaaawwwww

Charlie Saiz

Did you also note it was lower than the team average and the fact he rarely ventured that far up the park man marking Nolito?
Course you didn’t ya trolling fanny.


What’s ‘ trolling ‘?

Charlie Saiz

In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory,extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion, often for their own amusement.


That seems fair enough 🙂

Charlie Saiz

Have you recovered yet? 🙂


Good day Monti.
I’m fine thanks. I was going to support your comment about Johnston but Everybody had moved on before I worked out how to get this phone to allow me to put fucker without changing it to mucker!

Still off the ‘shot’ and looking forward to our wee play tonight.


Have a good night my friend!


Caption ‘ Ive found a magic hat on Amazon, will I get it?
Still not over the atmosphere at the stadium it was electric, worth sitting through the Kilmarnocks etc for that.
Hope that the board realise we can gat at least two years out of Moussa.

Brown, Sinclair and Lustig are three of our older players yet the three managed well over 10k, brilliant. Absolutely delighted with the performance. But still a little disappointed. Although there was a bit of luck about 2 of our goals, two of their’s were due to slackness and being a bit half arsed. Broonie should have taken the ball from Silva and Bitton could have blocked the initial shot for the first. But that is being ultra critical and hopefully Brendan will address these issues any way. Watched the game again yesterday and the commentary kept suggesting that Celtic would… Read more »


so proud of everyone wed nite the team the fans and the manager,laughed at work wed when i said we would get the draw by all the epl teams followers,how sweet it was thursday to gloat and collect a few euros aswell,always proud to be a celt,but the resoult wed nite made my chest swellout with pride,HH,wE ARE IN FOR SOME RIDE WITH THIS MANAGER AND THE MALAISE FROM LAST YEAR IS TRULY GONE.HH

jpm 88

corktim . doesn’t it annoy you when so many Irish fans “support” (gloryhunt) , as you say EPL clubs ahead of Celtic ? As a born Scot , but with 100% Irish (Mayo) blood , it does me ! I often think what Collins and Brugha would have made of it . Although , I guess they fought , that people would be free to choose . Still , they surely must have felt a slight tug of the heart at the rendition of “GRACE” on 75mins ; where else in world football would you hear “ballads” such as Grace… Read more »


Its Mayonaise,i luv it with my salad roll.

Arise the Irish from north and South,
from Dublin, Tyrone and from Lougth,
catch yersell oan and ditch the English,
support the Tic. and stoap watchin pish.

jpm 88

Exactly mike 🙂

The Holy Poet

Happy anniversary Mr & Mrs Malph, have a brilliant time.
Great piece as always and I’m still buzzing and wasn’t even there! Went to Manchester for the friendly years ago and Man City fans were great. There are a few bangers, like any club but on the whole, great fans.



What’s the time Weary dave?

ffs boss, no matter how many times i hit it it still says 20:12!!!!



johann murdoch

“Weir calling enterprise-come in Enterprise.ffs beam me oota here scotty!!”


Caption (bearing in mind Warbo’s hand position) Right lads today we are gonna begin training with a brisk energiser, to the tune of that famous Ivor Biggun pop classic ‘I’m a wanker, I’m a wanker and it does me good and so it bleeding well should”
Players ‘ you’re a wanker, you’re a wanker but you’re no very good’ . Boom boom, and with apologies to anyone easily offended. No not you Mark.


happy aniversary ralph your missus wilnae take the auld tramadol and amytripaline excuse the night watch ye dont put yer back oot ha ha




Ay it worked, but they still ignored you


Celtic XI for Dens park 4-4-2






Aye Monti it’s really the only way to play both our strikers. Sad really. Although there is one more tactic….. See below.


2 draws wae barca and city we beat the germans twice and its game on canny fuckin wait was in ma travel agents this morning the guy said charlie ye canny keep booking cardiff in may then canceling or ile need to charge ye ha ha

Charlie Saiz

Have you seen Gladbach play Charlie?
These will be two extremely tough games bud they are a very good side with some extremely good players.


Aye Charlie Saiz. This lot are Pep Guardiola’s and Bayern München’s bogey team. Man City only humped them at home because of the rain the same will not happen when they play at home.

Charlie Saiz

They are no mugs Uralius your right.
Their attack will give us no end of problems.


caption the weary one says ffs boss this watch hisnae got enough digits tae time these snaillike cunts


Warbler: “Yaaas, got a ticket for the Celtic game up at Dens. What time’s it Weiry, need to get along to the ticket office for it?”



Warblers: Wank, wank, wank, wank…..

Donkey Dave: Boss, we’ve been here four hours and you’ve still not seen a good guy yet.


Luv. is in my hair,
its everywhere i look,
Luv is in my hair,
its even in my plooks.
Oh Ho Ho luv is in my hair,
its even in my breeks,
Luv is in the air,
its even in every shreik,
Oh that is because i luv the Cellic,
I dinny even have to sell it.
Oh luv is in my every pore,
a luv that is never ever sore,
Oh luv is in my hair.

Charlie Saiz

Weir and Warbiola trial run the new Cyanide Capsules in preparation for the Cup Semi at Hamdump.

Charlie Saiz

On the Dembele thing… I picked up on something Chris Sutton highlighted after the game the other night that I think a great many others overlooked. He stated he see’s a bit Drogba about Dembele and I think he’s spot on with that evaluation. There’s no doubting the boy has talent in respect of his finishing and technical ability but it’s the other aspects to his game that proved invaluable the other night. As a defensive force on set pieces he is an excellent counter weapon to have. Like Drogba he becomes an extra CB when we are defending set… Read more »


Wanted to mention kris commons , a fantastic servant to the club , i watched the video of him singing with wee jay on his way to the game and read his comments afterwards, what a class act this guy is , the way he was treated by delia and now unable to get a place in the team he hasnt once kicked off and has remained a supporter of the club. I hope he can push his way into the side and play for us again as he is a true celtic man and a credit to the hoops

Charlie Saiz

He was too slow to play the way Deila wanted Del what makes you think he can cope with the demands of this Rodgers version?


Charlie Saiz,
You are a tool of the highest order, sorry but it has to be said.

Charlie Saiz

So what part of the above are you in disagreement with?
The being too slow part
The he’s going to struggle even more with Rodgers demands part?
Do feel free to expand beyond the name calling Monti.
The floor is yours….



Charlie Saiz

That will be a no then.


Agree with you Del,but do not expect to see him again in the hoops,his contract must be up at the seasons end,he might go to the Hibees with Lennon,from January.
A great player who scored some unforgettable goals.
Unforgettable, thats what choo are,
unforgettable, a troo Cellic star,
Unforgettable, he was first up too the bar.
Unforgettable, we will never forget yoo,oh Chris Commons a true Tic. hero.
Perhaps Izzy as well,the end of an era.


While I do not disagree with Charlie Saiz. It is my opinion that Kris should be allowed to see out his career with Celtic while working on his coaching qualifications. The experience he had of playing at the highest level, combined with his versatility would make him a great youth coach initially and with any luck he would be able to progress to the first team in a short amount of time. Added into the package of course we would get to keep his lovely wife.

Charlie Saiz

I think you are spot on about coaching Uralius he may well have plenty to offer in that respect and his wife is a gem.

Pity Delia wasn’t as quick at fuckin off sooner than he did.
Commons was a great goalscorer for us,in very important matches. Would like to see him get a few games to collect a league winners medal. His wonderful partner Lisa, does great charity work,and worked behind the bar I recall,whilst singinging all the Celtic songs.
Maybe if players need rested Kriss could get a few games.

Charlie Saiz

Christie Armstrong and McGregor need games too Jimmy.
They are the supposed future.

Reserve team.
Gamboa Jose OConnell Izzy
Roberts Armstrong McGregor
Cifti Commons.
Subs Goalie Boyata Ajer Henderson McCart Mackay Stevens.
Sure they could beat Dundee.


My point was more about him as a person charlie , a lot of playerswould have threw the toys out the pram and be talking tothe press etc but he has remained respectful and a fan of the club. I do still think he could do a job though for instance when rogic went off we lost the creativity of a number 10 , rogic doesnt exactly have a huge work rate so i dont see how a fit commons couldnt come on for half an hour if rogic cant last a full game

Charlie Saiz

He did throw the toys out the pram though Del and VERY PUBLICLY in Molde. Should have been sent packing after that IMO. No doubting his affection for Celtic or his wifes outstanding contribution in our Clubs name bud but the fact is he was too slow and too lazy to operate the way in which Deila wanted. To operate the press high as a side every player needs to work and the bottom line is Commons couldn’t keep up with that demand. He was fine in Lenny setup because we were operating a much slower build up and playing… Read more »


Commons was bang on the money, Deila was a fucking useless twat!

Charlie Saiz

So useless in fact Rodgers has deployed the exact same setup in the past 6 home games (Without Commons)

think we would take six of molde now

Charlie Saiz

Yet got beat with Red Imps all the same.


Fuck off you ya pussy. Red Imps, first competitive game, played on a rubber pitch in 100 degrees. Just fuck off you twat.

Charlie Saiz

Yet got totally outclassed in Israel.


By a team who beat Inter Milan 0-2 in Italy!



Charlie Saiz

Inter Milans European form is a shambles right now.
They lost 3-1 to Sparta Prague on Thursday.

Caption: Ma watch stopped at 5 past 1 boss. Hasn’t worked since. Fuccckkkk youuuuuu Davieeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!

Caption That’s mass coming oot, you want me to phone Joey,and we can patch things up. Aggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Having watched the match back again,we got very lucky.
But we were due it. Is this our best 11 for European games,or does Leigh come in and who for?
Who would have thought that question being asked.


MW: “I told you we needed to pawn everything and you’re wearing a fucking watch?!?!”


Commons scored 31 goals the season before Deila arrived, Celtics most influential attacking and creative player.
Deila drops him?
Charlie saiz, ” commons was too slow ”
Lol lol lol

Charlie Saiz

Deila changed the approach to a high pressing side who attacked at pace from a side who didn’t press and had a much slower build up much of which was channeled through Commons in the centre of the attack.
Commons was too slow to fit into that change.
Ya trolling wank.


Two mules for sister sara


Now I’m here.

Charlie Saiz

Right up behind Monti where you usually are ahem 😉


That means a threesome with bobs wife is underway…..


Deila didn’t do anything other than be a total and utter balloon.
He probably watched that game the other night and went to his bed thinking he should choose another profession.

Charlie Saiz

Interesting observation Andy.
I think he would have watched it and had a wee smile to himself at the fact Rodgers opted to go with his preferred Formation and his preferred tactic of pressing high for as long as possible?
But then I guess that’s why he’s currently being paid to manage a professional football Club whilst your on an Internet Forum talking shite about one?


Quite simply, you are deranged.

Charlie Saiz

My preferred team for tomorrow:


Charlie Saiz

Subs: Fasan O’Connell Tierney Armstrong Roberts Christie Ciftci


I’m up here now.

Charlie Saiz

Well I can rule you out being Kris Commons.




Who gives a fuck what you say.

Charlie Saiz

Yet here you are.




No, I’m here.

Charlie Saiz

Top bantz fae Pandy.

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