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4 months ago

Would not mind your 2 books with ur handle on them, just let me know the damage a nd i will bee in touch with my details, cheers mate

4 months ago

Stephen, I would like to buy the two books. Supply damage and will supply details. well done.

John O' Donnell
4 months ago

This sounds like a very good read ,l think that we all should never forget what the wee man in a bunnett done for us and the next generation of Celtic supporters .

John O' Donnell
4 months ago

Again ,l would like to buy your books signed if possible ,just let me know the cost and where to get them .

Chris McKnight
4 months ago

Hi Stephen, do you have any autographed copies available? Really enjoyed the previous book, keep at it

Robert Jenkins
4 months ago

Bought “Tangled Up In Blue,” for my Tablet. Never been interested in Hun History but one thing I got from your book is that nothing changed from 1872 (or 1873 if you believe their main stand) until not just 2012 but even today.

Great read, keep the good work up.

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